Samurai Adventure Mahokenshi Debuts New Launch Trailer [EXCLUSIVE]
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Samurai Adventure Mahokenshi Debuts New Launch Trailer [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at a new trailer for the turn-based strategy game Mahokenshi, showing off new gameplay ahead of its release.

Screen Rant has received an exclusive first look at a new trailer for upcoming PC game Mahokenshi. A fusion of turn-based strategy and a deckbuilder with a magical twist, Mahokenshi puts players in the role of a samurai mage. The game comes from developer Game Source Studio – which has contributed to titles like Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition and Marvel’s Avengers – and Iceberg Interactive, the publisher behind Strange Horticulture, King of Retail, Chivalry 2, and more.

A new trailer from Iceberg Interactive has revealed more about Mahokenshi and its unique blend of gameplay, which looks similar in some ways to other card-based games like Hearthstone and Slay the Spire, with the addition of 3D graphics and Japanese-inspired lore. The trailer shows footage of combat on a hexagonal grid environment and demonstrates a player using cards to perform different moves as they work to protect the Celestial Islands. A narrator details how each of the four types of Mahokenshi Houses comes with its “own strengths, strategies, and cunning to fight corruption and restore peace.”

Mahokenshi’s New Trailer Shows Exciting Strategy Mechanics

This new trailer for Mahokenshi shows a unique take on the deckbuilder and turn-based tactics genres, showcasing the things that make the game an interesting fusion of the two. This trailer marks some of the most combat players have seen from the game in one video, as previous footage mostly delved into the title’s story. With Mahokenshi’s release on January 24 imminent, this trailer has solidified more information about the hybrid-genre title and given players a better idea of what to expect.

Like Slay the Spire’s various characters such as Silent and Ironclad, Mahokenshi’s House system will bring a wide variety of strategies to the game that it would not get with just a single type of character. For deckbuilders, it’s essential to have multiple characters to provide lasting replayability, and it’s necessary that these different classes are both distinct and interesting. The ways in which these Mahokenshi Houses each fit into the world seem to tie into the game’s lore well while also being unique from one another, which is always promising for a game of this genre.

This trailer also gave players a better look at Mahokenshi’s specific cards, showing a slew of them pouring down onto a table at multiple points. The many strategic options seem to indicate the game will have a varied combination of deckbuilding and narrative, similar to Griftlands. The cards that can be seen touch on different strategic moves like damage, movement, buffs like strength, and the fact that certain terrains can provide different benefits. The elemental nature of the Houses of Mahokenshi comes through in the trailer as well, with characters showing off some fiery and icy moves.

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