Science And 5 Characters In Anime
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Science And 5 Characters In Anime

Science or knowledge is systematic knowledge about nature, the physical world, and everything in it. Science is often obtained from observation, trials, or research that leads to the determination of basic properties. So far, science has also become one of the important factors in the development of human civilization and other living things.

Science And 5 Characters In Anime
Kurogiri (Boku no Hero Academia) Anime Character From Science

Not infrequently, the use of science is shown in the world of fiction, including anime. As with the creation of robots, science can also be a guide for the development of artificial bodies as substitutes for real bodies. For example, the five anime characters below were created or even changed due to the existence of science.

Kurogiri (Boku no Hero Academia) Anime Character From Science

Kurogiri’s existence is one of the biggest sufferings in the Boku no Hero Academia series compared to other people. Despite being a hero by birth, he was turned into a Nomu by All for One. As a result, he no longer had a human form. Even worse, no one could save him from the bad form he had to accept.

Once upon a time, Kurogiri was revealed to be Oboro Shirakumo, a close friend of Present Mic and Eraser Head. He is proof of how the science of a doctor named Kyudai Garaki slanders a person’s body and soul into a slope filled with darkness. Like it or not, he must accept destiny as a vessel for science that is misused through experimentation.

Yui (Sword Art Online) Anime Character From Science

Yui is an advanced AI entity designed by Sword Art Online game creator Akihiko Kayaba. As a continuation program, he has his own feelings and identity like a human. Not long after that, he met players Kirito and Asuna. He behaved as if the two players were his adoptive parents.

After gaining the loyalty of Yui, Kirito and Asuna were able to access Sword Art Online much more easily than other players. They also started to love and regard Yui as a member of their own family after going through a journey filled with many obstacles in the game. Not only that, they were also accompanied by Yui when they were in the Alfheim Online game.

Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)

Kabuto Yakushi has joined Orochimaru for a long time so he also knows the usefulness of science. After Orochimaru’s death, he tried to experiment with science. He began to modify his body in many ways, such as inserting the DNA of Orochimaru and five other ninja, Jirobo, Tayuya, Kidomaru, Sakon, and Kimimaro, into his body.

As if it wasn’t enough even though he had obtained every move belonging to Orochimaru and five other people, Kabuto still conducted experiments on his body. He wanted to perfect his snake form so he learned Sage Mode in Ryuuchi. He has also put three of Orochimaru’s best research into his body, namely Jugo who can absorb nature, Karin with healing effects, and Suigetsu who can’t form.

Mad Pierrot (Cowboy Bebop)

Mad Pierrot has been considered the strongest villain in the classic Cowboy Bebop series. Before becoming a criminal, he was captured to be used as a test by a group of scientists. As a result, his body was enlarged beyond the limits of mortal understanding, but his sense fate was as bad as if he was a newborn baby.

After killing the kidnappers and escaping, Pierrot walks in the middle of the night in search of new prey. It was at this moment, that he had the principle that he would kill anyone who crossed his path. As such, he is known more as an urban legend than a definitive fugitive. He was also the first opponent who could make Spike Spiegel run away.

The Major (Hellsing)

When World War 2 took place, The Major was dying among the corpses lying around. He was left alone by Soviet soldiers until a dark voice told him to drink blood. However, he refused to throw his humanity away even though he was on the verge of death. It was at this moment, he was taken over by the figure of a doctor. He was saved, but he was turned into a cybrog.

Soon after, The Major managed to escape to South America unharmed to continue his research with his partner. He is no longer the same because he has become a cybrog, a being with the addition of visible mechanical parts. He could indeed cover his body with clothes, but the fact that he had become a cybrog, was undeniable.

The five anime characters above have experienced science working in their respective bodies. Some of them did choose that path because that was what they wanted. However, some others are forced to bear the impact of science that can change them after being used as objects of crazy experiments. Despite that fact, is there your favorite character among them?

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