Superman Debuts New, Previously Unknown Powers
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Superman Debuts New, Previously Unknown Powers

The following contains spoilers for Superman Adventures: Jon Kent #1 of DC Comics.

Superman/Jon Kent reveals his powers of vision give him the ability to tell when someone is from a different universe.

Superman Adventures: Jon Kent #1 comes from writer Tom Taylor, artist Clayton Henry, colorist Jordie Bellaire and letterer Wes Abbott. With Superman/Clark Kent, Supergirl/Kara Zor-El and Superboy/Conner Kent all off planets, Superman Adventures: Jon Kent finds the young Man of Steel struggling to protect the planet after the Lord Industries satellite is hacked and begins crashing into the planet. While the Titans tackle certain parts of the world, Superman gets a much-needed helping hand from Val-Zod, a character hailing from Earth-2.

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Once the satellite situation is handled, Val-Zod tries to explain that he is not from the Jon Kent universe; however, Jon cuts him off saying he already knew it just by looking at it. “There are little things that you learn to look for at the molecular level,” he said. Jon also adds that he has “been to another universe” and references when the evil Ultraman kept him trapped in a volcano for years.

The Reason Val-Zod Visits Prime Earth Puts Superman in Danger

Unfortunately for Jon, Val-Zod is not only in the neighborhood for a brief visit but needs Superman’s help in defeating Ultraman, who has begun killing different versions of the Last Son of Krypton existing in the multiverse with devices specially designed to weaken them. Jon was initially hesitant to join due to his history with Ultraman; however, since no one else stands a chance against the villain but him and Val-Zod, he reluctantly takes it.

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DC previously announced Jon’s upcoming clash with Ultraman would take him to Injustice universe. “For me, [the Injustice universe is] Elseworld is very interesting, and casts Jon Kent as a beacon of hope and in a way, a character who is quite innocent and a character who wants the best for the world, throws him into a world where his father has become a dictator gives us so much to play with,” said Taylor. before.”I had been talking about this story to all my friends who would be listening for months, long before we even knew where we were going with this.”

Superman Adventures: Jon Kent #1 features cover art and variant covers by Henry and Marcelo Maiolo and additional variant covers by Zu Orzu, Rafa Sarmento, Yasmín Flores Montañez, AL Kaplan, Megan Huang, Jordi Tarragona, Luis Guerrero, and Lee Weeks. The thing is on sale now from DC.

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