When Does Your Belief Become The Truth
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When Does Your Belief Become The Truth

Ever wondered why some people turn anything they touch into gold; while other people fail even before they attempt something?

Most people would simply call it luck; perhaps saying, “you’re just lucky.” And if they weren’t pleased with the outcome, it’s a “bummer.” You might hear, “well, try another time and it may work out.”

What do these statements tell us? They carry hints into the beliefs behind our thoughts. Obviously, it is presumed that we have no control of the outcome; how else could you explain the word “luck?”

Have you ever heard rich people saying these things? Do you believe managers and CEO’s lead their companies by rolling the dice? They would probably be fired immediately if they were discovered to be relying upon luck.

In contrast, what are successful and wealthy people doing? If you look into it, you will find there is only one difference – their beliefs!

Believing that the outcome of what you are doing is dependent on luck will lead to exactly that result. Some things will manifest the way you wanted, and some won’t. In the end, you would have the proof that the results of what you do in your life are dependent upon dumb luck. As long as you believe this, it will stay that way.

Can a Simple Belief Create Such a Different Reality in Our Lives?

Yes, it can; and in a very profound way that could be described in modern science as the quantum effect. To understand this, let’s look into how a belief works.

What is a Belief?

What does the dictionary tell us about a belief?

  1. something believed; an opinion or conviction: a belief that the earth is flat.
  2. confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof: a statement unworthy of belief.
  3. confidence; faith; trust: a child’s belief in his parents.
  4. a religious tenet or tenets; religious creed or faith.

There are a few interesting words in these explanations that we will take a closer look at, in order to understand how beliefs work.

  • opinion
  • truth
  • confidence

The description in #2 gives us a good hint. “confidence in the truth of existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.” The word “assumption” comes close. Basically, we assume that something is true, before we have proof.

When Does Something Become the Truth and How Do We Get the Proof?

When you watch TV and you see the news, do you believe it? Here is the interesting part – each person believes it differently. Some believe it all, some believe a part of it, and some believe it only when it comes from the mouth of a “trustworthy” person.

How About The Proof?

How do you prove it is 12 o’ clock? You simply look at your watch. If you doubt it, you may look up at your computer, and if you doubt even that, you may call the phone service to get the time. But does this prove to you that it’s 12 o’ clock? Not at all, you are still believing it!

So it is with our beliefs; they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Take this even further: what happens to your brain when you make up a belief? You assume it is true, without having the proof.

Now we get to the quantum part of it. The moment you generate a belief, your consciousness creates new probabilities in your life. New probabilities lead to new realities. At this point, even if you are not conscious of it, you have opened a new door into a reality that contains the probabilities to manifesting exactly what you believe.

It is like sending out a new radio frequency; you just have to wait until it finds its resonator. The moment the resonator is found it will transform from a possibility into reality, which means your belief just manifested.

It’s worthwhile to take a look into the astounding findings made in the last 10 years of quantum physics. It is no longer a field of only “crazy” scientists. In fact, many agree that quantum physics is the ultimate key to understanding how ‘our’ consciousness works.

How Does This Relate to Dreams?

A dream is nothing more than a belief. Not bigger or greater than any other belief, just different. And to make a dream come true we ‘only’ have to believe in it. If we want a different outcome in our lives, we need to change our beliefs; we need to replace the old ones with new ones.

We need to remember that beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. Meaning that it was us who created that belief in the first place. You cannot change a belief if you do not claim ownership of it. In your life, you may have taken chances on someone else’s beliefs. However, you still decided at some point to make it yours. When you reach the point where you see that you have created a belief, it is very easy to change it. Just do it!

It’s a shame that we aren’t provided with a human operating manual. We are cast into the world with no clue whatsoever. Hopefully, this is changing, and soon we will be able to give our children a handbook on how to successfully master life. And most importantly, to guide and support them in manifesting their dearest dreams.

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