When is the Kawaisugi Crisis Release Date?
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When is the Kawaisugi Crisis Release Date?

The Kawaisugi Crisis, Japan: kawaisugikuraishisu. Hepburn: Kawaisugi Kuraishisu. Too Cute Crisis is a Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Mitsuru Kido. Since October 2019, it has been serialized by Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine. The chapters have been collected into six tankobon volumes since October 2022.

The official social media accounts announced Anime Crisis Kawaisugi. On Tuesday, news of an anime adaptation of the manga was announced. Details were also revealed about the anime’s production house. It will focus on the importance of life. It will also teach you how to live your life to the fullest. These are details about the source of the manga that inspired the anime.

Mitsuru Kido is an illustrator and manga writer. Jump Square magazine published the manga’s serialization on October 4, 2019. An English translation of the original manga does not exist. However there are prints containing manga translations from translators.

Kawaisugi Crisis Animation Release Date

According to the announcement, an anime will be released in April 2023. The release date for the anime is unknown. This section will be updated by The Anime Daily as more information becomes available. Follow The Anime Daily for all the latest information on upcoming anime events, and more!

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Anime preview

Anime preview

The aliens thought it would be better if Earth was simply destroyed as their civilization was on a much lower level than theirs. But this thought was questioned after seeing funny things.

After meeting his dogs, the incredible astonishment of the aliens who came but to destroy the earth started to become familiar and actually adopted his little hairball while walking very quiet suddenly heard a cry out of nowhere aliens in human form in the shop were being used to too cute cat the astonishment happened when a hunting dog liza luna was scared and Frightened after passing liza decided to go out always in human form she went to the park where she met the dog with her master surprised by the joy she saw on the dog’s face and to put it down he keeps his mouth open the dog playing ball finds himself once again in front of him still thinking about what to pass before always freaking out he collapses because he’s at Animals still don’t understand they then decide to invite him over to his house to get to know each other fast he tells them that he is not human a rather alien, she invites for coffee at home and explains to her at the same time that this is how animals express their love and affection after a long time of exchange with her new friend liza leaves the apartment and meets another small dog

Reviews of anime

Reviews of anime

The anime as a whole is great, but there are some weird situations that can happen. If you want to get more involved in the action, you may find yourself bored. However, for humor and sympathy I will bet on the book. It offers beautifully crafted characters and the most basic and easy on the eyes shapes. I’m sure the author won’t leave us without following up

Compared to other characters, I won’t give interesting notes because there are too many floating moments and also a lack of space stewardship. Screenplays are often disconnected and misunderstood. Not everyone falls in love and not everyone finds love at one point. I’ll have to look at all the rest and wait to see what he brings us this month

Muxi, your boyfriend, is so selfish that he doesn’t think about the consequences if he leaves you

Hope Lu Ling finds a good girlfriend too

This anime is a great way to warm your heart. It also features action and sci-fi scenes which make it stand out from other anime in this genre.

This story will convince you to get a cute pet for your home.

What’s the Anime About?

What's the Anime About?

This anime will be part of the sci-fi comedy category. It will also move around Liza Luna’s life. It was an alien who arrived on Earth from a distant space empire. Azatos is his space empire. However, his mission is not just to visit Earth. The ultimate goal is to destroy Earth as fast as possible.

The situation changes when the alien meets a cute cat at the shop. After meeting those living beings, he realized the importance of being alive. He decided to make one more trip to this planet. He too will be in awe of the beauty and goodness that mother Nature has to offer. However, it is unclear whether he will reconsider his decision to completely destroy Earth.

Official Announcement for the Kawaisugi Crisis Anime

Official Announcement for the Kawaisugi Crisis Anime

The official Twitter account for the upcoming anime confirmed that the Kawaisugi Crisis Anime is in production. The makers revealed that the anime will be produced under studio Synergy SP. The makers did not disclose cast and staff details for the anime. This information is expected to be available in a few months.

Rumors abound that the makers will reveal a trailer for the anime in December. This was speculation by an insider within the team. If things don’t go according to plan, the date can be postponed. The trailer will likely contain a first look and cast details.

Staff & Production Crisis Kawaisugi

Staff & Production Crisis Kawaisugi

Original Work: Mitsuru Kido (Serializing on Shueisha Jump Comics) Director: Jun Hatori Series Composition/Screenplay: Aya Satsuki Character Design: Mayumi Watanabe Music: Shun Narita, Yusuke Seo Color Designer: Haruko Seto Art Director: Chiho Wada Director of Photography: Hiroki Tsubouchi Editing: Hideaki Murai Sound Director: Nozomi Nakatani Sound Effects: Yuka Kazama Sound Production: Bit Groove Promotion Music Production: Pony Canyon Animation Production: SynergySP



Liza Luna (rizaruna, Riza Runa)

Yumiri Hanamori voiced her words

Liza, the protagonist of this series is a girl from Azatos, who is a member of the Interstellar Survey Team. He wanted to destroy Earth because of its low level of civilization, but he still decided to explore it. He visits a cafe that houses cats and meets strange creatures on his first day on Earth. He was so shocked by her “cuteness” that he passed out. He decides to stay on Earth to learn more about the cuteness and dangers of other animals and cats.

Yozora (Yozora)

Voiced by: Aya Sukaki (vomic), Natsumi Yamawara (anime).

Liza adopted a male American Curl cat named Yozora, who was left out in the rain. Yozora is named after her black eyes and yellow body, which look like stars in the night sky. Due to his experience of being left behind, he wants Liza to spoil him.

Kasumi Yanagi (Shi Ti Hua Cheng , Yanagi Kasumi)

Voiced by: Aya Suzaki (vomic), Saya Aizawa (anime)

Nyanday is a waitress working at Nyanday. This cat cafe is where Liza first visited Earth. He often goes with Liza on walks and teaches her about Earth. He gains the trust of the members of the Interstellar Survey Team later in the series and is invited aboard their ship. Kasumi is a Golden Retriever and has Masamune as her pet dog.


Seiji Mukai (Xiang Jing Cheng Er , Mukai Seiji)

Fumiyoshi (voice), Jin Ogasawara (anime) – Voiced

It was the clerk Nyanday who taught Liza about cats during her first visit to the cafe. Seiji, a cat lover, has a Maine Coon named Emily.

Garumi Lou (garumiruu, Garumi Ru)

Ayasa Toto – Voice actor

Garumi is a member of the Interstellar Survey Team. Rasta and Garumi first met when they were young and became roommates while they were on Earth. Even though he couldn’t help himself at the sight of cute animals, his mental health gradually improved after he was on Earth. After witnessing the love between Liza and Yozora, he decides to raise his own pet and gets a rabbit named Hinata from Melhelm (rabbit cafe).

Rasta Cole (rasutakoru, Rasuta Koru)

Yume Miyamoto represents the author

He is a member of the Interstellar Survey Team. He is allergic to rabbits and cats.

Amato Roy (amatoroi, Amato Roi)

Voiced by Yuichi Nakamura (anime), Atsushi Kuusaka (vomic), Yuichi Kousaka (vomic).

Deputy captain of the Interstellar Survey Team ship. Since childhood, he and Liza have had a close relationship. He had complete trust in him. Based on what Liza had told him, he temporarily believed that cats were scary creatures. After the miscommunication is cleared up, he begins to like cat products that Liza brought from Earth. He decorated his room with them.

Fianna Tierley (Huianateiari, Fiana Tiari)

Riho Sugiyama, Reina Kondo (anime), and Riho Sugyama (vomic).

Fianna, member of the Interstellar Survey Team and director of communications, was a language specialist capable of translating all of Earth’s languages ​​within a week. After seeing Yozora’s cat, Fianna was captivated and suggested that the team raise cats from Earth on board. Riku then got a Pomeranian puppy named Riku.

Sasara Azuma (Ya Qi sasara, Azuma Sasara)

Miyu Tomita speaks on behalf of the author

A junior high school student who isn’t afraid of extraterrestrials or aliens. Negimaru, a porcupine, is his pet.

Mitsuhiko Azuma (Ya Qi Guang Yan, Azuma Mitsuhiko)

Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa

Sasara’s grandfather. He is the grandfather of Mitsuro, a pet hamster.

This is a new voice actor who will join this project

This is a new voice actor who will join this project

* Ayasa Ito Apa Garumi Lou

* yume Miyamoto What Rasta Col.

* Yuichi Nagura Apa Amato Ro.

* Queen Kondo, Apa Fianna Tierley.

* Hikaru Midorikawa Apa Mitsuhiko Azumi.

* miyutomita Apa Sasara Azimi.



The Kawaisugi Crisis is written and illustrated by Mitsuru kido. It began serialization in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine on October 4, 2019. On April 3, 2020, the first tankobon volume appeared. Jump Square released four sound comic videos between July 2021 and October 2021 on its official YouTube channel to promote the series. They feature Liza Luna from Yumiri Hanamori. Six volumes released in October 2022.

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This is a new voice actor who will join this project

An anime television series adaptation produced by Synergie Sp was announced on September 27, 2022. The series is directed by Jun Hatori, with scripts written by Aya Satsuki, character designs handled by Mayumi Watanabe, music composed by Shun Narita and Yūsuke Seo, and Yumiri Hanamori reviving her role as Liza Luna. It is set to premiere on April 7, 2023, on Tokyo Mx and other networks.

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