Will The Other Justice League Members Be Recast Now?
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Will The Other Justice League Members Be Recast Now?

Will The Other Justice Henry Cavill isn’t playing Superman in the DCU’s next film, causing many to wonder if the other Justice League members will be recast next.

It was just announced that Henry Cavill will not be playing Superman in the DCU’s next film about the Man of Steel, causing many to wonder if the rest of the members of the Justice League will be recast as well. James Gunn recently took over DC Studios, with one of his first announcements being that the DCU is developing a Superman film focusing on a younger version of the character not played by Henry Cavill. This came as a shock to many, as Henry Cavill just announced his DCU return back in October, making many viewers wonder if the rest of the DCU’s stars are in danger too.

Since not long after its beginning, the DCU has struggled to have a true plan. After the collapse of the Snyderverse, the DCU became embroiled in controversy, failed plans, and uncertainty, with major actors like Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck leaving and rejoining the franchise after the failure of 2017’s Justice League. For the next few years, the DCU never really had a plan going forward, releasing successful films like Shazam! and The Suicide Squad that never connected to anything bigger. Very recently, James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC Studios, but the ensuing announcements of movie cancelations and Superman’s recast weren’t so popular.

Ben Affleck Is Expected To Return As Batman In The Flash & Aquaman 2

Although Ben Affleck seemed to be leaving the DCU for the longest time, he actually has a few appearances lined up in the coming years. Ben Affleck’s Batman will appear in The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, seemingly playing significant roles in both sequels. The Flash will feature both Ben Affleck’s Batman and Michael Keaton’s Batman, but with the rumored cancelation of a Batman Beyond movie starring Michael Keaton, it seems that Gunn’s DC Studios may be all in on Affleck. James Gunn even confirmed on his Twitter that he had a meeting with Affleck where they talked about potential directing positions for the Batman actor.

Even though Ben Affleck’s Batman has the most confirmed upcoming DCU appearances out of the members of the Justice League, that doesn’t mean he’s entirely safe. A new version of Batman could be brought into the DCU, replacing Affleck in the same way that the younger Superman actor is replacing Henry Cavill. Although James Gunn confirmed The Batman universe won’t be joining the DCU, it could be that the Batman versions in the DCU just disappear, making Robert Pattinson’s version the sole Batman. With so much in the air right now, it’s impossible to say exactly what will happen to Ben Affleck’s Batman in the future.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman May Be The Hardest To Recast

Gal Gadot is most likely the safest out of the DCU’s cast members, with her spot as Wonder Woman most likely being secure for the future of the DCU. 2017’s Wonder Woman was critically acclaimed among critical failures like Justice League and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with her casting being one of the most beloved aspects. While there have been several iconic Superman and Batman actors, Gal Gadot is the only popular Wonder Woman actress on the big screen, meaning that audiences would be less likely to accept a replacement for her than they would Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill.

There is one catch: Wonder Woman 3 has reportedly been canceled, meaning that if Gal Gadot does stick around, she probably won’t be leading a solo movie anytime soon. It’s entirely possible that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman could still make DCU appearances, though, popping up in cameos and in various crossover movies. Because of the lore of the Amazonians and how they age, the DCU can’t just cast a younger Wonder Woman but have her exist in the modern day. To do this, the DCU timeline would have to be fundamentally shifted, making Gal Gadot incredibly hard to recast – but not impossible.

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Future Is Uncertain After The Lost Kingdom

Jason Momoa’s status as Aquaman in the future of the DCU is quite uncertain, as the rumor mill suggests that Momoa may leave the Aquaman role but be recast as the DCU’s Lobo. This is quite a wild rumor, as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is coming soon, so it’d be strange to see Momoa leading a solo film as Aquaman only to play Lobo in the same series a few years later. This would be made weirder if a different actor was playing Aquaman alongside Momoa’s Lobo. Plans for the character haven’t been announced past Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, meaning that this Aquaman recast rumor could be true.

Ezra Miller Will Likely Stop Playing Barry Allen After The Flash Movie

The DCU is currently still going forward with The Flash, starring Ezra Miller as the titular superhero, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Barry Allen were recast. Ezra Miller has gotten in an incredible amount of legal trouble lately, with many viewers surprised that the DCU was actually keeping them in the role for The Flash movie at all. Ezra Miller’s Flash hasn’t been as actively embraced as Cavill’s Superman or Gadot’s Wonder Woman, meaning that there wouldn’t be much blowback if someone else took over.

The Flash seems the most likely to be recast, as rumors of the role changing hands have been circling since before Gunn and Safran even took over as co-CEOs and heads of DC Studios. For years, there have been rumors that The Flash will reboot the DCU, and ever since Miller’s controversies came to light, Barry Allen being recast has been a major part of it. Although there are rumors of The Flash 2 already being in development, the new regime at DC could easily cancel it. The Flash is an incredibly important character, meaning that someone will probably be playing him – just not Ezra Miller.

Ray Fisher Likely Won’t Play Cyborg Again After WB Allegations & Investigation

It seems incredibly likely that Ray Fisher won’t return to the DCU as Cyborg ever again – but that doesn’t mean Cyborg will be recast. Ray Fisher has made lots of allegations against Warner Bros. about his treatment on set of Justice League, causing an immense controversy for the DCU. Recasting Cyborg could seem like another sign of disrespect against Ray Fisher by the DCU. Although Gunn could try to extend an olive branch and bring Ray Fisher back as Cyborg, fans may be upset that he’s returning but not actors like Henry Cavill. So, the best option may be for the DCU to just move on from Cyborg.

Although plans for the DCU’s future are still uncertain, Cyborg doesn’t seem to be essential for any stories on the horizon. Recasting Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and bringing him back could both be seen as a mistake, so it may be best to move on or replace Cyborg with another similar character entirely. It seems like James Gunn and Peter Safran are cleaning house at DC Studios, making new plans for the future of the DCU – and no one is safe.


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