Marvel’s Dark Phoenix Destroys The Entire Avengers Team
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Marvel’s Dark Phoenix Destroys The Entire Avengers Team

The Multiversal Masters of Evil’s own Dark Phoenix has just proven how powerful he is by putting the entire Avengers team in their place.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes finally discovers what the Multiverse’s mightiest Dark Phoenix is ​​truly capable of in this exclusive CBR preview avengers #63.

After arriving in the distant past and surviving their explosive first encounter with their Stone Age counterparts, the eponymous heroes of avengers #63 by writer Jason Aaron (Ghost Rider, The Avenger Forever) and artist Javier Garrón (Secret Soldier, Miles Morales: Spider-Man) finally came face to face with the Multiversal Masters of Evil. Before the battle could even begin, the evil Dark Phoenix released a massive surge of blue energy, and with it the Avengers were all but wiped out.

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Avengers #63

  • Variant cover art by PEACH MOMOKO
  • Variant cover art by PHIL JIMENEZ and JIM CAMPBELL
  • Variant cover art by TOM REILLY
  • The story of The Avengers is years in the making. Finally, the Avengers stand face to face with their prehistoric counterparts, the 1,000,000 BC Avengers! But if the two groups can’t work together, they have no hope of defeating Doom Supreme and his marauding band of Multiversal Masters of Evil, who are out to wipe out all of Marvel’s history as we know it.
  • 32 PGS./T+ Value …$3.99

The Multiversal Masters of Evil have been wreaking havoc across reality since their introduction in writer Jason Aaron and artist Iban Coello’s “The Tower at the Center of Everything” from the pages of Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk #1. Led by Doom Supreme, this fusion of iconic Marvel villains is brought together under the aegis of Mephisto and his interdimensional Red Council. Since their first appearance, the Multiversal Masters of Evil have laid waste to many realities, with various members including their Dark Phoenix having claimed things alone.

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The cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force has been a vital part of the Marvel Universe since fans first saw it take on Jean Gray as its host back in 1976. X-Men #101 by creators Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum. Though the Phoenix pushed Jean’s power far beyond anything that came before it, it would eventually overwhelm Jean completely, turning her into the unrelenting Dark Phoenix. In the years since, the Phoenix Force has faced various hosts such as Maya Lopez/Echo from Avengers. As its history expands, Phoenix has also been revealed to be the true mother of the God of Thunder himself.

avengers #63 was written by Jason Aaron, with art by Javier Garrón, color by David Curiel, and lettering by VC’s Cory Petit. Main cover art by Jimenez and Garrón, with varaint covers by Peach Momoko, Phil Jimenez, Jim Campbell, and Tom Reilly. avengers #63 goes on sale December 7 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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