Marvel Collaborates With Eastern Continental Gems to Create an Incredible Collection of Eternity Stone Jewelry
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Marvel Collaborates With Eastern Continental Gems to Create an Incredible Collection of Eternity Stone Jewelry

Marvel collaborated with a jewelry company called East Continental Gems to create a beautiful collection of Infinity Stones for fans called The Genesis Series. The company curated this unprecedented collection, which will start with the Reality Stone, a red ruby. “300 Reality Stones are now available for presale (official sale date is November 15), from $1,500 to $20,000 on Each gem in the collection is numbered and will be sealed in special packaging and shipped in a durable carry case.”

“The Reality Stone in the Marvel Universe has the power to create tasks, realities, concepts, and visions—things that would normally be impossible to realize. In other words, apart from the power to will something into or out of existence, it can retroactively create an alternative reality around that change.

“East Continental Gems will follow the release of the Reality Stone with a unique collection of five additional Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe – Time, Space, Reality, Mind, Power and Soul. Everyone who purchases all six Stones will be eligible to purchase the handmade Immortal Gloves to hold all the Stones.

“The Genesis series comes after the monumental Infinity Gauntlet unveiling at San Diego Comic-Con last summer. The Gauntlet features unique versions of the six Stones totaling over 150 Carats with an estimated value of $25 Million – making it one of the rarest collectibles to debut at SDCC. The Infinity Gauntlet is customized by Gentle Giant, Ltd., an industry leader in high-end collectibles and consumer products sold worldwide.”

The website description reads:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Marvel, a universe where fantasy and reality live as one.

Inspired by gemstones from comic books, the Infinity Collection is made up of six gems from a magical world where the most extraordinary magic and elements come together to deliver unparalleled beauty.

East Continental Gems, the purveyor of some of nature’s most precious stones, has dug otherworldly gems deep in the core of our planet to bring Marvel’s Infinity Stones to life.

Their natural nature has an enchanting quality wherein their luminosity and brilliance make their surroundings glow.

This is truly spectacular. Not many enthusiasts can afford such luxurious jewelry, but they are pretty awesome to look at. Check out the photos above and below, and tell us which stone is your favourite.

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