Our Top 40 Anime With Guns
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Our Top 40 Anime With Guns

Anime With Guns. Hey guys! We’re back with another recommendation blog. You know, we can never run out of ideas and will always provide you with the freshest content out there. This time, we have some Manhwa recommendations for you. We’re tired of reading action and holidays Movies, to be honest. To take a break from such manhwa, we have collected a bunch of manhwa where the main character has to start from scratch in order to make money.  What’s even more exciting than MC being rich is that he hides the fact that he’s rich! So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about Anime With Guns who tend to hide this fact. They’re not only about making money, but also leveling up! So, if you’re interested, read on!

Anime With Guns Rated From 40 To 1

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40: Gungrave

Anime With Guns. Blood brothers and inseparable, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell believe their carless days as petty criminals are destined to last forever. Preoccupied with women and pointless brawls, the friends’ easy-going days are suddenly shattered after they get involved with the wrong set of people. Desperate to gain some form of power, Brandon and Harry join the ranks of an infamous crime syndicate known as Millennion. With the anime’s first and second half feeling like completely different shows, Gungrave can be a rather tricky series to describe.

39: Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill

Anime With Guns. The series chronicles the ups and downs of Night Raid, a group of assassins, who are an uprising that’s been assembled to overthrow Prime Minister Honest who has done bad things in order to expand his powers and maximize his greed for power. Without a strong leader, the nation is left to suffer in poverty, strife, and ruin. Though their members are all experienced killers, the Night Raid team understands that it’s far from commendable to take lives. And they also know that they could face retribution when they’re actively wiping out threats, as the revolution catches on. As a newcomer to Night Raid’s merry band of assassins, Tatsumi was won over by both their ideals and team-oriented determination. 

38: D.Gray-Man


Anime With Guns. D.Gray-Man is a manga and anime series that follows the adventures of The white-haired boy who is named Allen Walker is sent to a secret organization called the “Black Order” and is armed with the weapon- Innocence, which takes the form of an arm and a cursed eye that sees Akuma. There, Allen meets Yuu Kanda, the mercurial Lenalee Lee, and the kindhearted Lavi. Despite their different personalities, they have one goal in mind: to help redeem Akuma’s souls and stop the earl’s plan of destroying the world. D.Gray-Man is one of the best anime with guns for its action-packed fight scenes, intriguing storyline, and impressive characters.

37: Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game

Anime With Guns. Next up among the best guns anime is Darwin’s Game, a series that follows the story of the Kaname as a classmate he barely knows, invited him to play a new game on their phones, but suddenly, Kaname was bitten by what appeared to be a green snake that came out from the phone. Waking up in the school infirmary, with no signs of the snake bite he thought he would have. Despite the wild experience, he dismissed it as a hallucination and got on the train to head home. However, Kaname’s curiosity got the better of him, he open the application once again. Thinking As far as it is a simple battle game that provides the same experience compared to other titles.

36: SAO: Gun Gale Online

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. Similar to anime, games tend to be employed as a form of wish-fulfillment. Besides providing an escape from everyday life, players step into the shoes of protagonists who possess the means to alter their respective worlds. When it comes to shedding your own skin and crafting an entirely brand-new identity, there is no better time-sink than an MMORPG. In many ways, Gun Gale Online is a far more human experience than the central series.

35: GATE


Anime With Guns. XXI century , in Japan, a door appeared in the middle of the district of Ginza, in Tokyo. From this gate, monsters and men from a completely different time and world come out to sack the city of Tokyo. To remedy this, the government decides to send a special unit to this other world. We then follow the adventures of Youji , a soldier a bitotaku.

34: Arifureta


Anime With Guns. Among the students in his class transported to another world, Hajime Nagumo is an ordinary student with no ambitions. Because of his lack of spirit, he is nicknamed “The Incompetent” by his classmates. This class was summoned to save a country from destruction. All of the students in the class were blessed with unique traits and skills, except Hajime with his ” Synergist ” profession and poor stats. To put a word on this profession of ” Synergist “, it is about the class of craftsman.

33: No Guns Life

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. Jûzô Inui is an extend : he has been implanted with a revolver in place of his head. Since the Great War, he has earned his living in this city swarming with other extends , other individuals benefiting, like him, from mechanical extensions. His business? Solve cases in which extends are involved. One day, Jûzô receives a strange visit from a man pursued by the police for kidnapping. This person asks him to protect the child he kidnapped. However, the gigantic multinational Beruhren seems linked to this case andJūzo is far from suspecting the trap in which he has just stuck his nose!

32: City Hunter

City Hunter

Anime With Guns. Lee Yun Seong works at the Blue House in the national communication network sector. He is a former CIA agent and has elite engineering skills. At the Blue House, Yun Seong meets Kim Na Na , who works there as a bodyguard for the President’s daughter… But, Yun Seong has been warned not to fall in love. He must not forget his ultimate mission: revenge. Lee Jin Pyo and Park Mu Yeolworked as bodyguards at the home of the South Korean President. While the President and other senior officials were visiting Myanmar, an explosion occurred there, caused by North Korean agents.

31: Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. It is about a world that has been overrun by zombie-like beings called the Kabane. They are capable of infecting humans, turning them into Kabane, and reanimating the corpses of their victims as well. This zombie anime tv show begins its story by showing us a moving train with members of the Hinowa Group, led by Eren onboard, encountering Kabane for the first time. This is one of the best anime about guns that you should watch. It has great animated action scenes, a good story, and well-developed characters.

30: Saga Of Tanya The Evil

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. The story follows Tanya Degurechov , a young girl in command of an army of wizards. Despite her young age and frail appearance, she is capable of annihilating an entire army single-handedly. An ordinary Japanese employee in his previous life, Tanya was reincarnated as a young girl in a parallel world for having angered God.

29: Lupin III

Lupin III

Anime With Guns. Lupin is an anime series that has its roots in manga of the same name. It is a series of stories that revolve around the main character Lupin, who is a thief who steals valuable treasures from rich people and sells them to support his lavish lifestyle. Lupin the Third is one of the best anime with guns for those who want to watch an action-packed series. It has many shot-gun scenes and also has a lot of humor in it too.

28: Jormungand


Anime With Guns. Jormungand is a wonderful mafia anime series that features guns and weapons that was released in 2012. It is one of the most popular anime with guns-packed action scenes. The story follows the life of two young people, a boy named Koko and a girl named Hester, who is destined to fight against each other. This is an action-packed story with thrilling and dramatic scenes. The way it is told by the writer makes it one of the best anime that you should watch and enjoy.

27: Hellsing


Anime With Guns. UK Today… Humans are not alone on Earth. They live with vampires. This state of affairs, if ignored by the majority of the population, is not for a secret organization responsible for getting rid of these “riders of the night”: Hellsing, led by Integra Wingates Hellsing, the direct descendant of the founding family of this company. In addition to a very extensive knowledge of vampires and imposing military means, Hellsing has an unexpected asset: a vampire named Alucard.

26: The Labyrinth Of Grisaia

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. The Mihama Academy is a renowned school, located in Japan, which welcomes students on the margins of society or who hide a heavy past. In reality, this Academy is metaphorically a golden prison, built to keep the fruits that have fallen too far from the tree.

25: Psycho-Pass


Anime With Guns. Into a futuristic world steps Akane Tsunemori, a young woman with an honest desire to uphold justice. While working alongside veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami, she soon learns that the Sibyl System’s judgments are not as perfect as it looks. With the way everything she knew was turned on its head, Akane struggles with the question of what justice truly is and whether it can be upheld through a system that may already be corrupt. Psycho-Pass is a good sci-fi anime with guns, crimes, and badass cops. The main plot of this anime series explores themes of justice and morality in a futuristic society, the story has also some interesting twists and exciting action scenes that feature futuristic guns which make it worth watching.

24: Chrono Crusade

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. Rosette and Chrno work for the Order of Magdalene, a religious group tasked with protecting America from invading demons. While they are relatively good at their job, the duo’s fighting style tends to be rather dangerous and often results in a fair amount of damaged real estate. Despite the exorbitant collateral damage, nobody else can match the team’s sheer determination and fearlessness.

23: Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Anime With Guns. Rokurou, an average Japanese businessman, finally gets a change of pace with a delivery trip to Southeast Asia. He has been living a boring life and it’s not until this point that he is able to move on and enjoy the adventures that come with his new lifestyle. However, as a result of his traveling for work, Rokurou finds himself being captured by the Black Lagoon mercenary group. The group ended up using him as a bargaining chip in negotiations and ultimately failed. He was left abandoned, betrayed, and alone and then, decided to join Black Lagoon. In order to stay alive, he must quickly adapt to his new environment and prepare for the bloodshed and tribulation ahead of him.

22: Trigun


Anime With Guns. On the planet “scorched by the rays of two suns”, Vash the Stampede aka the humanoid typhoon is a wanted head and a bounty for the modest sum of $$60,000,000,000 (mean $$ by double dollars). In this lawless world, the inhabitants live in a rustic way, in stark contrast to the remnants of their heritage of advanced technology. We follow the conflict that Vash lives against his twin brother Knives , who created Gung-Ho Guns , an organization of assassins, whose members were common beings before sacrificing their humanity against power.

21: Grenadier


Anime With Guns. In feudal times, a young samurai by the name of Yajirou Torajima nicknamed the “Tiger of the rearguard”, is at the head of a small group of men. The latter are in the midst of a battle to find their lords. Chased by villains, Yajirou finds himself forced to hide in a hot spring, but he is not alone. He discovers a young woman named Rushuna Tendou who, under her naive and innocent girl attitudes, seems to be in fact an expert in firearms…

20: Black Bullet

Black Bullet

Anime With Guns. Taking place in the near future of 2021, humans have fallen prey to a strange parasitic virus known as Gastrea. If a deadly disease was not bad enough, anyone who contracts the strain is turned into a deformed monster! Trapped like rats in a cage, humanity’s remaining representatives are confined to a puny city protected by large monolithic walls. In order to stand a fighting chance against Gastrea, superhuman young girls and their partners are sent to take down the monsters.

19: Gunslinger Girl

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. The anime features a lot of firearms action scenes and centers around two young girls who are recruited into an elite assassination squad. They are trained to use guns in order to carry out missions that would be too difficult or dangerous for normal people to accomplish. Gunslinger Girl has a unique story that focuses on female empowerment and violence but also shows us the consequences of violence and some life lessons.

18: Canaan


Anime With Guns. When something strange happens at a local festival, Maria and Mino immediately start investigating what’s going on. Quickly, the two find themselves caught in a battle between unknown masked men and a strange, white-haired woman. Just when Maria is about to be caught in the crossfire, an old friend by the name of Canaan appears and helps her escape. But here’s the twist: we get a taste of Canaan’s past, and learn that she has things to deal with in order to defeat these terrible preparators and save her friends.

17: Ghost In A Shell

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. Year 2029, computer networks crisscross the universe. But this progress will not have swept our nations and our ethnic groups from the face of the Earth” Section 9 is a special police unit responsible for state affairs and terrorism involving cybercriminals. It is in this universe of political corruption that Major Motoko Kusanagi works. She is an agent with a state-of-the-art cybernetic body, acting according to what her “ghost” prompts her to do. Despite this, the Major begins to doubt his own nature. Hackers now attack not computer networks but also the human brain. Memories then are no more than vulgar givens, manageable in their integrity.

16: Phantom: Requiem Of The Phantom

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. A young Japanese tourist wakes up locked in a warehouse, not knowing who he is or where he is. In this gloomy place, a young woman wearing a mask tries to kill him. He then fights for his survival against this young girl, this “Phantom” called Ein. It is without suspecting that the scene is prepared and observed by the members of a mysterious organization, Inferno, who want to make him the second “Phantom”, Zwei…

15: 91 Days

91 Days

Anime With Guns. In the town of Lawless, as a child, Angelo witnessed the death of his parents and brother at the hands of the Vanetti mafia family. Leaving everything behind, Angelo wanders the lands under a new identity and name. Seven years later, he will be given a chance for revenge when he receives a letter that prompts him to return to his old hometown. The obliging man soon meets Nero, the son of the Vanettis’ don, and seeks to get close to him by using skills he has spent years developing.

14: Aoharu X Machinegun

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. While precious little beats a life-or-death standoff between two experienced gunslingers who are equally determined to see another sunrise, competitions focusing on toy guns can also be rather fun! Aoharu x Kikanjuu centers around a slew of host club members that partake in survival games to let off some steam. Dressed as a boy but really a girl, Hotaru Tachibana’s entire personality revolves around the word “justice.”

13: Golgo 13

Golgo 13

Anime With Guns. It has been adapted into a live-action film, two TV series, three OVAs, and an animated film. The anime series Golgo 13 follows the story of a professional assassin, who uses his skills to kill criminals. Golgo 13 really did well-featuring guns and weapons that show us how a protagonist can use them to fight crime, hunt down criminals and bring them to justice.

12: Michiko & Hatchin

anime with guns

Anime With Guns. Taking place in South America and starring an enigmatic ex-convict with an affinity for firearms, Manglobe’s original anime is the perfect companion piece to Madhouse’s Black Lagoon. Bolstered by phenomenal animation and a memorable soundtrack, Michiko to Hatchin is a roller-coaster thrill ride that packs a fair amount of surprises. Breaking out of a high-security prison for the billionth time, Michiko Malandro is a hardened criminal who desperately wants to locate her former lover. 

11: Black Cat

Black Cat

Trained to kill and a master of his craft, Train Heartnet garnered a reputation as Chronos’ greatest assassin and a borderline demon. Willing to end someone’s life without a second thought, Heartnet’s nihilistic attitude starts to shift after the protagonist comes across Saya Minatsuki, an optimistic bounty hunter who befriends the heartless killer. Gaining a new appreciation for human life, Heartnet decides that the world of an assassin is not for him and attempts to leave Chronos. Unfortunately, the organization has other plans.

10: Madlax


Madlax is the code name of a young girl whose job is a professional killer. In the civil war country of Gazth-Sonika , Madlax has a reputation as a mercenary with supernatural abilities. Meanwhile, in the country of Nafrece , Margaret Burton is a young high school student from an aristocratic background living a peaceful life with her servant Eleanor . Margaret seems to suffer from a deep amnesia following a terrible shock in the past: the death of her parents in a plane crash which she miraculously survived. 

9: Gunsmith Cats

anime with guns

Rally Vincent owns an armory specializing in custom weapons. To supplement her difficult ends of the month, she hires her services as bounty hunters. Recently, she has been accompanied by a little 17-year-old blonde, Minnie Mei , an explosives specialist. Together, they invest themselves fully in their services and face dangerous bandits. Very quickly, this shock duo nicknamed Gunsmith Cats made a hell of a reputation in Chicago.

8: Noir


It all starts in Paris where lives Mireille Bouquet , a very famous contract killer in the industry. One day, she receives an email from a Japanese high school student: Kirika Yuumura , asking her to go on a “pilgrimage to the past” with her. Mireille takes the email lightly until a strange familiar melody comes out. So she goes to Japanto find Kirika . As soon as the contact between our two heroines is made, they are attacked by a group of killers. Kirika gets rid of them without difficulty and Mireille then discovers the young girl’s talents as a killer. Both will then team up at Kirika ‘s request as professional killers under the code name NOIR . They thus travel the world to carry out various missions and at the same time find answers about their pasts which seem to be linked.

7: Valkyria Chronicles

anime with guns

The Europan Imperial Alliance forces invaded Vill Gallia to take control of its vast Ragnite deposits. Their strategic advantage, technological superiority, and military might make the opposition nonexistent. Thus they easily break down the barrier of the sleepy principality with ease. As Imperial forces run through their quiet hometown, Welkin Gunther and his younger sister Isara join the leader of the local militia and take action to push the occupational forces out of their town. Following the call for retreat, the Gallian battle group is quickly deployed to their capital city in managing the fighting against the Imperial presence. Squad Seven must defeat the enemy who has launched a surprise attack on their country. 

6: Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

anime with guns

Kino no Tabi tells the story of the journey of a person named Kino and his talking motorcycle named Hermes . During this journey, the two heroes will discover that the world around them is not as good as it seems, but that paradoxically these faults make it beautiful.
In this anime there is no question of action, violence or anything else.
It is a question here of reflection on our world, on life itself.

5: Strike Witches Movie

anime with guns

1945, the Fuso Empire. Yoshika Miyafuji , who lost her witch powers, worked hard to become a doctor. One day she receives a visit from soldier Shizuka Hattori who announces that she is being transferred to Europe. What will happen to Yoshika and Shizuka during their trip to Europe?

4: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

anime with guns

The story of Full Metal Panic! centers on Sôsuke Sagara , a 17-year-old elite soldier tasked with protecting Chidori Kaname , whose powers are coveted by a criminal organization.

3: Alderamin On The Sky

anime with guns

The story takes place in a world where two great powers are at war with each other, the Katjvarna Empire and the Kioka Republic . The Katjvarna empire is currently under heavy attack by Kioka and therefore must content itself with defending its borders. In the Katjvarna empire , there is a very influential family of which a girl named Yatorishino Igsem is one of them. This military family is in charge of passing high-ranking examinations for officers. One day she convinces Ikta Solork, a war-hating person, to take the exams in exchange for a favor from his family.

2: Bungou Stray Dogs

anime with guns

Atsushi Nakajima has just been kicked out of his orphanage, now he has no place to go and no food. While standing by a river, being about to starve to death, he rescues a man who is attempting suicide. This man is Osamu Dazai , he and his partner Kunikida are the members of a very special police agency. They possess supernatural powers and handle business cases that are too dangerous for the police or military.

1: Cowboy Bebop

anime with guns

Cowboy Bebop is an anime about Spike Spiegel and his ragtag friends, they are bounty hunters who travel around the solar system in search of dangerous criminals. The crew is working on developing their friendship bonds while hunting down criminals. However, they come across Spike’s past villain which causes some issues with their relations. He must decide between continuing his life with his newfound friends or turning away from them to go fight his old enemy. The show was created by Shinichiro Watanabe, who regularly uses the episodic format to explore a variety of themes that touch on existentialism, philosophy, individuality, and relationships. 

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