TheOASG Podcast Episode 172: Yes, you can indeed drop a new service out of nowhere
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TheOASG Podcast Episode 172: Yes, you can indeed drop a new service out of nowhere

Show Notes

0:00: Justin mostly reviews his surprising catch-up with spring anime shows and some manga and light novels waiting to be read while Helen laments that she’s too busy to check out some nerd stuff.

Pandemic News

8:17 a.m.: Tomori Kusunoki was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago but has now recovered.


9:05 a.m.: AI has been a very hot topic over the past few months, negatively due to how it’s integrated into certain areas, and with that also creeping into the manga industry, it seems to both hosts that this won’t be the last time they touch this.

9:40 p.m.: World’s End Harem: Fantasia will take a break – the creators only need one.

10:20 p.m.: And remember the guy who translated Jujutsu Kaisen for VIZ but was arrested for possession of child pornography? He finally got his sentence.


26:00: J-Novel Club announced that they have allowed the following titles on their Twitch stream:

  • At Hamita’s The girl: living with Francesca
  • Kota Nozomi & Giuniu’s You love me, not my daughter? !
  • Gamei Hitsuji and Saika Fushimi The magician who rose from failure manga
  • Usber and Ichizen I only know that this world is a game (manga)
  • by Harayasu Thompson (Manga)
  • Fukada Sametarou & Sakura Miwabe’s I’m giving the disgraced noblewoman I rescued a crash course in wickedness: I’ll spoil her with delicacies and style to make her the happiest woman alive!
  • Hana Amano & Usber’s I am not the hero!
  • At Ichi Sayo’s monster and parent
  • KAYA and Naru Taking my reincarnation one step at a time: no one told me there would be monsters!
  • It’s Iino & Kinokohime The Troubles of Miss Nicola the Exorcist (J-Novel Heart)
  • Sora Hinokage and Tsukasa Kiryu Stuck in a Time Loop: When All Else Fails, Be a Villain (J-Novel Heart)
  • Hisaya Amagishi and Esora Amaichi Lucia and the loom: weaving her way to happiness
  • Will partner with Podium Audio to release Tamamaru’s My quiet life as a blacksmith in another world & Shouji Gatou Full Metal Panic! in the form of audio books.

31:12: Dark Horse finally announced that it was reprinting Triangle And Trigun Maximus, but these will return as deluxe hardcover editions. Even with Driftersbut as pocket omnibus editions.

32:21: The Seven Seas and their Wonderful Wednesdays are back! Here is what they announced last Wednesday:

  • At Tamako Tamagoyama My cat is so weird (Manga in color)
  • Kyu Azagishi and Ako Healer for the shadow hero (Steamship)
  • by Hinaki Become a princess knight and work in a brothel Yuri (ghost ship)
  • 945/gusao’s The dangerous convenience store (Manhwa)

33:29: MANGA Plus has added a few titles over the past few weeks:

  • My Shunsuke Iino Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps!
  • Yu Chiba’s Kindergarten WARS
  • Beauty Must Die by Astra Ashima
Continuous news

33:42: Crunchyroll will stream The High Cleric, Am I Really the Strongest?, Rent-a-Girlfriend S3, Horimiya: The Missing Pieces this summer, I’m in love with the villain, MF Ghost, & I will survive using potions! sometime in 2023; Crunchyroll is also streaming Backflip!! The film, Hula dance complete& The Legend of Hei.

34:25: You will see sub and dub versions of Lonely castle in the mirror hits theaters June 21-22; Psycho Pass: Providence will be released in North American theaters in July – Helen, however, isn’t exactly enthusiastic about it…

Main topic: VIZ releases a new service out of nowhere!

35:31: A day before Kodansha releases K MANGA, VIZ here reminding everyone that it might be better to have a vague release date instead of an official release date. Among others! The two hosts react to VIZ’s new service and give their opinion on K MANGA now that they can check out the app. Justin even reveals the only title he has read and completed on VIZ Manga…

strange news

49:29: Konami is here trying to get Uma Music money or something because now they’re suing Cygames for the Pretty derby Uma Musume game.

51:28: Normally a manga that gets another volume or continues in some format after it supposedly ended years ago isn’t always weird, and more so Horimiya is probably welcome – but as you see the cover of Horimiya Volume 16 says final but there will be another volume in the series just makes Justin think of when someone in the industry told him years ago why JP companies sometimes tell them not to have a final on the cover! (EDITOR’S NOTE: You’ll hear Justin say Kodansha, you can guess he meant Yen Press.)

53:38: After 2 years, the One-punch man web manga finally has a new chapter! OPM fans are probably thrilled.

53:50: Keiichi Arawi recently did an interview with a German manga news site, and during said interview he explained why Nichijou picked up after its supposed ending, then gave a very funny response about continuing the series.

54:45: Chibi Maruko is a very popular series in Japan, so you have to think carefully about how you handle the characters in the series – one artist found out the hard way.

55:53: You would think the Chargers social media wouldn’t go straight with releasing their program in anime format… they basically said, think again!

58:45: bigolas dickolas woIfwood became a legend after talking about This is how you lose the time war very creatively. This led to the sale of books… and also even led to the Trigun: Stampede producer buying it too! And then of course that definitely led to Trigun finally announcing the re-release of the Trigun series (ok, that’s actually not true), and now everyone, especially Triangle fans will remember bigolas dickolas woIfwood’s contributions to the fandom and the internet in general.

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