She-Hulk’ Post-Credits Scene Explained: Where Did the Abomination Go?
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She-Hulk’ Post-Credits Scene Explained: Where Did the Abomination Go?

The finale of She-Hulk gave fans some major bombshells, from its insanely meta third act to introducing us to another major character in the Marvel universe. There’s so much jam-packed into this sitcom-sized show that you’d be forgiven if you forgot about the post-credit scene. While not nearly as Earth-shattering as the rest of the episode, it does hint at what’s to come next for two fan-favorite characters from this season.

The scene opens with Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) back in his cell at the Damage Control Supermax Prison from earlier this season. He was arrested at the end of the episode for breaking his parole conditions and turning into The Abomination again, something he insists he only does for profit at speaking engagements and not for villainy. The only difference between this scene and earlier scenes of him in his cell is that he has some of his stuff packed up. Not that he owns much, he seems to just have a blanket and some Crocs. The evilest of shoe brands.

The person he was waiting for ends up being Wong (Benedict Wong) who opens up a portal with his sling ring to Blonksy’s cell. Wong is making good on his word from earlier in the season that Emil could claim sanctuary in Kamar-Taj, the location where sorcerers are trained in the MCU. Wong offered this possibility to Emil in the first place because he needed Emil to help prove himself as Sorcerer Supreme, a title we find out Wong rose to during the Blip when Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) wasn’t around. He fought Abomination as an opponent, which proved that he was powerful enough to beat the Hulk. This fight is actually shown in Shang-Chi, which makes it seem like Wong and Emil have fought more than once.

Emil Blonsky Joins Wong in Kamar-Taj
Initially, Emil dismissed Wong’s offer to stay in Kamar-Taj because he wanted to serve out his sentence and prove he is a changed man. But the finale shows that Emil just wanted to be out in the world and profit off of being known as The Abomination. Besides his speaking engagements, his ranch for recovering supervillains is covered with posters, books, and merch that he’s trying to peddle. He may not be a villain anymore, but he definitely wants to make a quick buck.

When Wong arrives, he apologizes for being late and Emil asks if it was because he was sucked into another show. Wong reluctantly admits that’s true and mentions they’re living in an era of peak TV. This is a call back to the last he was seen in the show when he was catching up on The Sopranos with his new friend Madisynn (Patty Guggenheim). While Emil is entering his new home he asks about their guest policy and food situation for his new sanctuary. The last question Emil has is if they have Wi-Fi, which they do. This is a cute nod to the first Doctor Strange movie when Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) gives Strange a paper when he enters his new room, Strange asks if the word on the paper is his mantra, and Mordo tells him it’s their Wi-Fi password.

For anyone stuck in Kamar-Taj, the password is “Shamballa.”
What does this mean for the future of Wong and Emil? Just that they are still on friendly terms and willing to help each other out. Now that he’s out of prison maybe Emil’s next business venture will be profiting off of learning magic. But now that he is in Kamar-Taj which is also housing another new MCU addition, America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), odds are we will see him smash back into the MCU at some point. Hopefully in a second season of She-Hulk, if Kang and K.E.V.I.N. allow it.

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