One Piece Red Confirms the Owner of the Strongest Haki?

One Piece Red Confirms the Owner of the Strongest Haki?

Since his first appearance in the first episode in the One Piece series, the figure of Shanks has shown signs that he is not an ordinary person. Akagami no Shanks or commonly called Shanks or red hair is Luffy’s helper at the beginning of the story. Just then, a Sea King was about to eat Luffy. However, Shanks sacrificed his left hand to eat.

There is an interesting fact from the scene, namely when the Sea King monster saw Shanks’ eyes the sea monster immediately fled in fear. As the story progresses, it is finally known that Shanks has Haki (the power of will) that only a handful of people have, namely Conqueror Haki. In addition to saving Luffy, Shanks’ Haki power also appeared in several stories.

For example, when Shanks visited Whitebeard on his ship, the Moby Dick. At that time, he managed to stun most of Whitebeard’s crew (even breaking the wood). Shanks’ Conqueror Haki has also become a legend when Oda Sensei said that he was able to stun 100,000 people. In fact, Luffy alone is only able to subdue 50,000 people.

Then the most monumental is when he was in the story of the big fight at Marineford. Shanks protects Coby from Akainu’s magma fist attack with his sword. This is interesting because Shanks is able to withstand Akainu’s attacks in his original form. Then, is Shanks the strongest Haki holder? Most likely yes.

Shanks in Film Red

In addition to some of the awesomeness evidence above, other real evidence of how powerful Shanks’ Conqueror Haki can be can be seen in the Red film. In the films 2022, Shanks and the Red Hair group get quite a lot of attention. For example, when Shanks found Uta or even when he left Elegia. Although Uta is the main focus, we see a lot of action from Shanks especially at the end of the film.

At the end of the story, we see how Shanks and the Red Hair pirate group actually come back to meet Uta. At that time, Uta wanted to kill Luffy. He himself had previously resurrected the monstrous monster that destroyed Elegia using Tot Musica. Meanwhile, Shanks and the others are trying to protect the people from a naval attack.

The slick cooperation between the Straw Hats and the Red Hair group was presented in an extraordinary way. However, the defining moment itself is when Uta decides to use his last remaining strength to save everyone. After everything was done, Uta fell limp in Shanks’ lap. Kizaru and Fujitora were about to capture Uta.

However, Shanks also tried to protect Uta where he was furious with the decision of the two admirals. At this moment, we see Shanks unleash an incredibly powerful Conqueror Haki. In fact, the shockwave that appeared made the two admirals finally decide not to proceed with their original plan. Shanks and his crew finally left Elegia.

The effect that appeared at that time was truly powerful, where even his Conqueror Haki was able to affect and span the entire island. We can also see the effect that appears when Shanks uses his Haki, which is truly extraordinary. Based on this, it seems natural and reasonable if then Shanks is the owner of the most powerful Haki power.

Shanks’ Haki Role at the End of the Saga

Geeks finally know that Shanks is an extraordinary figure. Not only is he one of the strongest pirates in the entire world, but he is also the most powerful Haki user. Shanks’s Haki or Haoshoku Haki will of course have an important role in the story of One Piece in the future. Because, of course there was a reason why Shanks only relied on Haki.

Haki abilities, especially Ruler Haki, are rare abilities that not everyone can possess. In fact, not everyone is able to train or awaken it. In the Wano arc we saw how this special Haki can also be coated by the user against the sword or even their body. The result is an extremely powerful attack, with immense destructive power.

How then did Aramaki decide to leave after feeling the extraordinary air from Shanks, as if giving a hint that Shanks’ Haki wasn’t kidding. And this also seems to confirm that Shanks is the best Haki user in the series. It’s certainly interesting to see how Luffy and Shanks will collaborate with each other to face their great enemy by utilizing their Haki.

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