Twister Air gives the classic Hasbro game a bold new twist
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Twister Air gives the classic Hasbro game a bold new twist

Hasbro is giving one of its classic titles a whole new twist, and that new twist is called Twister Air. The original Twister has players putting their hands and feet on different colored spots on a playmat, and as the rounds go by players get tangled up and try to stay in their place until it’s over. only one player remains standing. Twister Air keeps the same basic premise but introduces augmented reality using a combination of wrist and ankle bands that interact with an app on your tablet or phone, and you can play solo, versus, or in a squad, the all with no carpet in sight. Twister Air is up for pre-order and you can find the game here.

You can see how the game works in the video below, showcasing the game’s multicolored bands and the device holder that comes with the game to hold your smartphone or tablet. You’ll attempt to put your hands and feet in the assigned spots, just like in the original, with the added bonus of high score leaderboards and built-in content capture.

“For more than 55 years, Twister has been a household name thanks to the iconic polka-dot rug that puts you, your family and friends in unusual positions and hysterical situations,” said Adam Biehl, SVP and General Manager of Hasbro. Gaming. “This new version of Twister will implement Augmented Reality technology to bring the classic Twister gameplay that originated in the 1960s to the present day and will surely offer gamers of all ages an exciting new music-inspired experience to create souvenirs.”

To celebrate the game’s launch, Hasbro has also released a new original song titled Twist in the Air, which will be available to play in-game as well as listen on Apple Music, Spotify, and TikTok. You can see more images of Twister Air on the next slide, and you can find the official description below.

Air Twister
(Ages 8+ / Players: 1+ / Approximate retail price: $19.99 / Available: May 24, 2023 at Amazon; August 1, 2023 at most major retailers)

“No mat? That’s right! Make on-screen mat moves with the Twister Air game! In this app-enabled augmented reality spin on the Twister game, the party expands to the device player’s smarts. Players reach, clap, slide, and strike crazy poses to the beat of the music as they jostle to match their wrists and ankles to the colored dots on the screen. Earn points for every point you hit as you twist through the air like you don’t care!

This fun board game includes 8 colorful Twister Air strips and a device holder that works for any compatible smartphone or tablet (device not included). To get started, download the Twister Air app (free data download rates and in-app purchases may apply) and install a smart device in the included mount. Then players put the bands on their wrists and ankles, and they’re ready to go! As the music plays, players move their bodies to match their wrist and ankle bracelets to the colored dots on the screen to earn points. Players can choose VS or Team mode, where players move their bodies to the music while working to match their wrists and ankles to the colored dots on screen, earning points as they go. Or play single player to break a past record. This Twister Air augmented reality app game is as fun to watch as it is to play, making it an exciting game to play with friends and a great holiday gift for families and kids ages 8 and up. “

Are you excited about Twister Air? Let us know in the comments and as always, you can talk all things gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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