Understanding Nathan Fielder’s Practice with Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #136
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Understanding Nathan Fielder’s Practice with Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #136

Mark Linsenmayer, Lawrence Ware, Sarahlyn Bruck, and Al Baker set up a makeshift podcast recording to react to this puzzling and possibly unscrupulous HBO comedy documentary, in which Fielder helps ordinary people practice difficult personal confrontations, but these plans fail after 1.5 years. episodes of the six that make up its first season.

The series builds on Fielder’s previous shows in which he comedic trying to help the business, Nathan for youwhose final breakthrough (“Finding Frances”) was found Exercisethe format. Was Nathan himself the main target of the joke, or was he punching? Is there a better way to show reality TV fiasco? How is this type of embarrassing humor different from borate and its kind? Perhaps the show wasn’t as much about these people going through their training as an examination of the training process itself that Fielder had designed.

Feel free to tune in to us to find out what it’s all about, but you’ll be well served watching this indescribable show for yourself before experiencing this episode.

Some relevant articles that also consider the event include:

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