Unreleased Alien vs. Predator TV Series Completed Before Disney/Fox Merger
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Unreleased Alien vs. Predator TV Series Completed Before Disney/Fox Merger

One would have finished Alien vs. Predator TV Series will be unreleased by Disney, according to a recent report.

Is there an Alien vs Predator TV series?

During a special Alien Day episode of the Perfect Organism podcast last month (via Comic Book Movie), Joshua Izzo — 20th Century Fox’s former licensing director before Disney acquired the company — revealed that an anime television series based on the 2004 film was not only in production, but completed. Izzo noted that the show was ready to go out anytime.

“There are, sitting at Disney now, in 20th studios, 10 episodes of a fully completed Alien vs Predator animated series that I produced,” Izzo said. “It’s done. It’s in the box. It’s mixed; it’s over. It was produced and scripted by Eric Calderon and Dave Baker, two incredibly crazy talented guys.

Izzo then explained how the project came about. According to him, he first floated the idea of ​​an Alien or Alien vs. Predator straight to DVD. Izzo said the idea was conceived so that he wouldn’t have to wait for brand-based movies to come out.

“I said, ‘Hey listen, I want to pitch this idea of ​​an Alien and/or Alien/Predator and/or Predator direct-to-DVD animation that we, the consumer products division, can sell against. Let’s be the masters of our own destiny rather than waiting for the cinema every time a movie decides to come out.

The series was reportedly planned to take place after the events of Alien vs. Predator and Alien 4, with the episodes being spread across three DVDs in its home release. The show would have been a mix of 2D and CG animation.

Initial reports of Alien vs Predator Galaxy suggested that director Shinji Aramaki (Starship Troopers, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Appleseed, Appleseed Ex Machina) was behind the series, which Aramaki would be confirmed later on Twitter. In a brief tweet, he said he had no idea why the project was never released.

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