Our 10+ Best Anime Like W:Wish
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Our 10+ Best Anime Like W:Wish

This is a list of 15 Best Anime Like W:Wish. We really hope you will enjoy it too. Let’s do it

Like W: Desire: SUMMARY

Since the death of their parents in a car accident, Junna and her sister Senna have lived alone in the large house left by their parents. Junna lost her memory because of the accident, she has to depend on her twin sister. But here comes the new school year. So Junna and Senna find themselves in the same school. Their new life at their new school delights Junna so much that he forgets the ghosts of his past. However, little by little, he regained his lost memories.

15. School Day: Valentine’s Day

School Day: Valentine's Day (Anime Best Like W:Wish)

Best Anime Like W:Wish. Kotonoha, Sekai, Makoto, and many more of their comrades all went to the hotel. With hot springs to relax in, where everyone is discussing what they have planned to approach Valentine’s Day. When that day comes, Makoto’s various conquests spar, each wanting to make him understand their love. Makoto will no longer know where to turn!

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14. Little Princess

Sister Princess (Best Anime Like W:Wish)

Wataru Minakami, a young man with no history, lives a peaceful life with his family until one day he fails several very important exams. Her strange butler encourages her to go to the Promised Island to further her studies. Once on the island, Wataru quickly gets to know several young girls his age, who turn out to be his sisters! So his only son would have twelve younger sisters! How will his new life change?

13. Maburaho

Maburaho(Best Anime Like W:Wish)

Best Anime Like W:Wish. We are in a world where humans have mastered magic. However, each individual has a limited number of uses and when that number reaches 0, that person disappears. Normal people have an average of 8000 uses. Shikimori Kazuki attends Aoi Academy where he is considered a loser because he only has 8 uses. No one is attracted to him except for Yuna, a girl he knew when he was little and whom he made a promise to marry.

12. Elfen Lies

Elfen Lied(Best Anime Like W:Wish)

The story begins with a young girl named Lucy who escapes from a research facility on an island off the coast of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Stripped and naked except for the metal helmet that hid his face. He manages to get out of the compound after massacring several guards and employees using his supernatural powers. However, he was hit in the head by a sniper bullet. The injury is light. The bullet shattered the helmet, revealing two bony protrusions, resembling small horns. The young girl fell, unconscious, off the cliff.

11. Final Approach

Last Approach (Best Anime Like W:Wish)

Mizuhara Ryo is an ordinary 17 year old student and he lives with his younger sister Akane. One night they saw a light in the sky towards their apartment. This light is revealed to be a young girl named Masuda Shizuka. She introduces herself to Ryo as her fiancé and while saying that she came because of birth problems in Japan and that the government has taken the initiative (selecting partners according to their genetics). Because of this, poor Ryo is forced to accept a stranger he mistakes for a mad woman and can do nothing for fear of retribution!

10. AI Girl Videos

Video Girl AI (Best Anime Like W:Wish)

Best Anime Like W:Wish. Yota, a very shy boy, is burning with love for Moemi, whom he only has eyes for Takeshi, Yota’s best friend. One day Yota walks into a video club, whose manager lends him a videotape of a young girl named Ai, who steps off the screen to help Yota confess his love! But Yota’s VCR is slightly damaged, and the Ai won’t be what it should be.

9. Reward: Eternal Rainbow

Reward: Eternal Rainbow

Topped by an eternal rainbow, the coastal village of Narasakicho is quite special. According to the rumors, all of these villagers have a hidden power, some sort of boon. When two hearts beat at the same time, one’s gift materializes, magically. A student named Amaumi Haruhiko becomes acquainted with his gift while in his second year of high school. His new school year begins when his adopted sister has just returned home due to an accident with a witch.

8. Wind: Breath of the Heart (TV)

Wind: Breath of the Heart (TV)

Makoto was born in the town of Kazune where he and his sister, Hinata, played with Minamo. After his father’s death, he and his sister and the Minamo family moved. Makoto and Hinata return to Kazune and enroll in high school where Makoto reunites with Minamo. He learns that many people in the city have unique special powers. Hinata, for example, can jump higher than most 2 story buildings. Minamo can control wind, Nozomi can create shockwaves with sharp weapons, and Wakaba can heal wounds and slow disease. The city is also home to a long series of mysterious killings and disappearances.

7. Little Busters!

Little Busters!

Riki is an orphan who lost his parents when he was little. But a group of three boys and one girl, the Little Busters will help him out. The leader of the group is Kyõsuke Natsume who has a younger sister who is also part of the group, Rin. The other members are Masato Inohara and Kengo Miyazawa. Thanks to playing with them, Riki is accepted and recognized as a member of the Little Busters, until he almost forgets the death of his parents. Now the Little Busters are in their second year of high school, except for the leader who is in his third, and are still together enjoying their school life.

6. Onegai☆Twin


Help, twins! is the story of three high school students: Maiku Kamishiro, Karen Onodera and Miina Miyafuji. The three bond with each other over a photo of their childhood home which prompts them to look for a home in the photo. However, the photo only shows two children, a boy and a girl. The three conclude that only one of the girls, Karen or Miina, can relate to Maiku. The others must be unrelated. The only other identifying feature of the couple in the photo is that the boy and girl have eyes of the same unusual color, a feature that adds to the ambiguity because all three have the same eye color.

5.DCII: Da Capo II

DCII: Da Capo II

Da Capo II takes place 53 years after the events of Da Capo, when Sakura Yoshino, tired of being alone for so long, wishes for a prototype magical artificial wish-fulfilling cherry tree for a son Yoshiyuki Sakurai. In the first arc, when Yoshiyuki attends Kazami Academy, under the school, he awakens Minatsu Amakase, a robot. Yoshiyuki helps him adapt to life with humans even though robots are nothing more than tools.

4. Golden Times

Golden Time

Following an accident right after graduation, Tada Banri loses all of his memory. Entering a law university, she gets lost on the road and meets Mitsuo, one of her would-be classmates who is also looking for her way. Quickly making friends, Mitsuo confesses that he chose this university to escape his childhood friend who constantly “harassed” him while declaring herself his future wife.

3. Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone

Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone

Tragically orphaned by a car accident, the Kasugano twins travel to their grandparents’ country residence via carriage, hoping to reconstruct the shattered shards of life. Two lonely souls so similar physically, yet so different spiritually, they are oblivious to the challenges these conflicting expectations will reveal in the future. Unsure of the future, Haruka Kasugano clings to past memories, hoping to find the strength he needs to protect his ailing sister. As the story progresses, he tells four stories, each with one girl; Kazuha Migiwa: rich but kind, Akira Amatsume: polite but sad, Nao Yorihime: depressed but hopeful, Sora Kasugano: petite but fierce.

2. Dead Memories

Dead Memory

Memories off tells the story of three young children, Tomoya, Ayaka and Yue who made a promise since childhood to never be separated and to stay united forever. Once they became teenagers, Tomoya and Ayaka each professed their passion and love for one another and became inseparable. Even though Yue secretly loves Tomoya, she still supports them. Thus the three of them did not separate and remained together for good and for bad. Only this tragic day was the start of a great misfortune, the day Ayaka fell victim to a fatal accident which caused her to lose her life. Their promise is then broken, and Tomoya finds great difficulty overcoming his suffering and despair even though his friendship with Yue is far from broken.

1. DC: Da Capo

DC: Da Capo

Best Anime Like W:Wish. The story takes place on a small fictional island off the coast of Japan, Hatsunejima, where the inhabitants possess mysterious magical powers, and the cherry trees stay in bloom forever. Jun’ichi Asakura is a boy who has the quirk of being able to see in other people’s dreams, and takes some of his calories to turn them into Japanese snacks. He lives with his foster sister Nemu Asakura who is the same age as him and was taken in at a very young age. But on the day of the new school year, Yoshino Sakura, who is Jun’ichi’s cousin and childhood friend, returns from the United States after 6 years of separation.

The latter takes an increasing interest in his cousin, and reminds him of the promise they made to each other as a child.

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