Star-Lord Guide – now available to the public!  – Crushing Krisis
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Star-Lord Guide – now available to the public! – Crushing Krisis

I’m back to continue my countdown to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 in just 8 days! Today I have a character guide who brought together the modern Guardians of the Galaxy and became their de facto leader, even though his increased clumsiness through the Marvel Cinematic Universe made him a less compelling commander than he was. only started in Annihilation. Follow Peter Quill through his each Appearance of Marvel Comics (through two different incarnations) in my Star-Lord guide!

Star Lord Guide

Want to know more about the disparity between Star-Lord’s on-screen portrayal and his history in Marvel Comics, or how he was stealthily rebooted from a previous character without anyone noticing at the time? early 10’s? Check out my original launch trial from when I launched the Star-Lord Guide to CK Patrons.

If you want to read the best of Star-Lord, you especially want to read tons of guardians of the galaxy comics, which feature him not only as the leader but also as the central plot driver. However, his brief 2016 Chip Zdarsky & Kris Anka solo series helped balance the sexy and silly aspects of his MCU version with his existence in Marvel-616, and Al Ewings’ more recent run on Guardians of the Galaxy ( 2016) included a surprising amount of character work that unlocked new aspects of Peter’s personality tied to his now-obscure alternate-universe debut.

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