The New WildCAT’s First Enemy Is Batman’s Major Threat
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The New WildCAT’s First Enemy Is Batman’s Major Threat

WildC.AT DC is up against one of the most challenging organizations Batman has ever faced, one that lurks in the shadows.

The following contains spoilers for WildC.ATs #1, now for sale from DC Comics.

WildC.ATs have fallen into the crosshairs of an extraordinary threat to Batman and Gotham City.

In the team’s new series written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Stephen Segovia, WildC.AT is on a mission to track down and bring in a scientist for the Halo Corporation. One of their previous attempts failed when members of the Grifter/Cole Cash team shot their target in the head for torturing monkeys, and their most recent attempt failed when the team was pinned down by gunfire. After they escape their enemy and the Green Arrow by breaking through the floor, the WildC. ATs land in one of the Court of Owls’ lairs.

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What is the Owl Trial?

The Court of Owls was created by writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo in 2011, and served as the main threat the Dark Knight faced in the first creative team. Batman bend together. The court is composed of unidentified members of Gotham City’s wealthy elite, who influence the city from the shadows, sometimes with the help of their revived assassin, Talon. Besides BatmanThe Trial of the Owls has sparked other conflicts in comic titles, incl We Are Robins, Dark Knight: Metal and Jokerand adapted for Gotham television series and Gotham Knights previous video games.

Court involvement in WildC. ATs first revealed by the main cover and the call to WildC. ATs #2. Segovia’s cover art shows the Talon fighting Grifter and the Zealots WildC.ATs, a plea that promises that the issue will feature “the fight of the year” between the Talon and the Zealots. What involvement could the Owl Court possibly have WildC. ATs moving forward remains to be seen, as well as why Green Arrow is now chasing the group.

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WildC.AT Is Back After Being Away For Over A Decade

Spin from Batman: Urban Legend‘ The story of “The Long Con”, WildC. ATs is a new limited series published by DC Comics, and the team’s first title in 12 years. Created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, the original WildC. ATs the series debuted in 1992 as part of Jim Lee’s Drawing Comics work before launching WildStorm Productions, a company that was later purchased by DC in 1999. When DC Universe rebooted in 2011 with the launch of the New 52 era comic, Grifter and other WildStorm characters join the main DC continuity.

Together with Rosenberg and Segovia, WildC. ATs #1 is colored by Elmer Santos and lettered Ferran Delgado. The primary cover art for this issue is by Segovia and Santos, with variant cover art contributed by Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Ben Oliver, Jeff Spokes, Alan Quah, Dan Hipp, Brett Booth, Sandra Hope and Andrew Dalhouse. This issue is now on sale from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics

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