SM is accused of trying to clean up TVXQ’s Yunho image by taking advantage of Red Velvet’s Seulgi
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SM is accused of trying to clean up TVXQ’s Yunho image by taking advantage of Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Fans expressed their disapproval of Seulgi Red Velvet’s TikTok challenge video which also featured TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Irene. In fact, SM Entertainment is considered to have intentionally put Yunho with Seulgi in the video.

Recently, Red Velvet’s Seulgi made her solo debut with the first mini-album “28 Reasons.” To commemorate her, Seulgi recorded and uploaded a TikTok video with fellow Red Velvet members, Irene, and TVXQ’s Yunho.

In the video, the three are seen dancing to Seulgi’s song “28 Reasons”. However, despite these singers’ intentions, it seems that fans don’t like their collaboration.

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Many fans are alleging that SM Entertainment is trying to clean up TVXQ’s Yunho image. The 1986-born singer was at the center of a major controversy in 2021 when he was arrested for violating quarantine rules at an adult entertainment establishment during the pandemic.

A post criticizing the video has been viewed 164,000 times, with many fans stating that they disapprove of the dance challenge. Fans also made sure to defend Seulgi against criticism, stating that it would be difficult for her to resist filming it.

“I’m pretty sure SM told them to film this to help Yunho’s image. I understand Irene is there, but why is Yunho involved? Kekeke,” commented a netizen. “What happened to Yunho?” another netizen said. “What were they thinking when they recorded this? Why are you filming with Yunho?” said another.

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“Don’t criticize Seulgi while Yunho is at fault,” said netizens. “Yunho should have known that Seulgi would be criticized for this filming, but he did it to help his career,” another commented. “Can you think before writing? Do you think Seulgi can reject Yunho if he asks to shoot a challenge together? His label sunbae and group leader came to support him. What do you expect him to do? If you have a problem with this, blame them,” another defended .

Jihyo Finally Revealed How To Be Friends With Lisa And Minnie

K-Pop idol friendship even though different groups are natural. One of them is the friendship of four popular beautiful idols, namely TWICE’s Jihyo and Mina Myoui, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Minnie (G)I-DLE.

Around last June, Minnie made K-pop fans excited by posting videos and photos with Jihyo, Mina and Lisa. They did a variety of interesting poses while doing the photo booth. Minnie also wrote, “Small but sure happiness.”

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In a YouTube interview released by GQ KOREA on October 9, Jihyo finally opened her voice to reveal how to be friends with Lisa and Minnie. As for Mina, Jihyo is of course familiar because they are a group.

Jihyo admitted that many were surprised by her friendship with Lisa. “By the way, about this… I think it’s surprising to everyone that we are all friends. So I was friends with Lisa first. Like, during the early days of my debut,” said Jihyo.

Jihyo and Lisa were also born in 1997. “We are the same age, so of course, we become friends very easily. Lisa and I are still good friends, and we always go out whenever we can,” said Jihyo.

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Because he is friendly with Lisa, Jihyo is also close to Minnie. It is known together, Lisa and Minnie both come from Thailand. “And Lisa is friends with Minnie, so naturally, we all started hanging out together. It all happened easily,” Jihyo continued.

These four idols also show support for one another. Like late 2021, it was revealed that Lisa and Minnie attended TWICE’s concert in Seoul. Likewise, when (G)I-DLE held a concert recently, Lisa, Jihyo and Mina reportedly also came.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will hold a concert titled “BORN PINK” in Seoul on October 15 and 16. It will be interesting to see Jihyo, Mina and Minnie attend the concert to support Lisa. What do you think?

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