The Quintessential Quintuplets Head to Raku Spa in New Collaboration

The Quintessential Quintuplets Head to Raku Spa in New Collaboration

Quintessential Quintuplets and Raku Spa will be having a limited collaboration running from March 23 to April 23.

As part of the “Iyashi 500% ~Gonin Goshoku no Gokuraku~” collaboration, customers who pay the entrance fee to a sento (public bath) and an additional 990 yen (US$7.25) will receive one random limited edition neck towel with one of the quintuplets .

Additionally, there will be a menu of limited collaborations and items for sale, with the latter featuring original spa-themed illustrations Quintessential Quintuplets‘ Ichika Nakano, Itsuki Nakano, Miku Nakano, Nino Nakano, and Yotsuba Nakano.

Items include acrylic character figures, tin badges, locker key chains, chibi acrylic character figures, clear files, B2 rugs, onsen manju with stickers, extra large acrylic character stands, and rubber keychains.

Meanwhile, the food on the menu includes:

  • • Ichika-inspired healthy salad cold udon for 1,628 yen (US$11.91)
  • • Nino-inspired soy milk cheese paste for 1,738 yen (US$12.72)
  • • Miku’s Favorite Matcha Mochi Mochi ☆ Warabi-mochi Parfait for 803 yen (US$5.88)
  • • Yotsuba Original Special Size Karaage Salad Bowl 2,178 yen (US$15.94)
  • • Itsuki One Plate Karage Curry 1,680 yen (US$12.29)
  • • The Ok Bara-shirashizushi-don Seafood Quintuplets for 3,080 yen (US$22.54).

For drinks, they include Ichika’s Oldest Sister Lemon Squash for 770 yen (US$5.64), Nino’s Fancy Calpico for 770 yen (US$5.64), Miku’s Cool Calpico for 770 yen (US$5.64), Yotsuba’s Full Power Melon Sodas are 770 yen (US$5.64), and Itsuki’s Gourmand Squash is 770 yen (US$5.64).

Customers will receive a random original illustrated coaster for each order from the collaboration menu. A stamp rally will also be present for every five stamps collected, customers will receive an extra coaster for the duration of the event.

During the collaboration period, stores will offer one random B5 character portrait for every 2,000 yen (US$14.64) spent.

Source: Quintuplets Classic x Raku Spa

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