Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters : Our Top 40+
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Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters : Our Top 40+

This article will be a list the Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters .These characters will be drawn from various narrative arcs. You will learn some basic information about them that will allow you to understand why they are positioned as we do.

Fascinating Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters


Krillin, like Goku, also studied under Master Roshi. Goku, a Saiyan-race member, quickly absorbed all of the lessons. Krillin is however left behind. You may not know this but Krillin is the only Dragon Ball Character who went toe-to–toe with every villain and lost.

Krillin gained so much experience in these battles that he trained so hard that Goku recognized his potential and hired him for the Tournament of Power.

Krillin is a master of many fighting styles, most of which fool all villains. Even though his opponents are stronger than Krillin, he often got off guard.



Another powerful warrior from Universe 6 Botamo showed extraordinary battle skills that astonished Saiyans. Botamo’s massive build is so strong and elastic that it can even withstand Goku’s powerful punches

Botamo has a strange ability: Bouncing. This is due to his elastic body which allows him to gain momentum to attack.



Although he may not appear like it, Master Roshi aka Turtle Hermit has been an influential member of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Roshi, also known as God Martial Arts, is an expert martial artist who trained many of the most powerful characters such as Goku, Gohan and Krillin. Master Roshi’s fighting skills are displayed in the latest Dragon Ball Super.

He was able to overcome his physical limitations and save the universe at the end of Tournament of Power. Roshi, on the other hand, went toe-to–toe with Mightiest Jiren in the Manga despite their huge power differences. Hit and Super Saiyan blue Goku were unable to stop them.



Although it looks exactly like a Robot but not a similar one Auta Magetta was another strong character from Universe 6 that drove Vegeta to use full powerup. Auta Magetta was severely injured by Vegeta’s metallic attack on her body.

Vegeta had to take Super Saiyan Blue on his back and kick him out of the arena. He was able to do it after Auta Magetta insulted him.



Cabba, in order to save his homeworld’s existence during Tournament of Power, surpassed his limits and became Super Saiyan 2. SS2 Cabba challenged Frieza after Universe 4’s Monna was brutally defeated.

Cabba’s current condition is not conducive to Frieza, who can manage his Golden Form to the fullest extent. The merciless Evil Emperor defeated Cabba with a Ki blast. Although it’s only a start for Cabba, his Saiyan friends, I hope Akira Toriyama has a better future for Sadala planet and the character.



Frost seems powerless and dumb at first glance. Frost becomes more powerful than Freeza, the evil emperor.Universe 6 Frost is a space pirate and a corrupt fighter.

Although Universe 7’s Freeza seems to be ahead of its time, Frost appeared to have the same potential. Frost is a Dragon Ball Super Character with 100% Full Power. This makes Frost one of the strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters in Universe 6.



Ribrianne is Universe 2’s most beautiful, but also stupidly strongest character. She can toe Goku in Super Saiyan form. After powerup, transformation into Super Ribrianne, fat girl is now capable of fighting with Android 17.

She was quickly beaten by Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Ribrianne’s final Super transformation was revealed as Universe 2 was nearing extinction. Android 18 managed to defeat Ribrianne.



A gigantic humanoid called Agnilasa was one of the strangest combinations from Universe 3. It was a combination of Paparoni and Koichirator.

This was more than a mere fusion. It was preferably a scientific mixture between the most vigorous opponents that adapts to the mindless beasts of destruction.

Universe 3’s victory card was so powerful, it took Goku and Vegeta to defeat it. Android 17 and 18 also had to be defeated by it. He’s still weaker than the Universe 11 Jiren, who stopped Agnilasa from ki blasting.



Trunks, Goten and other future heroes of Dragon Ball franchise have the potential to surpass their fathers. Gotenks, a fusion dance that combines the moves of two children who have achieved Saiyan form very early in their lives, is called Gotenks.

Gotenks are able to fight Majin Buu after they have completed their training in the Hyperbolic Times Chamber. As SS3J Gotenks said, a fused hero matched Super Buu’s strength at best.

Gotenks have many powers and abilities they have created. Daizenshuu 7After Gotenk’s training, the duo was stronger than the Vegeta from Buu Saga.



Trunks, son of Vegeta, and fan-favorite hero who travels through time, was the first to kill Frieza in two with his legendary sword. Future Trunks was the worst character in the entire Dragon Ball series. His world was destroyed by Androids-Cell first, then Black Goku-Zamasu.

Future Trunks was able to travel back in time thanks to the time traveling capsule. He met his entire family. Trunks trained under his father and Goku and became a stronger Z fighter. He eventually returned to his timeline and saved his future by defeating Androids.

Future Trunks finally found peace with Bulma, his future friend, and Mai. However, Future Trunks was confronted by Black Goku who is the greatest enemy.

31. ANDROID 18

How Strong Is Android 18

Krillin’s wife, Krillin, fought bravely against the champions of different Universes despite her lack of training. Training is not necessary. Humonoid Androids are specially designed for combat situations and have excellent intelligence skills.

Both Androids have infinite stamina. Android 18 had such an advantage that it defeated Universe 2’s most powerful Ribrianne. This was a tough feat even for Saiyans.



This article, out of all the Z fighters, would not be complete without Frieza. He is still one of the most infamous villains in Son Goku. He would do anything to defeat his enemies, even if that means pushing beyond the limits.

With the help of training, Frieza was able to transform into Golden Frieza in ” Dragon Ball Super : Resurrection of F“. Because he has never been trained, the Emperor Frieza is an untrained warrior who has great potential. He also prepared for his first ever Super Saiyan battle to defeat Goku’s unbeatable Super Saiyan abilities.

V-Jump reported that Golden Frieza ranked eighteen out of twelve in the danger scale after it was given the most potent Golden transform. Frieza still has a lot to learn if he wants Super Saiyan Blue to defeat him.

The form was weaker in the past. Its long-term use severely drained Frieza’s stamina. However, the evil genius was able to overcome his limitations by using mental training in hell.

29. ANDROID 17


Who would have thought that Z-villains could become powerful players in the Tournament of Power? Jiren was defeated by the trio of Frieza and Android 17 in Goku’s victory. 17 was eliminated and became the Universe 7 winner.

Android 17 was first introduced in “Androids Arc”, Dragon Ball Z series, to defeat Goku. He was however killed in a battle with Semi-Perfect cell. Dragon Ball has made No. 17 people were resurrected to live on an island.

Android 17’s character is now a favorite of Dragon Ball lovers thanks to his new Dragon Ball Super series.



Zamasu was a candidate to be the next Supreme Kai in Universe 10. After a collision with Goku, Zamasu’s conviction changes dramatically and leads him to a dark path. Black Goku, aka Zamasu, arose from the past to help him after he had obtained Goku’s Saiyan from an alternate timeline.

Both of them began rampaging on Dragon Ball franchise. Their cruelty reached such an extreme level that they killed the God of Destruction in all universes by killing their respective Supreme Kais.



Vegeta and Android 17 weren’t the only characters to experience a shift from evil to heroism. The reincarnation King Piccolo confronts Goku, a vicious enemy, long before they met.

His battle power is not necessary to be mentioned as he is one the most powerful Dragon Ball Super characters. However, his story continued at a higher level.

Mr. Piccolo was able to knock down several fighters simultaneously during the Tournament. His unusual ability to increase his nimb strength when he is cut down is remarkable.



Majin Buu, or as we now call him Good Buu, didn’t get enough screen time except for anime. Buu, in the DBS anime, fought bravely to present a better future for her character during Zeno’s Tournament of Power. However, things didn’t turn out as planned.

Buu’s Kamehameha is similar to Goku’s, but it can also project the same Chi attack as Goku. Buu has two types of Kamehameha: Super and Majin, which are more powerful and advanced than Goku’s.

25. HIT


The strongest Dragon Ball Super character in the Universe 6. Professionally known as ‘Legendary Assassin.

Hit was renowned for his skillful work in his homeland. He had already proven his worth by accomplishing each task with one strike. Hit was also known as “Never-Miss Hit”.

Hit’s age is unknown, but he was born more than 1000 years ago. Fans witnessed Hit’s potential and fighting skills against Goku during Universe 6 Arc.


how strong Is Goku Black

The Dragon Ball heroes were unable to cope with the Future Trunks Saga. When Black Goku, the evil Saiyan version of himself, confronted the Arc, The Arc was able to keep going when he tried to stop him.

Black Goku, a Dragon Ball Super character and villain, is what forced the Saiyans into running for their money. The villain joined forces with Zamasu, his future self.

22. KALE


She was Caulifla’s sole protegee and so-called sibling. Kale went berserk during Tournament of Power’s training. She resembles Broly, Dragon Ball’s famous villain, when she transforms into a muscular form.

Cabba says it is the Saiyan warrior that appears once in a thousand years. When such a Saiyan awakens their potential powers, they continue to grow until eventually self-destruct.



Goku was unable to unleash his potential powers for 20-25 years. However, Universe 6’s girls merged into Kefla, allowing Goku to attain Ultra Instinct status.

Super Saiyan 2 Kefla achieved the same power level as Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Goku, as well as his Kaio Ken ability. Angel Vados stated that Kefla’s power was a combination between the individual strength of Kale, and Caulifla. This results in a potential increase in power.



DBS has released a new manga arc that shows the No.1 Galactic Patrol elite. Name is Merus. Although Merus appears to be a lively and refreshing character Merus is able to complete missions with top-notch skills.

Merus nearly outclassed them during a brief battle between Saiyans and him. He can move so fast even Goku-Vegeta couldn’t keep up with his movements.


How Strong Is Toppo

Toppo, as mentioned in the series is the candidate for Universe 11’s next God of Destruction. Toppo, a hot-blooded Toppo, fights for justice. To maintain peace in Universe 11, Toppo protects his world.

Toppo unleashed his justice power against Goku as fans saw it in the manga. Toppo’s anime counterpart is almost as good as Super Saiyan Blue Goku Kaio Ken ten times. His experience is the reason Toppo’s Super Saiyan God Form was so powerful.



Vegeta, before forming a friendship with Goku was a brutal and relentless warrior. Instead of remaining a villain after his resurrection in Frieza Ark, Vegeta chose to fight alongside Z fighters to be a hero.

Vegeta, in reality, is the most active character after Goku. He said that it was intended to be used against Goku.



Zamasu is one of the most beloved villains in the history Dragon Ball franchise. He was chosen as an apprentice to become the next Supreme Kai of Universe 10 following Gowasu.

Black Goku, his counterpart, had the benefits of the Saiyan body. The transformation allowed Saiyan to unlock his full potential and was able to use it alongside deity’s superpowers.

Gowasu claims that the fusion increased their power to an inexorable extent. This means that the fusion Zamasu, arguably the most powerful Supreme Kai thus far, could have had more killing power than the God of Destruction.



Gohan is the third hero in the Dragon Series after Vegeta and Goku. He is the first half-human, half-Saiyan being to appear in the series.

The new movie Dragon Ball Super Super: Super Hero shows Gohan unlocking his true potential. It enabled Gohan to access Ultimate Gohan transformation.



Broly is one Goku’s most feared and beloved villains in Dragon Ball. The Legendary Saiyan was relaunched in Dragon Ball Super.

Paragus orders Broly and King Vegeta to take revenge. This was Broly’s first fight against someone so powerful that they can tap into different Super Saiyan forms.

14. MORO


Moro, the new villain of Dragon Ball Super has been featured in the manga chapters. Moro, also known as Planet-Eater Moro (or Moro the Planet-Eater Moro), is a monstrous wizard with undiscovered magical abilities. He has the ability to absorb and manipulate energy.

Moro, a Galactic Patrol Prisoner in the new arc, gathered life energy from a new Nemek planet. He nearly killed two Saiyans during their fight.

Moro has a strange ability that allows him to manipulate the life energy of others. It can be used offensively or defensively. He can also generate many lightning bolts.



Jiren the Grey is one of the most powerful Pride Troopers and key players of Universe 11th. She is controversial because of Tournament of Power.

We had seen him do meditation before the tournament’s opening theme song. This was part of his training to improve his Ki power tremendously. Toppo believes that Jiren is stronger than Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue and Kaio-Ken after seeing the anime 10 times.

Till Jiren’s superpowers are displayed in the Tournament when he defeats Berserker Kale, a feat that Goku was unable to accomplish. Hit can also sense Jiren’s hidden abilities, which cause him to face him rather than face him, after witnessing his power over Kale.



Vegito might have been able to surpass God of Destruction Beerus as a Super Saiyan Blue. Future Trunk Arc was over. Vegeta and Goku used Potara rings against Fused Zamasu, who eventually possesses greater divine powers than the God of Destruction.

Blue Vegito used “Final Kamehameha” to create this form. This is a great combination of Vegeta’s final flash and Goku’s Kamehameha, which makes it seem stronger than ever. We know Super Saiyan Blue is very powerful and has a lot of stamina, so the fusion did not last as long. Blue Vegito was thus separated from its fused body.



Broly was stopped by Goku-Vegeta after he tried so hard. Broly could only use their base form. Gogeta show advantageous situation against Legendary Susyan Broly.

Fused Saiyans easily defeated Broly. This was not possible for any individual heroes. Super Saiyan Gogeta was just too much for Broly. Their fight shattered the reality of their lives and sent them both into another dimension.



Granola is stronger than MUI Goku, or Granola is stronger than Beerus? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



Belmod, the God of Destruction in Universe 11, may be the most powerful deity. Although there is no proof of this, Whis believes that Belmod is the universe containing the strongest mortal beings.

Whis said in Dragon Ball Super that mortals can surpass their God of Destruction, and that God seems to be stronger than Beerus. Toppo, however, revealed in the DBS manga that Jiren has greater battle power than Belmod.

This proves that Belmod is one step ahead of Beerus. Also, the manga’s Zen Exhibition match shows Belmod’s very little damage during battle.



Goku is the protagonist and currently the Strongest Dragon Ball Supercharacter. Pure hearted Goku holds no negative energy. Goku has never killed any of his enemies in his entire life. But when it comes down to his power, no one can match him except Gods.

Goku is known for his ability to overcome physical limitations, which has always allowed him to attain greater powers. Every Dragon Ball Arc demonstrates that even though he’s a dump, fighting sharpens his intelligence. He kept a secret trump card, which saves the day.



We don’t know much about Universe 6’s God of Destruction Champa, but we do know that he is also a twin brother to Beerus. Apart from his sloppy and uncooperative behavior, he is very similar to his brother. He is confident in his divine abilities, however.

Champa, as a god, has the same Godly Ki of Beerus. Champa is a godlike being, having been trained by Vados, his attendant angel. She is superior to her brother Whis.



Beerus, the anti-hero of the Dragon Ball Super is the God Of Destruction of the Universe 7. His sole purpose is to destroy the planets that are not worth living on to maintain the balance of the Universe and allow new life to flourish.

Beerus is the only being in the multiverse that gets scared. The Great Priest and Zen Oh. For Universe 7, however, he is the strongest fighter after his attendant Whis.

V-Jump says Beerus’s character was the strongest and most unique in Dragon Ball history. Whis, however, is stronger than him. He seems to have master Ultra Instinct but is not a fighter.



Vados, the angel and attendant to God of Destruction Champa of The Universe 6, is the daughter of the Great Priest and the trainer. She is a powerful Angel and one of the most powerful Dragon Ball Super character.

She is very similar to her brother Whis in that she behaves as a kind-hearted being, who is always concerned about Champa’s physics. She is the only angel, after Whis, who respects Goku.

Dragon Ball Super does not reveal her true strength, but it has been proven that Vados is stronger than Whis on several occasions. This makes Vados the strongest being in the twin universes 6 and 7.



Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball), stated that if Goku were on a scale from 6 to 10, Beerus would be on 10, and Whis on 15, compared to his strength.

Whis, who is training Goku, Vegeta and Vegeta in the manga, talks about how to avoid their opponents accurately and without hesitation. He even stated that Beerus had not mastered this technique until now.

However, Beerus seems to have half-mastered the Manga’s Chapter 28 th. Beerus stated that he is much more powerful than him.

Even Whis avoided and blocked Goku’s super Saiyan Blue form with one finger, without any discomfort.

Whis claims to be the fastest person in the universe, which is evident when he travels around the universe with Beerus in just minutes. (But Goku’s instant transmission method is way faster than you imagine.

As one of the honorable and calm characters, I trust Whis will do his duty well for Beerus.



Zen-Oh, one of the odd Dragon Ball Super characters, is one of the Guardians of the Omni King’s attendants. Future Trunk Saga has given us four Guardians to serve both Omni-Kings.

Looking at the angels serving their God of Destruction makes it seem that Zen-Oh and Zen-Oh could be stronger than each other. However, according to the Whis the king of All, Zen-Oh, the greatest of all, has the power to wipe out everything.

They were there to protect the Omni King and nothing else, as the king of All isn’t a fighter. They most likely keep other beings in line and stop anyone from coming towards Zen-Oh.

Although they didn’t show DBS fans how to fight, we can still assume that they would be the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters.

They are hinted at being extremely powerful as Zen-Oh’s attendants. Their presence is all that is needed to cause fear in the Supreme Kais, and even the Gods of Destruction.

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Beerus is 7th lord of the universes. Omni-king is the king of all Gods of Destruction, and Lords of Lord. He is without doubt the strongest Dragon Ball Super Character.

Omni-King, just like Thanos and Infinity Stones has the power to devastate the entire universe in a flash. When Fusion Zamasu was poised to conquer the world, The God of Everything once showed off his skills. Omni-King did not like it and destroyed the entire Universe 7.



Great Priest is one the strongest and most powerful Dragon Ball Super characters that serve the Zen-Oh. The great angel is also the father of Vados, Marcarita Martinu, Cus and Whis. Zen-Oh is always nearby to the Great Priest.

According to angel Whis his father, the Great priest is one of the five strongest fighters from Dragon Ball Multiverse. The Great Priest must be a master of intelligence and combat experience, as his descendents are not.

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