The end of his Coolest Death Jujutsu Kaisen latest fight

The end of his Coolest Death Jujutsu Kaisen latest fight

Jujutsu Kaisen isn’t any stranger to brutally killing off its characters in superior methods, however the manga simply squandered the potential of its newest demise.

The top of Jujutsu Kaisen’s newest combat featured a demise that ought to have been the collection’ coolest, however as an alternative was its most disappointing. Collection creator Gege Akutami has by no means been afraid of killing off his characters, however usually their deaths are emotionally resonant or serve some better objective within the story. Yuki Tsukumo’s demise may have simply been this manner as effectively, however sadly, it was the other.

In Chapter 208, Yuki’s combat with Kenjaku involves an finish in a spectacular vogue. Already on the verge of demise from a devastating wound Kenjaku inflicted on her earlier than, Yuki decides to sacrifice herself to take the evil sorcerer down. She grabs onto him after which makes use of her cursed approach to extend her mass to such magnitudes that she turns into a black gap, annihilating every thing round her. Whereas that is visually very spectacular, it finally is surprisingly ineffective as Kenjaku simply makes use of his antigravity approach to keep away from the black gap’s results. This makes Yuki’s sacrifice finally pointless, which is a disgrace as she was criminally underutilized for the way probably cool she may have been.

Yuki Tsukumo was one of many few sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen to earn the rank of Particular Grade, which signifies that she is highly effective sufficient to single-handedly overthrow a rustic. She additionally had shut ties to varied different characters within the collection, being Gojo and Geto’s pal in addition to being Todo’s mentor. Her cursed approach, which was solely revealed a number of chapters in the past, was additionally extremely cool, enabling her to control the mass of each herself and her cursed software Garuda. All this coupled along with her excessive persona made Yuki have the potential to be certainly one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s finest characters, however her pointless demise has squandered that.

Yuki’s Dying Was Ruined by How Pointless It Was

Given how little readers bought to see Yuki earlier than she died, her demise lacks the emotional resonance that different main deaths like Nobara’s had. And on condition that Kenjaku managed to outlive her final determined assault, her demise does not even have any actual significance for the plot. On the identical time, her black gap was one of many coolest-looking moments of the collection, taking on a full two pages of devastation and warping even the manga’s speech bubbles. This dissonance between how cool it regarded and the way pointless it was makes it much more disappointing, completely ruining any affect it may have in any other case had on the reader.

The one benefit of this second is that it exhibits how extremely highly effective Kenjaku is in Jujutsu Kaisen whereas eliminating a possible menace to him. However as the top of Hakari’s combat with Kashimo proves, a personality doesn’t must die to scale back their energy degree. Hopefully, Jujutsu Kaisen will take its overly highly effective characters in additional attention-grabbing instructions sooner or later and keep away from any extra flashy however finally pointless deaths.

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