New World Halloween Event Explained

New World Halloween Event Explained

Amazon’s MMO New World is still chugging along, and players can now enjoy a slew of Halloween-themed rewards in this year’s Nightveil Hallow event.

It’s just a week and a bit until Halloween, which means that the spooky season is well and truly in full swing, and all the live-service games are getting their themed season updates. While Fortnite’s “Fortnitemares” event gives players some more crossover skins and the ability to play as a werewolf, and Destiny 2 has some new Gundam-inspired armor, Amazon’s MMO New World is adding a wide array of new content, ranging from a new quest to a Halloween-themed shop.

Released just over a year ago, New World is still chugging along at a leisurely pace. Though its current player numbers can’t match those in its first week, peaking at 900,000, New World still tends to have over 20,000 daily players, which is pretty solid for a fairly unknown MMO. With plenty of new Halloween-themed content for players to dive into, New World’s player-base is sure to grow at least a little in the next few days.

New World’s Nightveil Hallow Event Explained

Beginning on October 18 and lasting until November 1, New World’s Halloween-themed “Nightveil Hallow” event gives players access to a new quest line, some new loot, and a themed item shop. New World’s in-game lore states that Nightveil Hallow is an eerie season that has been ushered in by the demonic Baalphazu, the Marquis of Terror. Baalphazu has inflicted the lands with the Maledicta Figurarum, a curse that has transformed the land’s pumpkins into terrifying monsters known as Pumpkinites. Players will need to find Baalphazu and throw his remains into the Nightveil Cauldron to defeat him and restore peace.

To begin this Halloween quest, players simply need to head to any of New World’s settlements and find a Nightveil Cauldron. Standing right next to the cauldron should be an NPC by the name of Salvatore, who will give the player the “Baalphazu’s Fall” quest. However, to take part in this quest, players will need to be at least level 35, which means that any newcomers might need to strap in for quite a few hours of grinding before they can join in on the festivities.

Once the quest has been received, players can then head out to hunt the demonic Baalphazu, though they may want to take a good few friends along for the ride since Baalphazu is a world boss, meaning it has over 23 million health points. It’s highly recommended that New World players team up in groups of 10+ in order to slay the beast. Once the crew’s assembled and ready to go, Baalphazu can be found in six different locations: Brightwood, Ebonscale Reach, Weaver’s Fren, Great Cleave, Edengrove, and Mourningdale.

Defeating the intimidating Baalphazu will reward the player with Baalphazu’s Ichor, which can then be taken back to a Nightveil Cauldron and boiled. This will in turn grant players a Nightveil Cache. Opening up a Nightveil Cache should then reward players with some Nightveil Tokens, some Cauldron Coins, and some unique weapon patterns. While the patterns can be used to craft new weapons, the Cauldron Coins add some more cash to the player’s general currency. Nightveil Tokens, however, can only be used to redeem exclusive Halloween-themed cosmetics from the Nightveil Hallow Shop. These cosmetics range from skins to emotes to house decorations, all of which are suitably Halloween-y. There are Jack-o-Lantern helmets, witch hats, demonic armor, and more, which should be plenty to get players excited for the spooky season.

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