SNL Debut Jenna Ortega Filmed Wednesday Dance
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SNL Debut Jenna Ortega Filmed Wednesday Dance

Ahead of her SNL hosting debut, Jenna Ortega has filmed a promo featuring the return of the Wednesday dance.

We knew that there was no chance that Wednesday won’t be spoofed in some sort of way when Jenna Ortega guest hosts Saturday Night Live, though the moment came a bit earlier than expected. On Saturday, Ortega will host SNL for her first time, this following the immense success of her hit Netflix series Wednesday. To promote the episode, NBC released a short teaser on Wednesday (fittingly) revealing Ortega on the SNL set in preparation for the big day. The video, which you can view below, focuses heavily on the big dance scene from Wednesday along with Ortega’s reluctance to reenact it.

In the sketch, Ortega is joined by the Please Don’t Destroy crew, all three of whom are dressed up as Wednesday Addams. She lets them know that she doesn’t want to do the dance, as it’s something that’s already gotten so much attention as it is, and this clearly leads to disappointment for the others. Ultimately, Ortega acquiesces, seeing how much she’d be letting the group down if they don’t do the dance. She then goes through the motions of the iconic dance scene, albeit looking unenthused.

It’s only natural for the dance in particular to get attention from SNL with Ortega present. The song is one of the most memorable scenes from the first season of Wednesday, which is one of the most popular shows in Netflix’s history. Because of the scene, sales for “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps has skyrocketed. There’s no guarantee Ortega will be dancing in season 2, but another Addams Family member will be doing so at the very least.

Jenna Ortega Dances Her Way to SNL

It’s been quite the year for Ortega, who’s been garnering a lot of acclaim with her recent projects. She had a standout year in the horror genre especially, appearing in the Foo Fighters’ film Studio 666 and Ti West’s hit slasher movie X. She also appeared in last year’s Scream sequel and is reprising her role in the new movie, Scream VI, which hits theaters this weekend.

You can catch Ortega on SNL when she makes her guest hosting debut on the March 11 episode. It will be made available for streaming the next day on Peacock. As for Wednesday on Netflix, season 2 does not yet have a premiere date.









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