Our Top 20+ Manhwa Like boxers
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Our Top 20+ Manhwa Like boxers

Manhwa Like a boxer. Hi, friends! We’re back with another recommended blog. You know, we never run out of ideas and will always keep you up to date with the latest content out there. This time, we have some manhwa recommendations for you. We’re tired of reading boxe action and manhwa, to be honest. In order to take a break from such manhwas, we have put together many manhwas where the main character has to start from scratch to make money. What’s more interesting about MC getting rich is that he hides the fact that he is rich! So, in this blog, we are going to talk about manhwa Like boxers who tend to hide this fact. They are not only about making money, but also leveling up! So, if you’re interested, read on!

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Manhwa Likes boxers Rated From 24 To 1

24. Gumfo

Manhwa Like a boxer. Want to know manhwa like boxers? Boxers follow Yu, who has a natural talent for boxing but doesn’t defend himself from bullies. One day, after seeing Yu’s talent, a boxing coach recruits and trains him to become a boxing champion.

23. Girls of the Wild’s

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Wild’s High is an all-girls high school that specializes in hosting the Wild’s League, where teenage girls fight brutally. When it turns into a mixed school, a student gets a full 3-year scholarship. Song-Jae, a student, wants to study well, but after meeting the school’s Queen, his whole life changes. What could be the reason behind it, and why is she known as the “Queen of the School?”

22. The ultimate outcast

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Kang Haneul was an ordinary student until one day he became an outcast because of a bully. She doesn’t like her life, but one day, her close friend becomes a victim of rape for the same bullies. From this moment on, he decided to be strong no matter what and take revenge on them. But who would want to teach martial arts to an outcast like him? And how exactly will he avenge his friend?

21. Holy Land

Holy Land

Manhwa Like a boxer. Let’s start with the names, they are called Yu and Yuu! (Even if it means discussing the two together might be a little confusing) The two are clearly about fighting. The two MCs are quiet and alone, perhaps by no choice, and have a terrible darkness deep within them, keeping themselves close to swallowing them up. They also possessed extraordinary fighting skills, even though the two had reached very different levels of talent and skill.

20. Angel Densetsu

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Many differences, but at least MC has an unmatched ability to dodge any attack. They both have scary faces which the author shows off in a way that makes them even scarier.

19. Horizon

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Made by the same author, both main characters are completely blank, all side characters are very well written, the art style and narrative are excellent, the difference between these 2 is that The Boxer has more dialogue and is more verbose than The Boxer. Horizon, it also focuses not only on the protagonist but still many interesting characters to come.

18. Glaucos


Manhwa Like a boxer. MC was made an apprentice as a trainer with a lot of experience in his field. It was later revealed that their best student from before had left him due to the coach’s eccentric behavior. The MCs are finally trying to surpass this world record holder.

17. Kokou no Hito

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. The themes of loneliness and not knowing how to express oneself around others are very present in both. Along the way they encounter obstacles, one greater than the other. It ends happily even though the main character suffers a lot.

16. Green Boy: Yelling at you

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Jane wants to be a boxing champion and Tae Jin secretly loves her. Tae Jin is willing to do anything even to learn boxing.

15. Mercenary Enrollment

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Ijin Yu lost his parents in a plane crash and was forced to become a mercenary on an island. He returns to Korea after ten years reuniting with his grandfather and immediately enrolls in a school to complete his education but the local gangs will not live it peacefully.

14. Study Group

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Yusung Technical High is dubbed the “future criminal school” because of its worst student but a young student, Gamin wants to enter university no matter the cost and applies to various study groups but only faces rejection from them. He took matters into his own hands and started his study group with the sole aim of getting into university.

13. Solo Leveling

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Sung Jinwoo was the weakest E-class hunter who had neither money nor special abilities. One day while exploring a secret dungeon, he had a near-death situation and after the dungeon, his life completely changed because now he could level up.

12. Viral Hit

Viral Hit

Manhwa Like a boxer. Hobin Yoo is a skinny kid who begins to knock out men who are stronger than him after watching fighting videos online. He then starred in a fight that was broadcast live and instantly became popular bringing in a lot of money.

11. Weak Hero

Weak Hero

Manhwa Like a boxer. Gray arrives at a school ruled by bullies who abuse weak children. He threatens to dismantle the system but despite his small appearance, his fighting style is destructive and makes his enemies beg for mercy.

10. Rokudenashi Blues

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. As known as Good-For-None Blues, it stars student Maeda whose life is changed when she punches her teacher in the face during the entrance ceremony. Although this has made him valuable to various clubs, he just wants to become a boxing champion. While the manga is known for its boxing elements as expected, the series was praised for its strong storytelling and friendship themes. To date, the series has sold over sixty million copies.

9. Kenshin


Manhwa Like a boxer. interesting boxing manga, Kenshin written by Koike Kazuo and drawn by Tadashi Matsumori. Previous post Crying Freeman and lastly do art for Yukemuri Sniper. Follows his journey to Alaska to become a whaler. But as soon as he meets a boxer, he begins to pursue it. Unfortunately, it’s not talked about like other well-known boxing manga. However, for those who are curious, it will be a worthy read for all sports fans.

8. Rikudou


Manhwa Like a boxer. A dark and gritty manga, Rikudou tells the story of Riku who experiences tragedy after his father’s death. After defending himself from his mother’s drug dealer, he ends up being chased by criminals. This resulted in his training in a rundown gym and being trained by the person who taught him basic martial arts. The end result is a manga where characters grow stronger as they enter the world of pro-boxing. What makes this most impressive is that this is Toshimitsu Matsubara’s first non-one-shot manga.

7. Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. An interesting comedy and unique manga, Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu tells the story of Satoru Tsukishima who claims to be the featherweight champion Yae Saotome. However, being a champion poses some cons as the school desperately hopes his performance will lead him to participate in the Olympics. The coach who heard the confession decided to assign Satoru as the coach so that they could secretly develop a relationship with awkward awkwardness ensuing.

6. The Boys Are Running

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. A manga created by Kengo Hanazawa, Boy On The Run is a ten-volume short manga series about a 29-year-old salesman who falls in love with a woman. However, since he is already in a relationship with his rival, he decides to study and become a boxer so that he can beat him. Although Kengo Hanazawa is more famous for his later works than I’m a Herofans may be interested to see some of the works that ultimately made his famous work so special.

5. 1 Pound Without Fukuin

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. As known as One Pound Gospel is a boxing manga that combines sports with romantic comedy. Created by Rumiko Takahashi, the person responsible for such amazing works as Inuyasha and Urusei Yatsura. The latter is underrated.

4. Katsu!


Manhwa Like a boxer. Created by Mitsuru Adachi, the man in charge of baseball comics Touching and Cross Game, Katsu! is a boxing manga about Katsuki Satoyama trying to impress Katsuki Mizutani’s crush. However, after learning of his unpolished but talented skills in the sport, he eventually learned to embrace the sport and become a professional boxer. It is recommended for readers who like an excellent story, good action, and solid romantic comedy writing.

3. Ashita No Joe

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Ashita no Joe no need to introduce why it is considered the best boxing manga. The series has easily influenced many of the books listed on this list and is also considered one of the best sports manga ever made. The manga follows the titular character Joe Yabuki, a delinquent who becomes a boxer. Although he was initially disinterested, his journey as a boxer eventually brought him a deep love for the sport. The manga was praised for its own characters, themes, and sports. It was so influential that it inspired a legacy series in the form of Megalobox which boasts one of the best tournaments.

2. Hajime no Ippo

Manhwa Like a boxer.

Manhwa Like a boxer. Hajime no Ippo is one of the most prominent manga not only in boxing but in the sports genre in general. Boasting over 1000 chapters, the series stars Makunouchi Ippo as he works his way up the boxing ladder. Face many rivals along the way. Filled with lots of boxing facts, techniques and strong characters with a solid plot, Hajime no Ippo has won many awards for his storytelling style and art. An art capable of capturing the powerful attacks of the boxing world. No wonder this series is worth reading or watching.

1. RR

Manhwa Like a boxer. RR is a boxing manga created by Jun Watanabe and follows Rikitaro and Ooishi. The first is a musician who dreams of becoming the next rock sensation while the other is a retired boxing champion turned reality tv show creator. This unusual encounter eventually leads Rikitaro to train in a boxing gym to get into better shape, becoming something that is beyond what the two of them had hoped for. Filled with strong characters and energetic art, RRR is a hell of a time.

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