Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters : Our Top 30+
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Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters : Our Top 30+

This article will be a list the Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters .These characters will be drawn from various narrative arcs. You will learn some basic information about them that will allow you to understand why they are positioned as we do.

30. Mezo Shoji

Mezo Shoji, also known as the Tentacle Hero : Tentacole is a student at U.A. Class 1A. High School. Training to be a Pro Hero.

29. Uwabami


Snake Hero Uwabami, a Pro Hero, and a celebrity.

28. Enji Todoroki

Enji Todoroki

Enji also known by the Flame Hero , Endeavor is Pro Hero who has the greatest number of cases resolved in history.

27. Hanta Sero

Hanta Sero

Hanta Sero, also known as the Tapping Hero: Cellophane, is a student at U.A. Class 1A. High School. Training to be a Pro Hero.

26. Yu Takeyama

Yu Takeyama

Yu Takeyama, also known as the Mineyama Hero: Mount. Lady, is the No. 23 Pro Hero, member of The Lurkers.

25. Neito Monoma

Neito Monoma
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Neito Monma, also known as Phantom Thief, is a student at U.A. Class 1-B. High School. Training to be a Hero.

24. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido, also known as Pinky, is a student at U.A. Class 1A. High School. Training to be a Hero.

23. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama

Nemurikayama, also known as the R-Rated Hero Midnight, was a Pro Hero and faculty at U.A. High School, where she taught Modern Hero Art History.

22. Chizome Akaguro

Chizome Akaguro

Chizome Akaguro, also known as Hero Killer Stain and previously the vigilante Stendhal is a villain and exvigilante who is well-known for his killing many Pro Heroes. He is the antagonist of the title Vs. Hero Killer Arc.

21. Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume studies at U.A. The Department of Support at High School, Class 1-H.

20. Tenya Ida

Tenya Ida

Ida Tenya in the real world would probably have been called an uncool geek. However, he is consistently ranked as one of the most beloved characters in My Hero Academia. Tenya is a serious student and he often encourages his friends to take the same approach. This is why he was elected their class representative.

Tenya tries hard to live up the Pro Hero Ingenium standards set by his elder brother and continue the Ida family legacy. Deku and Shoto help him, but he also renounces the path to vengeance, further proving his remarkable personality.

19. Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shiso was mocked by his middle school friends, who laughed at his villain-like abilities. They also claimed that he couldn’t be a Pro Hero. Shinso, however, proves them wrong by mastering it and using it in various conflicts and altercations to save lives.

Shinso is taken under Eraserhead’s wing by him, citing their similar attitudes towards and relationships with society. Shinso could not be more evil if he tried. His pathetic demeanor is not heroic, and Pro Hero status is 90% public relations. Shinso’s fans don’t seem to care; they love Shinso.

18. Momo Yaoyorozu


Momo Yaoyorozu is a wealthy character, unlike Ochaco Uraraka or Izuku Midoriya. She was accepted to U.A. She was able to enter the University of Alabama without passing the Entrance Exam. This demonstrates her natural talent for heroism.

Momo, despite being a wealthy woman, is not a spoilt brat. Momo is smart, clever, kind, wise, strong, and, most importantly, humble to the point. Momo can turn to Shoto and Eraserhead for help when she is feeling overwhelmed by her peers.

17. Kyoka Jirou

Kyoka Jirou

Kyoka Jino is largely forgotten until a particular My Hero Academiaplotline calls for her sound-based capabilities. Her Earphone Jack is a powerful Quirk with both offensive as well as defensive capabilities. The Final Act Saga sees Kyoka trigger a Quirk rebellion within All For One’s inner universe, which greatly weakens the villain.

Class 1-A is a way for her to come out of her shell and be ready for the U.A. Kyoka performs a rock song live at School Festival. Kyoka’s natural reticence is a great thing, but it’s even better when she recognizes her vast potential.

16. Fumikage Tokoyami


Fumikage Tokoyami, with his mysterious Quirk Dark Shadow and stylish personality, is a favorite My Hero Academia. He is a thoughtful, serious Class 1-A student at U.A. High is a background role player, but has been occasionally brought to the forefront over the course of a few episodes.

Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow seems to have its own mind, unlike other Quirks. This semi-autonomous Quirk has the problem of becoming more powerful and harder to control as the ambient light decreases. Dark Shadow is much more difficult to control during the day, but it is also far more fragile and cowardly.

15. Tamaki Amajiki’s

Tamaki Amajiki's

Tamaki Amajiki, along with Nejire Hado and Mirio Togata, is part of the Big 3. This group of third-year students is destined to achieve greatness. He’s also the most shy character in My Hero Academia. This is a problem for anyone who wants to be a Pro Hero in the future.

14. Denki Kaminari

Denki Kaminari

Even though he is associated with Mineta Minu, Denki kaminari has a large fan following on MyAnimeList. It’s easy to see why. He is friendly, energetic, and social. However, he also offers tons of classic shonen comedy. Kaminari is a very funny side-effect of his Electrification Quirk.

Kaminari could exceed the safe wattage limit of his Quirk if he does not take the necessary precautions. This can leave him feeling vulnerable and airheaded for as long as one hour. He can also produce enough electricity to kill some of the most powerful villains in the story.

13. Keigo Takami

Keigo Takami

Keigo Takami’s codename is Wing Hero: Hawks. This refers to his Fierce Wings Qirk. Takami carries a pair large, red wings on the back. These wings allow him to fly and launch feathery projectiles. This Quirk is a remarkable tool that allows him to demonstrate his combat skills on many occasions. As a supporting character, Takami makes his debut in My Hero Academia‘s fourth Season.

Takami is the No. After All Might’s retirement, Takami becomes the No. 2 Pro Hero and quickly surpasses Endeavor in popularity and general appeal. Takami is loved by his intelligent fans, as well as because he does everything possible to save the world.

12. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki

While Tomura Shigaraki was always a prominent presence in My Hero Academia‘s world, he has been rising in power and eminence. This key villain, who represents All For One’s will is determined to destroy society. Tomura’s Decay Quirk becomes far more dangerous when he assimilates All For One Quirk. This makes him a weaker version Of All Might.

As part of his villain costume, he wears the dead family members’ hands. This explains why there is a sense of terror around him. Tomura might be beloved by fans simply because he is such a great villain. Hopefully, Tomura will find redemption through Deku.

11. Mirio togata

Mirio Togata

Mirio quickly gained a lot of admiration, despite his late introduction. It would be a strange thing if Mirio didn’t become a fan favorite due to his genuine loveable personality. Mirio’s depth and character is an asset to any anime, even one like My Hero Academia.

Mirio radiates hope from every fibre of his being. Lemillion is his hero name. This indicates that he hopes to save at least 1,000,000 people during his career. Mirio, who saves Eri from Permeation, later recovers his Quirk thanks to Eri’s assistance. Much to the delight of manga fans.

10. Dabi


Dabi’s existence is filled with spoilers, but manga readers are able to see the full story. Dabi’s story will be revealed in the final episodes of My Hero Academia. Deku, Tenya, and Shoto defeat Hero Killer: Stain.

Dabi keeps preaching Stain’s anti-hero message and claiming that society doesn’t need anyone to protect it. Dabi is an essentially broken man who desires to see his family burned, even if that means destroying the entire planet. It’s not surprising that Dabi has so many fans.

9. Himiko Toga

HimikoToga is an extremely well-crafted anime bad girl. However, some viewers cannot bear to see her. The character is a hot topic, especially on My Hero Academia subreddits where both praises and criticisms are directed at Himiko. No matter what the opinions of the fans, it’s clear that her popularity is undisputed.

Himiko is the most famous villain in the story. Every scene she portrays her complex personality is a showcase of her talents. Himiko doesn’t care about what others think of her. This is something Endeavor has to deal with every day.

8. Tsuyu asui

Tsuyu Asui

U.A. has very few students. Tsuyu Asui can be described as high-balanced. They may have anger management issues such as Bakugo if they lack self-esteem like Momo and Deku. Almost every U.A. In the beginning episodes, almost every U.A. student exhibits a negative trait.

Tsuyu or Tsuchan, as she insists to be called, is a logical and unflinchingly rational person who can handle any situation, no matter what it may be. Tsuyu’s direct demeanor and adorable habit of singing like a (Japanese frog) are a favorite with fans.

7. Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka could be the most prominent character of My Hero Academia. In the five first seasons, she was able to attend almost all major events. Fans often claim that Ochaco is Class 1A’s shining star, clearly excluding Deku and Bakugo.

Ochaco can lose her composure when Deku mentions her friendship, but she still displays her compassion and poise at different points in the story. Ochaco, despite her rather inoffensive Quirk, has all the trappings that make her a legendary hero. In the manga’s Final Act Saga she reprimands a mob of angry civilians, an impressive display of her oratory skills.

6. Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima isn’t afraid to be himself. He doesn’t need to hide his true nature behind masks. He can simply smile and power through his problems with the help of his Hardening Quirk. Kirishima adheres to his own philosophy which appears on the surface as a stereotypical example Shonen toxic masculinity.

Kirishima is known for his tears and he often expresses his emotions through them. This shows that even the most manly men can still cry, without being ashamed. Eijiro Kirishima is loved, respected, and treasured by his fans, especially after he manages to break into Bakugo’s armored heart.

5. Shota Aizawa’s

 Shota Aizawa's

Shota Aizawa is a character who looks cool. But, his personality is not the only thing that makes him so beloved. Known more commonly as Eraserhead. Aizawa prefers to spend his time shaping the next generation, which is a highly regarded endeavor by all measures.

He is a talented actor, but sometimes he gets overlooked by his viewers. His fan base on MyAnimeList clearly demonstrates his almost universal popularity. Aizawa is especially close to his students.

4. All Might

All Might

All Might was a fan favorite long before he showed his superhuman strength. His unique and quirky character design makes him an iconic figure in Shonen anime. He’s simply that brilliant. However, All Might’s current status with All For One is not ideal. He sacrifices One For All in his fight against All For One.

Some fans feel it is quite humiliating that a legend like All Might should be reduced to a minor character. It’s evident that All Might works as hard as he can from the sidelines and earns the respect of both his students and colleagues. All Might is still one of the most beloved My Hero Academia characters in MyAnimeList.

3. Katsuki Bakugo


Katsuki Bakugo, despite his terrible Quirk and combat prowess is a pile full of insecurity for most My Hero Academia. Throughout their childhood together, he bullies Deku and then expresses anger when his former victim unexpectedly surpasses them.

Bakugo is Deku’s main rival, so it’s only natural that Bakugo takes center stage. Bakugo slowly sheds his anger, hatred and becomes more attached to Deku over time, even though he rarely acknowledges his feelings. Bakugo finally apologizes to Deku in the Final Act Saga. This is a great act of redemption which the fandom greatly appreciates.

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2. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Torodoki could be described as the Sasuke Uchiha from My Hero Academia without the teenage angst. Shoto is a huge fan favorite and dominates the spotlight since his introduction. When it comes to character development, he blows away his competitors.

Shoto’s journey to becoming a master of his craft is slow and painfully rewarding, unlike Bakugo or Deku. His current attitude is very different from his initial personality. Shoto’s future isn’t set in stone. This means that he has the potential to achieve anything he wants if he puts his mind to it.

1. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya

Deku Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist in My Hero Academia. All Might’s No. 1 position is his goal. Even though he has the Quirk, he is still considered the Pro Hero. Deku is an anime protagonist but his character design is very different to those of Naruto Uzumaki or Monkey D. Luffy.

Because Deku understands the importance of his hard-earned strength, he is in the calmer and more intelligent section of Shonen. Deku’s calm approach to danger is admirable. That is until he becomes “Madman Deku” as the fandom calls him.

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