TheOASG Podcast Episode 171: Better Start Right, Not Bad
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TheOASG Podcast Episode 171: Better Start Right, Not Bad

Show Notes

0:00: Helen and Justin reveal what they’ve been up to in the last month…that’s right, not the last two weeks, last month! Of course, someone went out of their way to splash the cash during Emblemcon. Meanwhile, Helen checked Daughter of the Deathbound Duke.

Pandemic News

5:03 p.m.: Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 2 would have aired now, but it was postponed to summer due to COVID-19. Now, it will premiere on July 3.


6:55 p.m.: The anime has been in a dire state for quite some time, but no more so than last year due to the massive number of delays and lack of talent in the industry. Now we have someone warning us of the anime’s creative decline this time around: veteran producer Masao Maruyama.

10:58 p.m.: Right Stuf VP and COO Christine Morgan left Right Stuf and Crunchyroll on March 31, and Justin and Helen are speculating what that means.

25:38: A series is on hiatus… and another is coming back! After the initial reported break, however, later in the week we know The vampire dies in no time will be on indefinite hiatus.


27:11: Kodansha decided to announce that they had obtained a license the following titles for digital release this month:

  • by Shiori Hanatsuka How to toast our love (out now)
  • At Sou Hamayumiba Little Nozomi and Big Yume (5/16)
  • by Yuuki Kodama The World of Summoning (5/30)

11:15 p.m.: Yen Press announced that it has authorized the following titles:

  • by Don Haruna If the bad guy and the bad guy met and fell in love
  • At Kurusu Natsume’s A misanthrope teaches demi-humans a lesson
  • With Mato Kousaka and Suzu Yuuki I might be a guild receptionist, but I’ll solo any boss to clock in on time manga
  • Also releasing the light novel and manga version of Hayaken’s Reborn to master the blade: from hero-king to extraordinary squire ♀ on paper

They also later announced that Honobu Yonezawa The samurai and the prisoner novel and Keiso isura LN will also be audiobooks.

30:16: Traverse the Infinite World authorized the following titles:

  • Saki Ichibu and Cocosuke I will use this revamp to become the perfect maid!
  • Kosuzu Kobato and Yuichi Murakami Making Jam in the Woods: My Relaxing Life Begins in Another World
  • Makino Maebaru and Yoko Matsurika Rise from the ashes: my dear emperor, you are putty in my hands!

31:07: UDON Entertainment has announced, in partnership with Tezuka Productions and Akita Shoten, that it has licensed Kenny Ruiz & Osamu Tezuka Phoenix Team.

31:46: And in the latest licensing news for the past two weeks, Comikey added Yabako Sandrovich and MAAM’s ST✰R: Rich Hit at his service.

Continuous news

32:23: Demon Slayer: Entertainment District arc is now on Netflix; in the meantime Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune will be in service on May 18.

32:42: Crunchyroll will stream a version of Bartenderr – I don’t know if this is a sequel or a reboot – spring 2024! They also added a show that was in jail Amazon Prime to its service in Inuyashiki.

33:53: In unsurprising news, GKIDS will distribute The first Slam Dunk movie in theaters this summer.

Mini main subject: K MANGA!

34:59: Yes, K MANGA was a thing that was announced this week, and there have been many thoughts on the service since its launch on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Justin and Helen could only give ideas about the launch of the application since we had the information that it would happen a few weeks ago. But the hosts had concerns about how it would turn out based on what Kodansha shared, so listen to find out if they fixed the issues ahead of the release date.

strange news

50:26: The scripts for the unaired episodes of Pokémon Black and White are now public, which means fans have definitely gone crazy for them!

52:09: In the meantime, yes, Face mask technique will happen…well, it still needs crowdfunding support, but it does happen! Not an April Fool’s joke!

Feel free to post any questions or comments you may have about this week’s episode in the comments section below, contact us at theoasg dot com or on our Twitter account (@TheOASG).

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