Marvel Confirms The All-Rider is Ghost Rider’s Ultimate Form
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Marvel Confirms The All-Rider is Ghost Rider’s Ultimate Form

Robbie Reyes’ next upgrade puts him on a whole new level, and the All-Rider just might be just what the Multiverse needs to stop its most lethal villain.

Ghost Rider’s ultimate form will be revealed in an exclusive CBR preview The Avenger Forever #11.

The Avenger Forever #11 by writer Jason Aaron (Punisher, Star Wars) and artist Jim Towe (Young blood, Spiderman/Deadpool) finds Deathlok and a variant of Tony Stark known as Ant-Man fighting alongside Captain Nick Fury from another alternate reality against Norman Osborn’s Goblin Corps. Even though the heroes are outgunned, Robbie Reyes turns the tide of battle single-handedly as an All-Rider.

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avengers forever 11 page 4The Avenger Forever #11

  • JIM TOWE (A)
  • Guru-eFX (C)
  • Cover by AARON KUDER
  • Cover variant by GEOFF SHAW
  • The largest collection of Avengers ever seen has been assembled from across the Multiverse, representing each of the core pillars of the group’s infinite incarnations. But for one important figure, no other variant can be found anywhere in creation. Robbie Reyes is a Ghost Rider like no other. And now finally, the ultimate form had to be released. Now ride All-Rider.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

The Avenger Forever has followed as Deathlok, Ant-Man, and Robbie explored the Multiverse in hopes of gathering an army of heroes capable of defeating the unstoppable Multiversal Masters of Evil. While the series has introduced many variant heroes ranging from Captain Marvel to the God of Thunder, Robbie has yet to find a single variant of himself despite crossing countless dimensions. This has all been part of his highly anticipated first appearance in his All-Rider form, the limitless Ghost Rider, something Robbie seems to prove by turning the entire Helicarrier into his latest hell ride.

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Robbie debuted in the Marvel Universe as the titular hero in 2014 New Ghost Rider #1 by writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore. A street racer, Robbie is killed in the middle of an ordinary event where he drives a Dodge Charger who is possessed by the spirit of his satanic uncle Elias Morrow. Even though Elias’ spirit saved Robbie’s life by turning him into the Ghost Rider. Since then, Robbie has faced all kinds of threats both supernatural and superpowered. He has also been an invaluable member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, even before learning of his impending ascension to All-Rider.

The Avenger Forever #11 was written by Jason Aaron with art by Jim Towe, colored by Guru-eFX and letter by Cory Petit of VC. Main cover art by Alex Sinclair and Aaron Kuder, with variant cover art by Geoff Shaw. The Avenger Forever #11 goes on sale November 23 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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