Who plays the third Batman?
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Who plays the third Batman?

Rumors are circulating the flash secret ending that apparently features a lead actor appearing as a third Batman. In addition to Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, a third actor would have appeared at the end for a surprise appearance. Potential spoilers are ahead, so beware!

Movie spoilers on The Flash’s secret ending

The Flash’s secret ending would see Ezra Miller’s The Flash end up in a universe with George Clooney’s Batman. It’s meant to be a lighthearted ending to what could be Ezra Miller’s last appearance as a speedster.

George Clooney’s Batman is often considered the worst version of the caped crusader, so The Flash being trapped in this universe would make for a pretty hilarious ending. I can see Miller’s Barry Allen and Clooney’s Bruce Wayne getting into all sorts of hijinks.

Reports of George Clooney’s cameo began popping up on Twitter after early screenings of the film. While no high-profile figures or critics leaked the information themselves, Twitter posts like @CanaryGrayson quickly picked up steam:

Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt as claims of George Clooney as Batman are still just rumors. There have been no leaked photographs or videos confirming the A-list celebrity’s appearance in the film.

Readers should be reminded that James Gunn himself debunked rumors that George Clooney would become “the new DCU main Batman”:

That doesn’t rule out a minor cameo, though, so it’s quite possible that Clooney’s Batman will appear at the end of the film. Maybe that’s why there were some minor revivals earlier this year?

As soon as we see the movie, we’ll check to see if Clooney makes an appearance or not and update this article accordingly. For now, George Clooney Batman fans – you three – should keep your fingers crossed!

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