The Origin Story of the Red Death in The Flash Season 9

The Origin Story of the Red Death in The Flash Season 9

The origin story of the Red Death in The Flash season 9 may explain how Oliver Queen returns to Barry Allen’s life. The circumstances behind his role in season 9 have not been revealed, however, it has been confirmed that the Emerald Archer will be on hand for The Flash’s final season. Stephen Amell will make an appearance in the ninth episode as the Green Arrow, alongside Wally West, Bloodwork, and John Diggle.

Before that happens, Barry will have to deal with the return of a different Arrowverse superhero. An evil version of Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder from Batwoman is the Arrowverse’s Red Death. First teased in a season 5 episode, Red Death has emerged as The Flash season 9’s first major villain. Possessing a suit powered by the speed of a Flash doppelganger, Red Death is now on a crusade to take down Earth-Prime’s Barry Allen, who has enlisted help from some of his own villains to stop her. At least for now, the whereabouts of the real Ryan remain unknown, but she too could be on hand as an ally later on.

The Flash Season 9’s Oliver Queen Could Be From Red Death’s Timeline

In addition to bringing back Batwoman, the Red Death storyline may be how The Flash intends to facilitate Oliver Queen’s return. In The Flash season 9, episode 4, titled “Mask of the Red Death, Part One,” it was explained that Red Death hails from an alternate timeline. Where she comes from in the multiverse, both Batwoman and the Flash are members of the Justice League. She didn’t reveal who else was on the team, but it’s possible that one of the Justice League heroes is Amell’s Green Arrow.

Based on what Red Death said about her past, it’s apparent that she and the Justice League are now enemies. After all, she copied their technology to further her own goals and killed Iris West, a JLA member’s wife. Because of her betrayal of the team, her Earth’s Justice League would be relevant to the story if Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen ever pays a visit to her timeline. The cosmic treadmill is broken, but that development doesn’t rule out Red Death eventually finding a way back home. If she does, Barry would likely follow her back, feeling it’s his responsibility to stop her – even if it’s not his world at stake anymore.

The Multiverse Is The Easiest Explanation For Oliver Queen’s Return

Regardless of whether or not it’s Red Death’s timeline that brings Oliver back into the picture, the multiverse has become the easiest way for the Arrowverse to use Amell’s character. The Flash retired the alternate timeline concept after “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” but thanks to Red Death, it’s back on the table and in play for whatever stories that follow. Any timeline that Barry visits in The Flash season 9’s remaining episodes could theoretically host an Oliver Queen doppelganger, thus allowing the show to engineer a Flash-Green Arrow team-up that won’t undo his death or damage the timeline.

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