Marvel Teases the Final Days of the Avengers in a New Zdarsky/Acuna Project
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Marvel Teases the Final Days of the Avengers in a New Zdarsky/Acuna Project

Ahead of next month’s New York Comic Con, Marvel has released a teaser for an upcoming project by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Daniel Acuña called Avengers: Twilight, which suggests that it is in concerning the final days of The Avengers.

With something like “final days of the Avengers,” Marvel is keeping open a number of possibilities for what the project could be about, but either way, this looks to be the next major Marvel project from Zdarsky following his exit from his highly acclaimed run on Daredevil.

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Could Avengers: Twilight be akin to Avengers: Disassembled?

The extent of Marvel’s press release regarding its Avengers: Twilight teaser is, “Behold the final days of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Twilight” and an additional line noting, “Learn about Chip Zdarsky and Daniel Acuña’s startling new vision of the Avengers next month at New York Comic Con.”

As you can see, the teaser image shows the Avengers logo being split in half. It is a possibility that “final days” in this context could be like Avengers: Disassembled was the “final days” of that particular iteration of the Avengers ahead of the launch of the New Avengers. However, Jed MacKay and C.P. Villa are still just in the first year of their current Avengers run, so that seems to be less likely of a scenario.

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Could Avengers: Twilight be a story set in the future?

More likely seems to be a sort of Avengers: The End approach to the Avengers. Back in 1995, Peter David and Ariel Olivetti produced the excellent The Last Avengers Story, telling the final days of the Avengers in a sort of The Dark Knight Returns type of spin on the Avengers, set in the future. Marvel recently announced that it is returning to the Dark Knight Returns-esque future of Spider-Man with a sequel to Kaare Andrews Spider-Man: Reign, so it is possible that Marvel is interested in doing a similar story with the Avengers, as well. Also, Alan Moore famously wrote a pitch for a DC project set in the future in the late 1980s that was called Twilight of the Superheroes.

However, besides the future angle, Zdarsky wrote the Spider-Man miniseries, Spider-Man: Life Story, with artist Mark Bagley, and the miniseries, Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow, with artist Pasqual Ferry. The former was a look at Spider-Man’s life had time moved like it does in the real world in Spider-Man’s world (so that he was a teenager in 1962 and thus is in his 70s by the end of the story), and the latter is an extended What If…? take on what if Spider-Man had not stopped wearing his alien symbiote costume that eventually became Venom after bonding with Eddie Brock.

Therefore, it is possible that Avengers: Twilight could be a completely different take on the Avengers altogether. We’ll learn more next month at NYCC!

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