Slice Of Life Manhwa: Our Top 40+
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Slice Of Life Manhwa: Our Top 40+

Slice Of Life Manhwa is a category of manga although having interesting scenarios remains underrated. Manhwas are gaining popularity because of their amazing theme, captivating narrative and outstanding artwork.

Slice of life is one the most overlooked genres in manga and anime. It is usually viewed as a boring setting that doesn’t produce much action. This makes it a less popular choice for stories with more drama or action. But not all slice-of life stories can be described this way.

Best Slice Of Life Manhwa

Slice Of Life Manhwa is based solely on my personal ranking and opinion.

So let’s start the rankings of Best Slice Of Life Manhwa

40. My Kitty and Old Dog

My Kitty and Old Dog. No, I’m not talking about my pets, it’s basically the title of the manhwa. This manhwa is not just an average manhwa with a typical plot, but one with an entirely different theme that will definitely brighten your day.

As the title suggests, the plot of this manhwa revolves mostly around the wholesome story of Nang-Nak (an old dog) and Soondae (a kitten). This is without a doubt the most refreshing manhwa, and I strongly recommend you to read it if you’re looking for a slice of life manhwa with a humorous theme.

39. Daughter Of The Emperor

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Daughter of the Emperor was written by Yunseul and illustrated by Rino. When a woman dies and is reborn as the daughter of a cold-blooded emperor, what is she to do other than to figure out how to survive her own new blood?

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent is the one and only daughter of Caitel Agrigent, the emperor that is known for being a maniac and destroyer of countries. Can Ariadna really survive him, and somehow make a daughterly connection?

38. Who Invited You?

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Who Invited You was written and illustrated by Lee Yun-Hee. This story focuses on two childhood friends. Seo Jaehee expects her childhood friend, Willow, who she used to have a crush on, to stay at her house. But the little boy she meets there is unfamiliar to her from her memories.

She begins to find him unbelievably irritating and even thinks about kicking him out. But the longer they live together, the more memories start to well up. Will Seo Jaehee and Willow be able to work out their differences and get alongor even kindle a romance between them?

37. Everday Lily

Everday Lily

Everyday Lily was written and illustrated by Gom Mail. This manhwa is targeted toward the yuri fans out there, so this one is for you. The story centers on two young women: a lesbian who doesn’t wish the world to know about her sexuality and a lesbian who is open about hers.

When the closeted lesbian accidentally comes out to the other, their daily lives are interrupted by comedy, and a romance blossoms between them. The plot of this slice-of-life is one of the more serious cases as it deals with hiding your true self and learning to accept it.

36. Small World

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Small World was written by Wonsun Jin. Robin and Julien are both very close to each other, but they also have their own problems. They can call one another to share their feelings of comfort and laughter, or if one is having a difficult day at work.

This manhwa focuses on the lives of these two adorable boys. It also shows how they navigate their “small world”, where they go about their daily activities.

35. Love In The Mask

Love In The Mask

Do you like genderbending narratives and gender-bending stories? Love in The Mask is for you if you’re one of these people. Hyun Bin grew up in the streets, where beg to gangsters. After the death of her brother, Hyun Bin escapes from this life and finds herself in the arms of a wealthy family.

Although the term “rich” sounds nice, in fact, she is Yae-Ha’s bodyguard pretending to be male. As in other stories, she meets Yun Ha, a delinquent that will change her life. ” Name It” and Love in the Mask have it. It’s a complete meal that will satisfy your stomach and heart.

34. My Heart Is Beating

Slice Of Life Manhwa

I am learning more manhwas as I go along, the more I realize how transparent they are with gender and how beautiful their ideas are. This one is no different. Kim Soyuh (Suga Bae), is the father of the vice principal. His expectations toward him are high, just like any other father. Suga is all about swimsuits. They are authentic and pure.

After being captured while taking photos, he was forced to sign up for the girls’ waterpolo team . Isn’t this a great way to satisfy your curiosity? My Heart is Beating, another Slice of Life Korean comic for gender benders.

33. Suicide Boy

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Hoon Lee, a 17-year-old hikomori, tries to kill himself. His mother died, he’s constantly bullied and his cruel father left him a huge debt, all this while he’s in his teens. However, as soon as he feels the pain of trying suicide, he regrets his decision and continues to live a full life. But for how long?

Although it is part of the Slice of Life category, Suicide Boy, like the title, is a manhwa that focuses on sensitive topics. Before you read it, please keep this in mind. You can look at it like any other creative media. Slice of Life doesn’t just focus on the “happy times are in the small moments”. It also reflects the reality of everyday life

32. Let’s have dinner tonight.

Let's have dinner tonight

Have you ever heard the expression “The path to one’s heart runs through the stomach”? This Slice Of Life manhwa illustrates this saying throughout its story, and it’s very satisfying. Although it may sound cliché, I promise you’ll love it. It’s fingerlickingly delicious.

A man named Haegyung Kim meets a girl called Dohee Woo at a restaurant, where they both dine alone. They are both single customers and continue to bond over food. Unknowingly, they begin to heal each others’ pasts. “Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?” can be described as a feeling-good manhwas that helps calm your anxious soul down after a hard day.

31. I wish…

Slice Of Life Manhwa

K is a wizard that grants wishes. There’s one catch: you must give him the most valuable thing in exchange. Jin Ryu is a little girl who just lost her parents , and her brother. She begs K for to bring them home.

K warns her, but she insists. K observes her persistence and keeps her an apprentice to give her a clearer view of the fire pit she is about to enter. Is K going to grant her wish? Or will Jin Ryu change her mind? You’ll find romance, drama, and supernatural elements in I Wish…, which is why it’s a must-read for anyone who wants to enjoy a slice of life manhwa.

30. Mr. Kwon, the Children’s Teacher

Mr. Kwon, the Children's Teacher

What is it like to be a former gangster and a teacher? Does that sound familiar? It sounds just like Great Teacher Inizuka. However, instead of teens, there are children in Mr. Kwon’s The Children’s Teacher. Both are very wholesome but Great Teacher Onizuka has a romantic element that is just as good.

The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon, follows the life , a former gangster, who moves to the countryside to become a teacher . It’s a manhwa option to Great teacher Onizuka. You should try it if Eikichi Onizuka is your favorite. It’s also a great alternative to Eikichi Onizuka’s Great Teacher Onizuka.

29. Orange Marmalade

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Despite the peace treaty vampires still exist in modern human society. It’s all a joke isn’t? It’s all a joke, isn’t it? Sign a piece of paper and continue to do all the NOs in this treaty without shhhing…Isn’t that also applicable in real life?

Just like that Baek M Ri, a young Vampire must live the life of a Nomad because of the discrimination against vampires. Although vampires consume pig blood to quench their thirst, they have been rekindled by the unexpected encounter with Jung Jae Min. Jung Jae Min is not afraid of being a vampire. He is in love with Jung Jae Min. Always, the opposites of you.

This slice of life manhwa is fantastical but addresses the fundamental problems facing modern society. This is the place to go if you are a vampire lover.

28. Skill of Lure

Skill of Lure

You are the one who is always looking for a little bit of life. This one is for you. SungGi Jang can be misunderstood to be a bad person.

In reality, Jang is antisocial. Jae Hwang is a pick-up artist. Jang has a greater ability to interact with girls, and especially with Jang. Jang, unlike Jae has his eyes on a particular girl in his class.

27. Empress Cesia wears

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Another one for the Gener Bender stans. You guys might be a little too happy, huh? Maybe you can leave a comment to say thanks?  Moving on. What should an Empress from 99 realms worry about? Land? Jewels? Authority? Health? Health? She asks Duke Ennon Lionheart for comfortable clothes to fix her problem. While Valencia was in the Chaos of providing comfortable clothing for the queen’s, Yuri (a modern Korean clothing designer) is reincarnated at Valencia.

Yuri sees it as a mission to fix the clothing problem of state of renaissance, and pretends to be a man to join the largest guildas a design. Is she capable of doing that? Or will she get caught before she achieves her goal? Although there have been many stereotypes about Koreans, this one is based upon clothing. It’s something that has changed and is refreshing after so long. If you’re interested in clothing, do read this slice Korean comic.

26. Familyman


Every time I hear the term family, I think of Dominic Toretto and his family in Fast & Furious. The word has been ruined. FOREVER. Baldie, you are a curse!

Familyman is a return to Kwon Gang-Ho’s hardworking life. He sleeps only for a few hours each night and works the rest to support his family in Seoul. An accident left with a scar. Kwongang-Ho returns to Seoul after was fired from his job. To protect his family, he disguised himself as Gugu-man in order to keep his identity secret. Every father is a superhero. Aren’t you a superhero dad?

25. Unlucky Mansion

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Kang Eun Ju, unlike me, decided to work for an arrogant employer . She preferred earning money over her pride. Yes, I understand it. No roof and no food. Although it may seem romantic to work for such employers in fiction, it is not.

This Korean manhwa is based on the life of Kang Eun Ju. She loses her job and her house. However, she accepts the role of live-in caregiver for a mansion. An character-centric story that isn’t new, but entertaining a fun slice of life manhwa.

24. Nineteen, Twenty-One

Nineteen, Twenty-One

Yun-Lee lost two years of her life to an accident. It happened between 19 and 21 years. She meets a boy who is the missing piece.

Nineteen, Twenty One is a great choice if you’re looking for a quick read to refresh your mind. This slice-of-life Korean comic is a beautiful representation of the coming-of agenarrative. This manhwa is also home to cats. It is like an anchor for the ship.

23. Odd Girl Out

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Nari begins her highschool life. In an effort to make new friends she meets t one of the most beautiful girls at the school. How will she adjust to this sudden change in her school environment?

Nari, just like her title, is the Odd Girls Out.

22. Hear, See, and Love

Hear, See, and Love

This is the one I had been waiting for. This story is about a manhwa-artist. Min Geun Soo, an aspirant manhwa artist, loses his sight while caring for his mother with Alzheimer’s. He is also working on his manhwa. He is so devastated that he attempts suicide. But So Ri Jeon, who claims to be his biggest fan, saves him. What next? It’s a sad book that you read and it makes you feel like a complete wreck.

“See, Hear, Love”, also known as “Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love” , is a slice from life that dives into the lives of people who are trying to overcome life’s challenges. This would be a great K-Drama.

21. Salty Studio

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Salty Studio follows Togeun Jung’s life. He doesn’t like nepotism. Togeun Jung is a worker for his father’s business, and the only emotion he feels when he sees an empty shell. He decides to leave and follow his passion of drawingwhile becoming independent. Soon, he meets Sonagi, a well-known illustrator. He urges him to learn how to draw.

It’s never to late for you to do what you love. This era is more applicable to a simple narrative that is based on this idea than any other. It is a random sequence of events that takes place in the life of a character and is well worth reading. Salty Studio may be the Korean slice of life comic that will both entertain and inspire you at the conclusion of the journey. If you find yourself in a similar situation to Togeun Jung, give it a look.

20. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap

It reminds you of Tom & Jerry, right? It might surprise you, so take a look. Seol Hung, a diligent student, ends up on the wrong end of Yu Jeong, also known as Mr. Perfect. Cheese in a Trap is made just for you if you love these stories. Oh! Oh!

19. The Friendly Winter

The Friendly Winter

Da Jeong Han, a 19-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder, and Min Seong Kim, a 17-year-old boy with a brain of a child. The Friendly Winter A slice of life manhwa which beautifully illustrates Da Jeong Han’s and Min-Seong Kim’s daily interactions

Slice of life stories are my favorite genre. You have the choice of two sides to life, and it is up to you to decide which.

18. The Girl And The Geek

Slice Of Life Manhwa

The Girl and the Geek was written by Heo Yun Hwa and illustrated by Da Ga Bi. This manhwa happens to be translated into three different languages: English, Japanese and Chinese and is available to read officially. The story follows Go Nanhee, a single woman who snag a cleaning job.

But when she happens to meet Oh Deokhoo and one of his expensive action figures disappears during her shift, she must clean his apartment as payment. Despite the countless dust bunnies and the fact that he has only interacted with 2D women all his life, will Go Nanhee and Oh Deokhoo fall in love?

17. Dear, Only You Don’t Know!

Dear, Only You Don't Know!

Dear, Only You Don’t Know was written and illustrated by Yuria. On top of being a slice-of-life, this manhwa is also a comedy targeted towards women. It follows the lives of several different women and the secrets they hide from either their significant other or friends.

Makeup? Gossip? Romance? Arguments? Every feminine or odd problem you may think a woman has, this manhwa contains it and applies a comedic twist. It is a story about things women feel they need to hide at all costs, so those who would find fun within the pages are sure to enjoy this slice-of-life.

16. Stories from those around me

Slice Of Life Manhwa

I don’t know if you feel the same, but I find it hard to believe that everything goes according to plan. And….BOOM! This slice is what this slice life manhwa all about. Mira Jang and Jung-A Lee are three close friends, who are all 25 years old but have very different personalities.

Mira is a professional success, but she has been single for seven years. Jung-A Lee, on the other side, has been in a half-decade-long live-in relationship. Then there’s Summer Han who I feel the closest to. She is a single mother with no goals, no money and a boyfriend. Their monotonous lives soon changed when Mira’s love drought ended. Is this the beginning or the end? The Stories of Those around Me tells of three young, adventurous women. Too many tongue twisters.

15. Gatabutata


Gatabuta is one of those “first loves coming back to life” stories that are common, but only a few can accurately convey the emotion. Gatabuta is one of those rare ones. You don’t have to come back from the dead in order to be able to return to your life. If you’re still unsure,

Chu Hyejin is about start her college life. The neighbor element is my favorite in all genres. It makes everything so much more entertaining and allows for small, humorous incidents to shine.

14. Who made me a princess?

Slice Of Life Manhwa

What would you do if your world is filled with horror stories that you read before you fell asleep? This is what happens to a woman when she goes to bed and wakes up Athanasia the princess, whose fate has already been decided. She will be murdered by her father, the emperor.

She creates plans A, B, or C to protect herself from being killed. Is she able to escape the terrible fate that awaits? A slice from life set within a fantasy universe. One thing I can say is that I miss truck-kun from Korean comics.

13. Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell

This is the slice of life manhwa with both Girls’ love and an artist. Mai Sohn receives an offer from a prominent publisher to write a webcomic. Her girlfriend then dumps her.

The webcomic has to be about a relationship. This was the worst time to end a relationship. She is trying to find a partner to be in a relationship with and stumbles upon her neighbor. Mai Sohn is in serious trouble because she cannot find a way out.

12. The Beloved Little Prince

Slice Of Life Manhwa

One day, a wizard is reincarnated as a little girl named Princess Enisha. As if that weren’t enough, she is constantly targeted by assassins. A wonderful slice of life manhwa , where the spotlight is on a adorable baby princess who will surely melt your heart.

Simply pour your melted butter into an ice cream mold and freeze it for two days. You are now ready to make ice cream made with only your blood and flesh. This is just random, I’m sure. You can expect similar things in the future. If I’m not reincarnated in another world,

11. Fools


Another slice for BL readers. EungiKwon is not friendly. Jeongwoo Choi suddenly changes Eungi’s life. This encounter with Jeong-woo Choi is it the beginning of a friendship?

The art is also like fresh-baked cakes out of the oven.

10. Like A Butterfly

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Like A Butterfly was written by Hun and illustrated by Jimin. You know those famous words: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. This manhwa’s story centers on a particular topic: aging, comedy, and doing what you want during your final years. In truth, the plot is quite wholesome and popular enough to be recommended by BTS member V as a great manhwa.

When a retired old man attends his friend’s funeral, he realizes the little time he has left to follow his dreams. Pushed onward by this occurrence, he decides to pursue his dream of becoming a ballet dancer, taught by a young man.

09. Yumi’s Cells

Yumi's Cells

Yumi’s Cells, the secret child from the Cells At Work animation and the animated movie Within Out, are proof of this fact. This should be enough to get you started reading this charming slice of life manhwa. Do I need to go on a little more? Kim Yumi, a typical single woman, has fallen apart and left her love cells in a state of shock. Her love life would have been more dry if Woong Ku, a clueless game designer, hadn’t suddenly made an appearance in Yumi’s life.

Yumi’s cell is recovering, but Woongku suddenly becomes interested Yumi. The cells are working. You can see what I did there Fun Fact – Yumi’s Cell K-Drama Adaptation currently airs and Kim Go-Eun is the goblin’s spouse. I hope that you’ve seen Goblin K-Drama.

08. Something About Us

Something About Us

More than just friends, but not in a romantic relationship Have you ever been in such a relationship?They may appear to be friends, but to others they are just best friends. I try to keep the plot as simple as possible for these stories.

A Bit About Us This slice of life discusses contemporary friendships, relationships and the complications that surround them.

07 . Spirit Fingers

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Spirit Fingers is all about self discovery. Amy Song feels like any other teenager. But, after joining the most crazy art club, realizes that painting doesn’t just have to be about colors.

This is the blue period manhwa alternative that you were searching for. Slice of Life and self-discovery are the best elements of this genre. Spirit Fingers is all in, add this to your wish list.

06. Thirsty Thirty

Thirsty Thirty

Thirsty Thirty was written and illustrated by Jung Eun Soo. When Yaeun Chu is about to celebrate her thirtieth birthday, she comes to a realization: all of her friends are either getting married or beginning their lives while all she has is a boyfriend who she only meets on weekends.

That’s until she discovers he is having an affair with one of her co-workers and begins to work herself to the bone. Within all of the troubles and tribulations, can Jung Eun Soo get a hold of her life and perhaps even start a new romance with someone who truly values her?

05. Annarasumanara

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Are you a believer in magic? That’s not what I am asking, but the magician who lives in an abandoned theme park does ask before he begins his magic show. Yoon Ah’ee, who is poor, works as a support worker and tutor for her younger sister. However, she meets the mysterious magician and her beliefs are thrown off the table. It’s magic or is it?

Annarasumanara is a book you should have read if you’ve been reading manhwa for some time. Annarasumanara will be adapted into a K-Drama in 2022. It’s available for anyone who has not yet read it. This gorgeous slice of manhwa is yours to read right now.

04. Navillera, Like A Butterfly

Navillera, Like A Butterfly

You might have seen Navillera: Like a Butterfly on Netflix if you are a K-Dramas fan. Navillera is the story of Dukchul Shim, 70, and Lee Chae Rok, 23. Lee Chae Rok, on the other hand is a child to a ballerina and a bankrupt father. Although he has been involved in many sports, realized his passion for ballet and decided to become a dancer.

Lee Chae Rok would have given up his dream of a happy marriage to the young Dukchul if it wasn’t for that encounter. These contrasting characters are hard to find nowadays. Dukchul may be young but Lee Chae Rok is older and more mature than. Both have the missing pieces the other seeks. This heartwarming slice of life manhwa will make you smile.

03. Nanohana Boys (Into The Depths).

Slice Of Life Manhwa

One is born deaf while the other is later in life. Nanohana Boys Also known as In the Depths takes a deep dive into the lives Onishi Yuu, Ishida Koji, who experience nerve-wracking experiences like no other.

It took first place on The Slice of Life Manhwa List for a variety of reasons. But the most important is that it shows us that there’s good and bad too. You just need to accept it.

02. Noturne (2008 – 2015)

Noturne (2008 - 2015)

Nocturne was written and illustrated by Park Eun-Ah. This slice-of-life manhwa is one filled with melancholy. Unlike most full-color manhwa, this takes the traditional style of Japanese manga and is in black-and-white.

After Yuri, a girl with the beautiful yet mysterious appearance of a doll is orphaned because her mother dies in a car accident, she begins to live with a close family friend, Kim Dowook. Why did he take her in as a foster parent? And can Yuri become accustomed to the sudden significant change in her life?

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01. Itaewon Class

Slice Of Life Manhwa

Losing his father is not enough. Park Saeroyi spends 7 year in prison. However, that doesn’t mean can’t break down Saeroyi. Instead, he creates a 15 year plan to become best pub owner in South Korea.

An ex prisoner Park Saeroyi meets an psychopath, an ex gangster, and a school buddy, who is now his fund manger. Park Saeroyi will succeed with the support of his new friends.An contrast tale with an contrasting set characters, Itaewon Class was my favorite class and I know you will too.

Don’t forget about the KDrama Adaptation. This is what you would call a perfect slice-of-life story.

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