Which subscription plan is the best?
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Which subscription plan is the best?

In the battle of Paramount More Essential vs. Premium for 2023, users have to decide if premium features are worth investing a little extra cash each month. For those asking “Which subscription plan is the best?”, this guide is for you.

Should I get Paramount Plus Essential or Premium?

Those who can benefit from the Premium features of Paramount Plus, including more sports content, limited ads, local news, the ability to download shows and use 4K, Dolby Vision and HDR10 should consider getting Premium.

For those who don’t use the aforementioned features and/or prefer the cheaper price of $4.99, Essential may be the better option.

Here’s a full breakdown of both plans*:

* Note that Premium also comes with higher resolution video and HDR support, which Essential does not.

The good news is that Essential and Premium come with a 7-day trial, allowing new users to try out the service before paying any money. During the trial period, I encourage you to explore 4K video to see if you think it’s worth the extra cost, on top of your local news channel, and maybe even a few downloads. If you like those features, Premium might be worth the extra cost.

Is it worth upgrading to Paramount Plus Premium?

It will be worth upgrading to Paramount Plus Premium if you want high resolution video and/or HDR support, fewer ads, more sports coverage, local news channels and the ability to download. If that justifies the extra $5 a month over Essential, then Premium might just be worth it.

For those who are happy with watching shows in low resolution and with commercial breaks, then Essential is the obvious choice, costing just $4.99 per month.

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