‘Santa Claus’ Tim Allen and Elizabeth Allen-Dick

‘Santa Claus’ Tim Allen and Elizabeth Allen-Dick

(Left to Right) Elizabeth Allen-Dick and Tim Allen star in Disney+’s ‘The Santa Clauses’.

Premiering on Disney+ November 16th is the new series ‘The Santa Clauses’, which is a spin-off of the ‘The Santa Clause’ film franchise.

The series once again stars Tim Allen (‘Toy Story’) as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus, who on the verge of his 65th birthday realizes that he can’t be Santa Claus forever, and that it’s unfair to his wife Carole (Elizabeth Mitchell). , his sons Charlie (Eric Lloyd) and Cal (Austin Kane), and daughter Sandra (Elizabeth Allen-Dick). So Scott rushes to find a replacement for Santa Claus, and meets game inventor Simon Choksi (Kal Penn), while his family prepares for life after the North Pole.

The series will also see the return of franchise star David Krumholtz as Bernard, as well as Laura San Giacomo as Befana the Christmas Witch.

Moviefone recently had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Allen and his real-life daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick about their work on ‘The Santa Clauses,’ returning for the new series, why Scott wants to retire, Elizabeth’s experiences working with her father, and what it was like. Allen put the red suit back on once again.

Tim Allen as Scott Calvin / Santa Claus in Disney+ 'The Santa Clauses.'

Tim Allen as Scott Calvin / Santa Claus in Disney+ ‘The Santa Clauses.’ Photo: Disney/James Clark.

Moviefone: First of all Tim, it’s been 16 years since you last put on Santa’s red suit, how does it feel to be back playing Santa?

Tim Allen: Well, now it feels great that I’m not wearing a suit. When I’m in it, I have to get everyone used to me being so quiet because I get so hot. So, when I’m not acting, I have to sit alone. It took a while to get used to it. I’m not afraid to tell everyone that I should be left alone. All the pieces were gone once we were ready and I had to work with my youngest, by accident. I kept saying it wasn’t something his mother or I would want. He read something, and it was so magical, we both said, “We’re going to let him read the food chain,” and he got the part.

There are so many magical moments in this that it literally blows me out of my discomfort. They make make-up and hair very practical. It wasn’t like last time. That’s not six hours in it. They brought it down to a much shorter time. That said, the script is very well done. This is a film shot in six episodes. It was a great experience.

MF: Elizabeth, you play Santa’s daughter, Sandra, but you’re also Tim Allen’s daughter in real life. What was it like working with your dad on set?

Elizabeth Allen-Dick: Like an explosion. It was so amazing, and so much fun. I’m so grateful and honored to be on set and to be a part of this franchise because it’s been amazing. Growing up and watching these movies, seeing my dad play this character and impact so many people, and then being in the fourth movie, it’s been such an honor and it’s been a lot of fun. I didn’t work a single day during the two months I was on the show.

Disney+ 'The Santa Clauses' stars Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra.

Disney+ ‘The Santa Clauses’ stars Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra. Photo: Disney/Justin Stephens.

MF: Elizabeth, were you not even born when the last movie, ‘The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause’ was released?

EAD: No, I do not.

MF: Finally, Tim, why does Scott think now is the right time to retire from being Santa Claus?

TA: There was a point where I saw one of the girls I played in the first film and I went over to her house. He was afraid of me and his life is very different now. It reminds the character, Santa, an actual mythical figure who is timeless, even in his world time doesn’t do the same. He saw her growing up and how things were different now. He told his main elf in the sleigh that things were different. Different in his life and different in all of our lives, where maybe we start to focus on getting and not giving.

That’s really what this is all about. You get the job done, you get work for your family, and you forget about the other bits. It seems subtle, but it’s not, true experience giving. It gets into this spiritual thing. We dance around it and it’s all about reuniting with that feeling of giving. Then there is the beautiful scene with the old Santas. Scott is not the first Santa Claus! He may be the magical part of Santa Claus, and I’m giving away nothing, but there’s this incredible true story of how and why he is, and it’s all about reuniting with how it all began. This is also a very simple story, how it all started.

Matilda Lawler, Elizabeth Allen- Dick, Austin Kane, Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell in 'The Santa Clauses.'

(Left to Right) Matilda Lawler, Elizabeth Allen- Dick, Austin Kane, Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell in ‘The Santa Clauses.’ Photo: Disney/James Clark.

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