Spawn Joins Walking Dead, Radiant Black & More for Image Variant Cover Series
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Spawn Joins Walking Dead, Radiant Black & More for Image Variant Cover Series

Spawn joins Walking Dead, Black Shine and many other Image Comics titles in December for a series of new variant covers.

In celebration of Image Comics’ 30th anniversary, which also marks the creation of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, the titular Hellspawn will enter nearly 50 cover variants in December. This series includes cover art for 3Key #3 (by David Messina), 20th Century Men #5 (by S. Morian), All Against All #1 (by Caspar Wijngaard), Brut Art #1 (by Martín Morazzo), Blood Stained Teeth #7 (by Christian Ward), The Myth of the Bone Garden: Ten Thousand Black Feathers #4 (by Andrea Sorrentino), creep show #4 (by Javi Fernandez), dark journey #3 (by Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas), Lucky Dead #5 (by Carlomango France), The Deadliest Bouquet #5 (by Chris Campana and Tom Chu), Department of Truth: Special Wild Fiction (by Martin Simmonds) and Do Powerbomb #7 (by Daniel Warren Johnson).

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The next series continues with covers for Eight Billion Jin #7 (by Ryan Browne), Disabled #4, Golden Rage #5 (by Lauren Knight), Gospel #2 (by Will Morris), Hell to Pay #2 (by Will Sliney), hardware (by Tim Seeley and Valentina Cuomo), Hitomi #3 (by Ashley Wood), I Hate Fairyland #2 (by Skottie Young), Ice cream seller #33 (by Morazzo), Picture! #9 (by John McCrea), joe’s junkyard #3 (by Gary Frank), Rich #3 (by Wes Craig), Killadelphia #26, chroma #2 (by Lorenzo De Felici), Little monster #8 (by Dustin Nguyen), Eternal love #5 (by Elsa Charterrier), Lovesick #3 (by Luana Vecchio), Manifest Destiny #48 (by Matthew Roberts and Owen Gieni) and Night club #1.

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Series rounding is Nina Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #11, Nocterra: Val Special (by Tony S. Daniel), Luxurious #2 (by Daniel Hillyard), Black Shine #20 (by Jonathan Glapion), Black Shine #20 (by Marcelo Costa), Shining Pink #1 (by Emma Kubert), naughty sun #9 (by Marco Renna), Shirtless Bear Fighter 2 #5 (by Matteo Scalera), Starhenge #6 (by Liam Sharp), That Texas blood (by Jacob Phillips), Undiscovered country #22 (by Guiseppe Camuncoli), Unreasonable #5 (by Ennio Bufi and Andrea Meloni), Disappear #4 (by Ryan Stegman), Voyagis (by Sumeyye Kesgin), The Walking Dead Deluxe #52 (by David Finch and Dave McCaig), The Walking Dead Deluxe #53 (by Finch and McCaig) and What’s the furthest place from here?? #9 (by Tyler Boss).

Spawn Will Soon Be Crossing The Universe to Reunite With Batman

In addition to the aforementioned titles, Spawn also appears alongside a number of heroes from the DC Universe this December in a series of variants revealed exclusively by CBR. This series is to celebrate Batman/SpawnThe upcoming crossover edition written by McFarlane featuring artwork by Greg Capullo is releasing on December 13th.

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