Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations : Our Top 35 +
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Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations : Our Top 35 +

What is the Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations ? This debate is raging in the community of dragon ball fans In the Dragon Ball universe, when a character becomes more powerful, it is often accompanied by a radical physical transformation. True aesthetic engine of the manga, these transformations allow to bring more dynamism in the fights, the violence of the fights increasing as the characters are transformed.

Modern shonen anime has been popularized by the Dragon Ball franchise. Characters who are dedicated to becoming stronger through hard physical and mental training, fights in which characters share their personal philosophies, and transformations that dramatically increase warrior power. Dragon Ball wasn’t the first to introduce the concept of heroes and villains in multiple forms. However, it was a popular trend.

Here is our top Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations

Top Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations

Our Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations is based on the opinion of the community of ,popularity of transformations and also on my personal opinion. You might agree with the list. So let’s start our ranking

39. Zarbon’s Transformation

Dragon Ball has grown significantly since the series’ initial trek to Planet Namek. However, this crucial period was responsible for some key enemies. Zarbon is Frieza’s most trusted henchman and a character that truly embodies “beauty, the beast.”

Zarbon’s normal form is very stylish and sleek. This makes Zarbon’s crude transformation a surprise. This monstrous transformation is a complete reversal of Zarbon’s elegance and class. It is not easy on the eyes but it is much more striking. Although Zarbon’s transformation is not as impressive as Vegeta’s, it is a remarkable one when it occurs.

38. Great Namekian

Great Namekian

The Great Namekian transformation, which is featured in the Dragon Ball anime as well as the non-canonical Lady Slug film allows Namekian fighters to grow to great size without reducing their speed or accuracy. Piccolo Jr. used this technique against Goku during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Lord Slug also relies on the transformation once he has regained his youth. It is easily one of the most powerful abilities available to Namekians, and it is a shame it doesn’t make more frequent appearances in the long-running franchise.

37. Great Ape

Great Ape

The Great Ape transformation was the first battle-focused transformation that appeared in Dragon Ball. It is also the one that gave the Saiyan race a lot of their fame in-universe. This form can only be achieved by a Saiyan while they are staring at the full Moon and while they have tails. However, the devastating power it grants makes this transformation more than worthwhile. Untrained Saiyans can’t control their behavior in this state. However, skilled warriors such as Vegeta are able to more effectively utilize the power and size that the Great Ape transformation gives him.

36. Kaioken


The Kaioken is Goku’s first method to multiply his power. It can be described as a technique or a limited time transformation. This transformation, which was taught to Goku by King Kai allows him to push his body to the limit for a brief time. Goku may experience problems with his energy control if he uses the Kaioken too often or at too high a level. This one, unlike most other transformations in Dragon Ball has repercussions and can cause tension in every fight.

35. Freeza’s Second Form

Freeza's Second Form

The second form of Freeza makes him look more like King Cold. He has scary horns, and is a large man. This state allows Freeza to destroy most opponents and even impale them using his enhanced physical strength. This form is so strong and tall that even the Saiyan armor, which is usually quite flexible, cannot support it. It also rips apart during transformation. Although it may not be his full potential, Freeza’s second form elevated the stakes on Namek and established Freeza as one the most powerful fighters in the series.

34. Freeza’s third form

Freeza's third form

Freeza’s third form is easily the most intense of his many appearances. This transformation elongates his skull, hunches him over, and gives him an appearance similar to the Xenomorph from the Alien films. Piccolo, who was able to deal with Freeza’s second, easily overcomes this state and nearly overwhelms the powered-up Vegeta. This third form, even though it is frequently overlooked or under-represented in broader settings, can still be quite powerful. Dragon Ball Media, it raised the stakes for Namek and made Freeza feel more unbeatable.

33. Super Namekian

Super Namekian

The Super Namekian Transformation is not only one of the most under-explored, but also one the most powerful in Dragon Ball. Many mistakenly believe it’s a Fusion, as Piccolo fused with Kami to achieve it. However, Namekians can actually attain it after countless training. Piccolo and Kami were created by a Super Namekian separating themselves. Their fusion actually brought Piccolo back to this transformed state. Piccolo, a Super Namekian becomes stronger than other Super Saiyans. He could even match the power of Androids 17, 18 and 17. This makes him one of the most powerful fighters on Earth.

32. Freeza’s True form

Freeza's True form

Anyone who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z is familiar with Freeza’s true form. This is Freeza’s natural form. His previous forms were only a way to keep him from getting too tired. He’s a deadly fighter in his true form. However, he can still draw all of his power at once and bulk to make even more devastating attacks. Freeza’s true form inspired Goku to achieve the iconic Super Saiyan transform and is one of the most memorable character designs in Dragon Ball.

31. Semi-Perfect Cell

Semi-Perfect Cell

Cell’s transformation to his Semi-Perfect form after absorbing Android 17 is one of the most intense moments in the entire series. 17’s assimilation into Cell transformed him from a bug-man into a hulking brute of a fighter. His power multiplied past most other characters, and only a Saiyan with a mastery of the Super Saiyan transformation could stand against him. Cell’s Semi-Perfect form doesn’t get a lot of appreciation in the extended Dragon Ball universe is often overlooked in games, but it’s still an incredible and terrifying transformation.

30. Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan

It’s the Super Saiyan transformation, which is undoubtedly the most famous form in Dragon Ball. After acquiring this transformation, Goku was able to defeat Freeza the space tyrant in just minutes. This state allows a Saiyan to become stronger and defeat Semi-Perfect Cell. Super Saiyan’s spiky blonde hair and extraordinary strength are legends in Dragon Ball Universe. Obtaining it gives you an almost unimaginable level of power.

29. Super Android 13

Super Android 13

The existence of evil Androids is a surprising thread in Dragon Ball. However, these artificial antagonists really turn up the terror in Dragon Ball Z. The seventh feature film in this series, Dragon Ball Z 13 introduces three new evil robots: Androids 13-14 and 15. These robots combine their technology to create the stronger juggernaut known as Super Android 13.

Other Android fusions in Dragon Ball have also occurred, such as the creation of Super 17 from Dragon Ball GT. Super 13 is a very unique case because the Android’s outside inexplicably becomes blue, and he gets orange hair. It has a very stylized appearance.

28. Perfect cell

Perfect cell

Cell’s Perfect form was one of the most anticipated in all of Dragon Ball . Although Imperfect Cell suggested the transformation, few viewers at the time understood how he could achieve it. The conniving villain was able to sneakily power up and consume the Androids. He then went through a transformation that allowed him to use almost every technique in the series, but with much greater proficiency. Perfect Cell was the highest point of all living things. Gohan had to confront his insecurities and tap into an unprecedented transformation to defeat this perfect villain.

27. Cooler’s Fifth Form

Cooler's Fifth Form

Frieza is one of Dragon Ball‘s most stubborn villains. Even when he’s gone, he has vengeful siblings that arrive to take his place. Frieza’s older brother Cooler fuels the fifth Dragon Ball Zmovies as well as tons more video games and other side stories.

Dragon Ball Zfirst attempts to make Cooler more powerful than his sibling by introducing an extra transformation that forces Cooler into a 5th form. Cooler’s fifth form is more evil than the species’ predecessor, and it gets pus.

26. Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2 was one of the most surprising transformations in the series. It didn’t have a proper name until well after its introduction when Gohan used it to defeat Perfect Cell. This transformation pushes a Saiyan beyond the limits of a Super Saiyan, and appears in some of the best moments in the series; like Gohan’s victory over Cell and Goku and Vegeta’s second fight. Even if the impact of the transformation dissipated somewhat with the host of transformations introduced in Dragon Ball Super It is one of the most recognizable in the entire series.

25. Ultimate Gohan

Ultimate Gohan

Gohan’s Ultimate form – or Mystic form depending on translation – allows him to utilize the speed and power of his Super Saiyan 2 transformation without the additional burden on his body. He reached this state after Old Kai performed a ritual on Gohan that unlocked all of his remaining potential. As Ultimate Gohan, he can face off against the likes of Super Buu with ease before the pink monster absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo. Ultimate Gohan’s power is comparable to that of Super Saiyan 3 and, so long as Gohan stays in fighting form, few can stand against him.

24. Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan 3 is a rare and visually striking transformation in Dragon Ball. This transformation allows a Saiyan to grow their blond hair for an amazing length and boosts their power for a short time. This form is only possible for those who are trained under extreme circumstances, like when Goten and Trunks fuse together. This transformation is one of the most risky and rewarding transformations in the series.

23. Machine Mutant Transformations

Machine Mutant Transformations

Dragon Ball has featured many unique species and creations during its many journeys through the universe through multiple series. Dragon Ball GT is a popular series that focuses on Machine Mutants, a less well-known group of robots. Although Machine Mutants are different in their nature, they all undergo a similar transformation which transforms them into more dangerous machinery.

Mutchy, Luud and General Rilldo all undergo transformations to become more terrifying creations. Mutchy, Luud, and General Rilldo all transform into more intimidating creations in the Plan to Eradicate The SaiyansOVA.

22. Super Janemba

Super Janemba

Janemba is a demonic threat that is introduced in the Dragon Ball Zmovie and Fusion Reborn as a worthy opponent for Gogeta. Janemba’s first form isn’t very confident and almost looks like Good Buu’s rotund version.

Janemba is connected to the Demon Realm in important ways, but these connections are not revealed until Janemba transforms into Super Janemba. This new form is a significant improvement in all aspects. He not only gains a deadly sword but also a devilish design, making Dabura seem cuddly.

21. Baby Strongest Form 2

Baby Strongest Form  2

Dragon Ball GT introduced a new race of Tufffle Parasites. Baby is the most famous. These parasites are capable of taking over Saiyans, increasing their power to new heights.

This results in the creation of Strongest Form 1, an extraordinary transformation. This transformation was not covered in the Dragon Ball GT or the Dragon Ball Super Heroes.

20. Super Saiyan Rage

 Super Saiyan Rage

Future Trunks is the only one to have the Super Saiyan Anger transform. This gives him enough power to compete with Goku Black or Fused Zamasu. The only difference between this form and Future Trunks is the slight lengthening in his hair and the blue coloring of his Super Saiyan aura. Future Trunks lacks the godly energy of other combatants in the Goku Black Saga so he creates this transformation to close the gap.

19. Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 4

Although the Super Saiyan 4 Transformation isn’t widely considered canon, it’s not impossible to deny that this powerup is extremely powerful and worthy of being included in such a competitive list.

Dragon Ball Heroes has made clear that the Super Saiyan 4 transform isn’t an amateur by any stretch, standing toe to-toe alongside transformations that use god Ki as well… even if this portrayal may not be accurate.

18. Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God

Fans were intrigued by the idea of a new Super Saiyan transform in the Dragon Ball universe. Most people agree that the Super Saiyan God transformation was a fantastic way for Saiyans to access a whole new level power.

Although this form was initially painfully ignored, it is impossible to deny the incredible power of this form. Although a person who has undergone this transformation may not appear physically impressive, the enormous power boost more than compensates.

17. Potential Unleashed Ultimate Gohan

 Potential Unleashed Ultimate Gohan

Piccolo has trained Gohan for the Tournament of Power and he is now able to push his Ultimate Form beyond what he could do before. Gohan can keep up with his father in Super Saiyan Blue, and in the manga, he is able go toe-to-toe with Kefla, the fused warrior. Gohan is nearly undefeated in this form. His only weakness is his overconfidence and naivete.

16. Golden Freeza

Golden Freeza

After working out for the first times in his life, Freeza was able to transform into an enhanced form that makes him one of the strongest villains in the Dragon Ball universe. Freeza can fight against Vegeta and Goku in their Super Saiyan Blue forms, and even holds his own against a transformed Broly for more than an hour. Although this form drains the space tyrant’s stamina quickly, his mental training in underworld helped to alleviate this weakness.

15. Super Saiyan Rose

Super Saiyan Rose

It was a joy to see Goku Black fight the Super Saiyan Rose for the first-time. It showed that the villain was no fool and could give Vegeta as well as Goku a tough fight.

His abilities were both unique and quite brutal, making the Super Saiyan Rose form more terrifying. It is a shame that this form was not available for more than one arc.

14. Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue

The Super Saiyan Blue form, also known as Super Saiyan God Ascented Super Saiyan, is the most well-known form in the series. It has been used numerous times during a variety of arcs.

Although some might argue that this form’s luster has been diminished by the defeats and difficulties that Super Saiyan Blue faced, it is an extremely powerful form which deserves to be credited for opening up new avenues to power in Dragon Ball Super.

This transformation is a great example.

13. God Of Destruction Mode

God Of Destruction Mode

The God of Destruction Mode is only available to individuals who are God of Destruction candidates, such as Toppo from Universe 11. Even then, Toppo can only activate this transformation after abandoning his mortal ideals and fulling committing to eternity as an agent of destruction. On top of giving him a slick tribal tattoo, this form heightens his physical strength and lets Toppo utilize the annihilating powers of a destroyer god. This transformation can only happen when Toppo disregards his beliefs, and he was only defeated when Vegeta further committed to his own values.

12. Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ken

Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ke

Goku was outclassed in the Time-Skip by Hit, and he realized that he had to tap into his major power reserve to win against Hit.

He did this by taking the unlimited power of Super Saiyan Blue, and combining it with the Kaioken. This allowed him to increase his power exponentially and outclass Hit during a battle for all ages.

11. Orange Piccolo

 Orange Piccolo

Dragon Ball Super Super: Super Hero was a great way for other characters to shine in the spotlight, aside from Vegeta and Goku. Piccolo and Gohan got their chance to shine against the Red Ribbon Army remnants.

Piccolo, in this movie, makes the wish to unleash his latent potential. This makes him a force that must be reckoned. Piccolo was also given a power-up by Shenron that allowed him to transform into Orange Piccolo.

10. Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

We are in our top 10 of Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations.We start with Super Saiyan Blue Evolved. Vegeta recognized that he had to go a different path than Kakarot during the Tournament of Power. With the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, the Prince of all Saiyans turned this mental fortitude into strength and achieved a new level in power.

Super Saiyan Blue Evolved was an extremely powerful transformation that enabled Vegeta to take control of Top and defeat him in battle. We will only have to wait to see what role this transformation plays in the sequel Dragon Ball Super.

09. Legendary Super Saiyan

Legendary Super Saiyan

After enough emotional hardship and training, regular Saiyans can become Super Saiyans. Only a Saiyan predicted by prophecy or trained properly can activate the Legendary Super Saiyan transform. A Legendary Super Saiyan has the ability to take on almost any foe, thanks to their raw power. This transformation has one limitation: a Saiyan must have combat experience and be willing to lose their sense of reason. Broly’s transformation is therefore stronger than Kale’s. This prophesied transformation can be compared almost in no way

08. Ultra Instinct Sign

Ultra Instinct Sign

Whis mentioned Ultra Instinct several times during his training. This made it even more satisfying to watch Goku achieve this level of power during Tournament of Power.

Although his attempts at reaching this form failed, his power boost allowed him to transform with Kefla. This was thanks to one of the most famous Kamehamehas of the series.

07. True Ultra Instinct

True Ultra Instinct

Goku tried to master Ultra Instinct, but was unsuccessful. He struggled to master the calmness of this form, which clashed with his natural instincts as warrior.

Goku chose to adapt a different version the Ultra Instinct to suit his style of fighting, rather than trying to force him to do so. True Ultra Instinct was born, and Goku is now in his strongest form. Let continue our Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations

06. Super Full Power

Super Full Power

Jiren is one the most powerful fighters that the Z Warriors have ever seen. His power was enormous and pushed Vegeta and Goku to their limits.

After unleashing a Super Full Power form, which turned him into an utter and absolute destruction force, his power was even more impressive. It’s possible that Universe 7 would have lost the tournament if Goku had not mastered Ultra Instinct.

05. Gas’ Unleashed Berserker States

as' Unleashed Berserker States

The Dragon Ball Supermanga was able to travel many interesting places even after the Tournament of Power. The Gas from the Heeter Force is a threat that temporarily makes him the strongest person in the universe with the aid of Dragon Balls.

After Elec takes away his power inhibitor, Gas is pushed to dangerous places in a wild and unstable state. Gas’ burly transformation looks somewhat like Zarbon’s but is infinitely more powerful. Gas’ post-transformation, the collective force of Vegeta, Granolah, and Goku is still not strong enough to eliminate it. Let continue our Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations

04. Black Frieza

Black Frieza

Frieza was the one to gift the latest form in the series. His Golden Form was not as useful as he hoped and would not be able to compete with the Saiyans he detested so much.

This resulted in the Black Frieza form being created. It placed him at a higher rank than the Saiyans, who had always overshadowed him at every stage. It will be interesting to see how Frieza uses this new transformation to cause havoc in the universe.

03. Ultra Ego

 Ultra Ego

Ultra Ego is Vegeta’s alternative to Goku’s Ultra Instinct. It is the newest transformation that has entered the Dragon Ball canon. Ultra Ego is a staple of Gods of Destruction. It’s a more rage-fueled power than the Zen-like calm required for Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Ego is also a striking transformation that pushes Vegeta into territory that’s more Neanderthal-like and feels like Super Saiyan 3. However, it doesn’t have the excessive hair. Ultra Ego is a powerful new transformation that Vegeta will enjoy, with an intimidating aura and increased strength. However, it really changes Vegeta.

02. Gohan Beast

Gohan Beast

In Second place of this Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations. Gohan Beast allow yourself to be there. During the events of Dragon Ball Super, Gohan had been neglecting his training again. Piccolo made an attempt to trick Gohan into believing that his daughter had been kidnapped by Red Ribbon Army in order to allow this Saiyan to reach his full potential.

The Z Warriors were forced to confront Cell Max, a creation of the kaiju. Piccolo was pushed to the edge of death by this kaiju. Gohan discovered a new form which allowed him to wipe out Cell Max completely with his own Special Beam Cannon.

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01. Perfected Ultra Instinct

 Perfected Ultra Instinct

In first place of this Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations. We have Perfected Ultra Instinct. Ever since the Tournament of Power, Goku has been obsessed about perfecting Ultra Instinct. Goku taps into unstable Ultra Instinct at first and it takes him a while to understand how to control this transformation.

There are many stages to Ultra Instinct, each highlighted with a strikingly white aura. However, Perfected Ultra Instinct has the best. This transformation makes Goku appear like a deity and it also incorporates a giant avatar for battle, making it truly extraordinary.

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