Rocko Jerome’s GHOST Agents Go To Kickstarter For A Special Project
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Rocko Jerome’s GHOST Agents Go To Kickstarter For A Special Project

GHOST Agentsa Cosmic Lion Productions series created by Rocko Jerome, is heading to Kickstarter for a special oversized treasure edition.

CBR may exclusively announce that GHOST Agents returns to Kickstarter for an all-new Supersized Cash Edition collecting the latest storyline, “Crimson Reckoning.” Before the new fundraiser, GHOST Agents had five successful Kickstarter campaigns to collect the series’ first story arc, “Apocalyptico”.


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Written and created by Jérôme, Phantom Agents: Crimson Reckoning features artwork by Barry Tan, Sean Luke, Dave Grom, Todd Fox, John Burkett, Caspar Schumann, Miguel Galindo, Nathan Grixti, Colin Shaw, Jamie Jones and Sam J.

Royal. The publisher said of the series, “GHOST Agents is a ground-breaking anthology series made up of short, self-contained pieces; where each story exists in the same world and characters recur across centuries. If you read it all, a rich, overarching storyline will emerge, but you don’t have to, and readers are encouraged to dive in at their leisure.”

GHOST Agents is designed for fans to dive straight into

“Nobody was doing the comics I wanted, so I asked my friends to do it with me,” Jerome said. “GHOST Agents is a chance for these artists to shine, so the idea of ​​bringing these characters and creators to a new audience really excites me.” Cosmic Lion Founder and Publisher Eli Schwab added, “We’re looking to create comics that are easy to dive straight into, and GHOST Agents is the perfect example. Rocko and the team have created this amazing world that you can just walk in, let off steam, and then go about your business. The book recalls those comics that we love and that made us who we are, like Steranko SHIELD and the more psychedelic 70s Spy-Fi TV and film. It merges it all together, then adds a touch of modern epics like Fiffe’s Copraand you’re ready to roll!”

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With the new GHOST Agents: Crimson Reckoning collection, fans can also pick up a combo that came with the previous volume, PHANTOM Agents: Apocalyptic. “Across time and space, GHOST sends its agents to battle threats with evil intent – lycanthropic drug addicts, underworld demons tearing apart the space/time continuum, and nihilistic, fashion-obsessed terrorists known collectively as the name of Apocalyptico,” the publisher said. of the scenario. Moreover, the GHOST Agents: Crimson Reckoning The Kickstarter campaign comes with a tier that includes a flex disc and digital download featuring a new track from The Bellfuries.

Click here for more information or to support the GHOST Agents: Crimson Reckoning Kickstarter campaign.

Source: Cosmic Lion Productions

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