“The Flash” Offering New Looks at Many Versions
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“The Flash” Offering New Looks at Many Versions

A new series of Funko Pops promoting Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios’ The Flash offers a new look at Ezra Miller’s alternate versions of Barry Allen.

User @flashpointsaber shared the photos on Twitter, featuring a look at the first makeshift costume for Miller’s second version of Barry Allen, referred to in some promotional material as “Young Barry,” and a more detailed glimpse of the Dark Flash’s ghoulish ensemble. Young Barry’s outfit seems to be composed of sports pads, a bicycle helmet, and a ski mask. Also included in the photos is Miller’s mainline Flash racing to save a group of babies, Ben Affleck’s Batman and Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West.

In January, fans got their first look at Young Barry’s recycled Batsuit, complete with excised ears and a yellow lightning bolt scrawled over Michael Keaton’s signature Bat emblem. At the same time, audiences received their first look at the Dark Flash, whose jagged costume is rumored to be comprised of Kryptonian material, courtesy of a leaked photo of action figures for The Flash. McFarlane Toys also released a look at their upcoming line of action figures for the film with a closer glance at the mainline Barry’s upgraded suit.

Directed by Andy Muschietti from a script by Christina Hodson, The Flash’s first live-action standalone film sees the Scarlet Speedster travel back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. In doing so, he accidentally erases the majority of metahumans from the Earth, bringing Michael Shannon’s General Zod back into the fray without a Superman to stop him. With the help of alternate versions of the Dark Knight and Krypton’s last known survivor, Barry attempts to undo the damage he has caused and put the timeline back in order before it is too late.

Based in part on Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s seminal Flashpoint storyline, The Flash is set to be a turning point for the DC Universe. DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has said the film “resets many things, not all things,” suggesting the feature will bring over some elements of the DC Extended Universe while discarding others. Other than Affleck, whose onscreen obligations as the Dark Knight will be fulfilled after his appearance in The Flash and cameo in December’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it is unknown which cast members, if any, will continue their current roles.

Michael Keaton was set to have a larger role in the DCU before Warner Bros. Discovery axed Batgirl in August 2022, months before Gunn and DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran are believed to have scrapped a Batman Beyond adaptation that would have seen Keaton continue as an older Bruce Wayne. DC Studios is said to be open to keeping Miller on as The Flash, but Safran has indicated that he and Gunn will hold off on their decision until after the embattled Miller completes the mental health treatment they began in August 2022 following a string of legal issues.

Allso Read Storyline movie: The Flash’s Zod Will Be Deadlier Than Man of Steel’s Version:
One of the big draws of The Flash trailer was Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in action. Fans have been eager to see Kara Zor-El fight for some time now, especially after it seems like the rejuvenated DC Universe movie slate will be moving away from her after this Flashpoint arc. And Supergirl doesn’t disappoint, whetting the appetites of those who want to see her tussle with Michael Shannon’s General Zod.

Admittedly, despite the flaws of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Zod was a bright point, bringing intensity and pathos to the role. However, The Flash teases a deadlier Zod this time, playing by no rulebook. In the process, this villain looks like he’ll require Kara to be even more aggressive if she’s to stop his crusade.

Now, in the comics, cartoons and TV shows, Zod shines best when it’s all-out war. That’s always been his essence, listening to no one, not even Jor-El something also seen in the Christopher Reeve era. This attitude is understandable as he’s been bred to kill once it means protecting his species. Sadly, the Man of Steel version was too considered with politics.

It unfolded as Zod spent way too much time bartering with the military and discussing luring Kal-El to his side when all he had to do was use his goons, take him down and extract the codex to rebuild their race. Snyder did want more nuance, drama and conflict to the mix, but it was so drawn out. As a result, fans had to wait until the end to see Zod cutting loose when his very nature should have had him dominating from the very start.

In The Flash trailer, Zod’s spotted with his armada and soldiers trying to take this alternate Earth. But what’s quite telling is that there are no metahumans in this world, making Zod’s job easier, as it’s just Michael Keaton’s Batman around. Thus, with Kara caged below, Zod’s given free rein to be himself — devoid of empathy and compassion for Jor-El’s kid. That would allow him to murder more of humanity, something he cut back on as he tried to broker a deal with Superman.

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