New Shakugan no Shana Light Novel Volume Coming This Year

New Shakugan no Shana Light Novel Volume Coming This Year

The 2002-2012 Shakugan not Shana The fantasy light novel series is getting a new volume this year, Dengeki Bunko’s Twitter account has revealed.

The new entry is tentatively titled Shakugan not Shana SCREW. The first three Shakugan not Shana S volume, as well as Shakugan not Shana 0 And Shakugan and Shana M.are collections of short stories. Shakugan not Shana IISreleased in November 2012, was previously the last Shakugan not Shana volume in the global series; the 22nd and final main volume was released in October 2011.

Dengeki Bunko’s Twitter account also revealed that Shakugan not Shana SCREW will see the return of the “Friagne the Hunter” section, which sees the Crimson Hunter Lord Friagne and Marianne answering questions from readers. Question submissions (made via tweets with hashtag) for Shakugan not Shana SCREW will end on June 23 at 23:59 JST.

Image source: Dengeki Bunko website

Shakugan not Shana is written by Yashichiro Takahashi and illustrated by Noizi Itou. The light novels inspired a manga adaptation of Ayato Sasakura and a manga adaptation of the 10th volume, titled Shakugan not Shana by Shii Kiya. A

A JCSTAFF-the produced anime directed by Takashi Watanabe started in 2005 and ended with its third season, Shakugan no Shana finalwhich took place from 2011 to 2012. Crunchyroll describes the anime as follows:

Murdered by a demonic being, 15-year-old Yuji sees his life force replaced by a flame that fades with each passing day. When the flame goes out, no one will remember he was alive. This is how he meets Shana: a warrior with a burning sword and the will of a god as her guide. The two form a bond as Yuji becomes Shana’s accomplice in her battles to maintain balance between the ordinary world and her own.

Viz Media has already released some of Shakugan not Shanathe light novels and early manga volumes in English, but no longer has the license for the title.

Source: @bunko_dengeki

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