Review of The Offering, Oliver Park Shows a Different Horror

Review of The Offering, Oliver Park Shows a Different Horror

No soul is safe. – The Offering.

The Offering is a film directed by Oliver Park , produced by Millennium Media, and distributed by Decal.

This film departs from the famous ancient mythological story in the European area. At the beginning of filming, The Offering had the name Abyzou which is the origin of the story, namely ancient mythology. Abyzou tells the story of a female demon who preys on children under one year old and mothers who are expecting babies.

The filming of The Offering took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Even so, this film has a background story in Europe and not specifically in Bulgaria. As a story, this film has a protagonist who is trying to reconcile her husband’s relationship with his parents. However, she realized that her husband’s parents owned a business to cremate the bodies of the dead. In the midst of reconciliation, the husband of the protagonist makes a mistake by breaking a stone which is a talisman of a curse. The chaos makes the husband of the protagonist character responsible for the mistakes that have been made.

This film is suitable for those of you who like ancient mythology, or horror lovers who are not afraid of the jump scared effect in films.

For the record, director Oliver Park looks comfortable with fantasy genre films and series. This characteristic is also seen in the chapter by chapter presented by The Offering, giving a different color to the horror genre that appears on cinema screens.

The storyline does discuss a lot of mythology, and it is indeed presented a bit too much, the portions are very focused, as many as the “jump scares” that are presented. So for those who like “jump scares”, this moment of discussion of mythology will feel very tiring and a little boring.

Actually, this has been shown through the trailer provided, and indeed there will be more and more throughout the duration of the film

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