Teen Mom Spinoff: Yes, Another One is on the Way!

Teen Mom Spinoff: Yes, Another One is on the Way!

MTV is reportedly running it back.


As you may have read about over the last several weeks and months — perhaps right here on this very celebrity gossip website — ratings for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter are in the proverbial toilet.

The fell to a record low number on August 2.


This shouldn’t come as a shock, considering just how long the show has been on the air.

And considering how the network has parted ways over the years with it’s most polarizing stars… who also happen to be it’s most newsworthy and interesting.

Yes, we’re looking at you Farrah Abraham, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans.

Despite these sinking numbers, however, our friends at The Ashley Reality’s TV Roundup are now confirming that MTV has ordered yet another Teen Mom spinoff.

The stars of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter are featured in this promotional picture. (MTV)

Not many details are available at this time, but The Ashley has been told that the show will feature Teen Mom couples who are working on their marital/relationship issues.

This, of course, would include pretty much every single couple in program history.

“At this point, it’s unclear if the show will be its own thing or if they will roll this into being the third season of Teen Mom Family Reunion,” one behind-the-scenes source tells the website.

“They had previously not really planned on doing another TMFR season, but they may just make this couples thing into Season 3.”

The ladies of Teen Mom Family Reunion are featured on this poster. (MTV)

What else can we report at this time?

Filming will take place outside of the United States, while not any cast members on Family Reunion are expected to appear.

At last weekend’s Next Chapter Season 1B Reunion, meanwhile, the stars were repeatedly reminded that their behavior on stage would have a direct effect on whether or not they are considered for the new show, along with other future opportunities.

“That’s why everyone was on their best behavior– a lot of them are hoping to grab spots on the new [show],” another source insider The Ashley.

“The cast is aware that production can pull the plug on this show — or their chances of being on it — at any time.”

We’ll update this story with more information about the alleged Teen Mom spinoff as it becomes available.

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