Marvel Unsheaths First Look at Blade’s Daughter Solo Series
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Marvel Unsheaths First Look at Blade’s Daughter Solo Series

The descendant of Marvel’s legendary vampire slayer is receiving its own comic strip with Bloodline: Daughter of Blade, launching early next year.

Princess Blade takes on how to kill her father’s vampire in a new series, Bloodline: Blade Princessset for release next February.

The series, first announced at New York Comic Con, is written by Danny Lore (champion, Doctor Strange’s Death: Blade) and illustrated by Karen S. Darboe (Shadow Dungeon, Magic: Hidden Planeswalker). Bloodline: Blade Princess covers five issues, with each entry in the series revealing the origins of Brielle Brooks, a character who first appeared this year. Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men special. “One of my earliest Marvel memories is watching Blade with my dad, and being amazed at how cool Daywalker was,” Lore said. “Over the years I’ve come to love Blade more and more. Brielle ‘Bloodline’ Brooks is literally the child of two legacies in that way: both Blade’s long history, and my personal comics legacy. As you guys join us on this journey, I hope you enjoy it. find a part of yourself in Brielle’s story.”

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Bloodline: Blade Princess investigates not only Brielle’s relationship with her father, but also reveals how she developed her vampire powers and forged a new Daywalker legacy entirely her own. Issue #1 features a variant cover by Ryan Stegman that shows Brielle wielding a sword filled with a bloody fang smile — proving that the series will have more than enough gore to meet Sword name.


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The Beginning of Brielle’s Miracle

Brielle’s debut in Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men is in the story “Bloodline,” also by Lore and Darboe, with colors by Ian Herring. The short story sees Brielle face to face with Eturnal, a vampire who appears at a gaming tournament in Atlanta. After making her opponent work briefly with a special game controller encrusted with silver, Brielle retreated to the house.

The final page reveals that Saffron Caulder Deville, Blade’s breakup girlfriend who first debuted in the 1973s Dracula’s Tomb #12, is Brielle’s mother. Saffron is shown as her daughter’s protector but is still fully aware of her adventures against the undead Brielle. The story ends with him opening his secret arsenal and looking at an old photo of himself and his lover, brooding, “Oh, Blade… I think your baby girl needs you.”

Bloodline: Blade Princess #1 goes on sale February 1st from Marvel Comics.

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