Norwegian Monster Movie Sequel Ordered by Netflix
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Norwegian Monster Movie Sequel Ordered by Netflix

The brilliantly named Roar Uthaug is following up his 2022 Netflix film Troll with a sequel, with Netflix ordering the follow-up for the streaming service. Variety confirmed in an exclusive.

The original movie, released last year, followed the aftermath of an explosion in the Norwegian mountains that subsequently unleashed a monstrous ancient troll. It’s left to a plucky paleontologist to prevent outright disaster as the troll goes on the rampage.

Successful Trolling

Troll 2 has no concrete details on the story or cast just yet, but is likely to follow the original’s dark fairytale mood. Could chuck another troll in there, I suppose? It will see the return of writer Espen Aukan and producers Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud however. It will begin filming in 2024.

It’ll be in high demand, considering the first film became Netflix’s most popular non-English movie ever, as it hit over 100 million views in its first three months on the service.

Roar also directed the disaster movie The Wave, and the Alice Vikander-starring Tomb Raider movie.

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