Oscar Isaac Still Can’t Confirm Whether Moon Knight Season 2 Will Happen
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Oscar Isaac Still Can’t Confirm Whether Moon Knight Season 2 Will Happen

While Oscar Isaac has teased Moon Knight season two, he admits that nothing is guaranteed yet.

Keep giving hope, but don’t count on the second season moon knight only just. Created by Jeremy Slater for Disney+, moon knight finished its six-episode run on streaming platforms in May. A few months later, there were rumors along with some teasing cast that season 2 of the show could happen, but as of now, it hasn’t been officially announced by Marvel Studios.

In a new interview with Collider, Isaac offers some clarification on the current status Moon knight. When asked directly to state whether season 2 is actually happening, Isaac noted how much fun it was to tease a second season, but was candid by admitting that no new episodes were green-lighted at this time. From the interview:


“We can’t say for sure. I need my seductive skills. Can’t drain my abilities. How seductive I am. Always is. No, I hope so. We’ll see what happens. But right now, there’s no official word. “

Earlier this month, Isaac claimed at New York Comic-Con season 1 “not the last we hear about Moon Knight.” But it follows an earlier comment from Slater over the summer that he didn’t have any conversations with Marvel Studios about making more episodes. However, with Isaac making it clear that he’s open to returning again, it’s likely that there’s always an update that could happen. As of now, the only live-action Marvel series on Disney+ to be renewed for a second season is Lokithough WandaVision will have at least two spinoffs.

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Oscar Isaac Needs Rest After Filming Moon Knight

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Isaac had fun with moon knight, but the role was quite tiring for him to take on. The actor also explained how he still hasn’t committed to taking on another lead role in a film or series because he’s still recovering from how much moon knight has drained it. We may not know until around 2023 what his next role will be, but if moon knight lucky fans, it will be an offer to return for a second season.

“There’s nothing in the works. moon knight very amazing, but also very draining. I just put every part of myself into it. Every bit of output I can. It’s only been a year of input, just picking up stuff instead of having to take out anything but headphones. So at the moment, I will play next year and then we’ll see what happens after that.”

You can stream the first season moon knight on Disney+.

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