Minato Namikaze Great Ability in the Naruto Series

Minato Namikaze Great Ability in the Naruto Series

In the Naruto series, Minato Namikaze is the father of Uzumaki Naruto. He the figure of the 4th Hokage who is kept secret by the villagers that he is Naruto’s biological father.

Minato Namikaze Great Ability in the Naruto Series
Minato Namikaze in the Naruto Series

Minato Namikaze died with his wife Uzumaki Kushina on the day Naruto was born. He died to protect the village from the rampage of the Kyuubi. Fox monster that killed him and his wife during the incident. This time the author will discuss the five great moves of the 4th Hokage, let’s pay attention!

Minato Namikaze Ability Rasengan

A great move that he created himself that is so effective in battle that has devastating power and fatal damage. Before he died, his stance was passed on to his own teacher Jiraiya and his student Kakashi Hatake. And in the end Jiraiya passed this legendary stance to Naruto and became his jutsu as well.

Only a few ninjas have been able to master the Rasengan style. Because the level of mastery and control over this style is so difficult to do.

Minato Namikaze Ability Hiraisin no Jutsu

Hiraisin no Jutsu or the flying thunder god stance is a very special stance. That was actually created by the 2nd Hokage. Which Minato was able to master and developed to be even more powerful.

A move that utilizes time and space that allows him to make instantaneous movements. As fast as lightning to where he wants. As long as that place is marked with the mark of his technique seal.

Minato developed his jutsu so that it could be used while in battle. By marking his jutsu’s seal onto his special kunai weapon. Making him so famous throughout the country for killing very quickly and unnoticed by his enemy.

With lightning speed and yellow hair that earned him the nickname of yellow lightning from Konoha. He was so during the 3rd great ninja war and made any enemy troops. Choose to retreat instead of having to deal with Minato.

Summoning no Jutsu

Summoning no jutsu moves are moves that allow the users of summon special creatures to help with many things. Including partners in battle, where the user has previously entered into a seal contract agreement with the creature.

Minato can summon a giant frog named Gamabunta armed with a sword to help in battle, including during the Kyuubi attack on Konoha village.

Apart from Minato who can summon Gamabunta, namely his own teacher Jiraiya and his son Uzumaki Naruto.

Kyuubi Mode

Actually, this mode was never used during his lifetime because Minato was unmatched in the era of the 3rd ninja world war.

Sufficient chakra energy in his body with the combination of hiraishin no jutsu and rasengan made Minato able to defeat enemies quickly and effectively and made Minato so famous in his era that there was a special rule when meeting this enemy it was better to retreat.

Kyuubi Mode was used by Minato during the 4th ninja world war after being revived from his death making him have an unlimited aura of kyuubi chakra covering his body with strength and speed increasing dramatically with an extraordinary source of energy.

Shiki Fujin

Shiki Fujin or the jutsu of the god of death is a very terrible stance that comes from the Uzumaki clan which is able to draw the soul from the body of an enemy that kills instantly which Minato managed to learn and master.

This stance is included in the forbidden stance because it has to sacrifice the user’s own life to use this technique.

Minato used this jutsu to stop the Kyuubi monster’s rampage in the village by taking half of the Kyuubi to be sealed with him, and the other half sealed into Naruto’s body which had just been born, for inheritance and entrusting Naruto with using this power in the future.

Those are the extraordinary advantages and greatness of Minato Namikaze the yellow lightning from Konoha, so is he your favorite character?

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