Missing Wins Praise from Critics to Score 86 Percent
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Missing Wins Praise from Critics to Score 86 Percent

Missing has garnered acclaim from film critics since its release in the US some time ago. The film, which is finally showing in Indonesia, comes about five years after the success of Searching in 2018.
Some film critics consider Missing to be successful in bringing back the same feeling of worry and suspense as its predecessor. The positive reviews earned it a tomatoometer of 86 percent out of 108 critic reviews.

” Adopting the template of its predecessors , this film relates and manipulates tools on desktop computers to tell a thrilling and disturbing story , ” commented Lovia Gyarkye , critic of the Hollywood Reporter .

“Although the film is almost the same (as Searching) with a different cast, Missing managed to attract attention,” commented Pat Padua, critic of the Washington Post.

Not only in terms of story, critics also praised Storm Reid’s appearance as the main character in Missing. Her performance was praised by Benjamin Lee, a critic from the Guardian.

Praise was still given even though he considered there were so many coincidences in the film.

“Reid is an engaging and authoritative protagonist and understandably the creators wanted us to see more of Reid. But often he accidentally keeps his webcam or FaceTime off so viewers can see his reactions,” wrote Benjamin.

Another critic, Vikram Murthi of Indie Wire, highlighted Missing’s illogical scenes. “The many logic-defying developments in Missing make it difficult to grab attention, especially considering it gives the audience plenty of time to think about the many ways that don’t make sense,” said Vikram Murthi.

Missing is a thriller genre film that comes after the success of Searching (2018). However, this film has a plot that stands alone so it does not continue the previous story. In the first film, Searching tells the story of a father (John Cho) trying to find his missing daughter (Michelle La) by breaking into her child’s computer. The search was also carried out with the detective (Debra Messing).

Meanwhile, Missing tells of a girl who is looking for her mother. It all started when June Allen ( Storm Reid ) was alone at home because her mother, Grace ( Nia Long ), went on vacation to Colombia with her new lover, Kevin (Ken Leung). June’s father or Grace’s husband is long gone.

Everything seems fine until June is asked to pick up Grace and Kevin at Los Angeles International Airport. June was initially reluctant to pick up her mother. However, problems started. Grace and Kevin never showed up at the airport. Grace also couldn’t be contacted at all, making June confused and panicked.

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