X-Men Enemies Use Wolverine’s Remains To Create New Sentries
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X-Men Enemies Use Wolverine’s Remains To Create New Sentries

The following contains major spoilers for x-men #22 from Marvel Comics.

marvel’s x-men #22 launches a dangerous new type of Sentinel created from the remains of Wolverine.

x-men #22 comes from writer Gerry Duggan, artist Joshua Cassara, colorist artist Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles of Letter VC. Recovering from their recent battle with the Brood, x-men #22 sees the titular team of mutants investigate a host of new enemies and threats, one being a pop-up clinic in Chicago set up by Doctor Stasis (a clone of Mister Sinister) to suppress the mutants’ X-Gene.


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The X-Men arrive just as Doctor Stasis, who works with the anti-mutant organization known as Orchis, is about to treat a reluctant patient. Though fortunately able to save the victim in time, the X-Men then find themselves in an unintended surprise when Orchis unleashes a deadly Sentinel Zero, a new type of mutant-killing machine equipped with its own version of the claws. of Wolverine’s Adamantium. “I think it’s a Sentinel with a chassis built from a dead Logan,” Forge explains. “That’s pretty smart, I think, but I’ve got something that should knock him down.” Forge’s maneuvers largely fail to stop Sentinel Zero; however, Firestar rises to the occasion and unleashes her powers, thereby destroying the evil creation and melting her body into an Adamantium.

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x-men #22 further sees Forge calling Cyclops to his lab and asking how many unclaimed Wolverine skeletons might still be in the wind, which Cyclops cannot answer. The end of the issue reveals that Orchis has gotten her hands on at least ten different Adamantium Skeletons which are being used to create more dangerous Sentinels, meaning the threat is far from over.

An X-Men Villain Creates a Different Kind of Dangerous Sentinel

New Wolverine-like Sentinels aren’t the only threat mutants will soon face as Feilong, an X-Men villain who recently took over Tony Stark’s company, recently debuted a dangerous Sentinel. Stark in the pages of Marvel. Invincible Iron Man series. So far, only Tony has had a run-in with these Stark Sentinels; however, he has since warned Emma Frost of a possible impending invasion, which will continue to unfold at the X-Men’s Third Annual Hellfire Gala and the upcoming “Fall of X” event.

x-men #22 features covers by Cassara and Gracia and variant covers by Ario Anindito, Java Tartaglia, Gerald Parel, Mark Brooks, Nick Bradshaw, Rachelle Rosenberg, Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, Derrick Chew, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Matt Milla. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

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