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Manhwa Likes You Positively

Positive Respect Manhwa also known as Sex Positively Yours. This webtoon was first released in 2022. This is the first series. Positively Yours Webtoon deals with Fantasy, Romance and Comedy stories based on webnovels.

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10: Business Proposal

Ha-ri agrees to go on a blind date with her BFF, and pretends to be a super-vixen to end her unfortunate marriage arrangement. Ha-ri doesn’t look for easy money. Taemu is her date and the new CEO of her company. She has her own plans to make her family back off and marry whoever comes along on the date. Should Ha-ri accept the proposal to play pretend? It’s okay to lie about your true identity when dating your boss. Right? ?

9: Foodies Next Door

    Foodies Next Door

Qiaofeng has always been single and has three problems. The first is her extraordinary beauty; the second is his immense wealth; and the third is his very high intelligence. Legend has it that Qiaofeng’s IQ test paper is very unusual. Whoever wants to be her boyfriend has to score at least 60 points. He manages to avoid all the correct answers, and ticks 0 within ten seconds, and he becomes Qiaofeng’s girlfriend. How did it happen?

8: So I married the Anti-Fan

    So I married the Anti-Fan

What will you do to get rid of the person you hate the most? Geunyeong is willing to take the risk to tear down Korea’s national treasure, Who Joon. However, once they got to know each other, it would be much more difficult to put them down. After learning the truth about the man behind the pop star, will she be able to destroy him?

7: Act like you love me!

Act like you love me!

Ji-eon, 25, is overworked and stressed. After a jumble at work temps lead him to spend one day as Doyun Nam’s personal assistant. He took out his frustration on a doll, which turned out to be able to control Doyun Nam at will. Now it’s his turn to be boss.

6: runway


My one night stand in Paris is now my boss! After learning about his ex-fiancé’s affair, Jian, an editor at the fashion magazine The Runway, decides to leave for Paris on impulse. A mysterious, handsome, and slightly cynical man helps her avoid pickpockets in Paris and she ends up having a one night stand with him. Three months later, he sent him back to his office as the elite editor-in-chief of France.

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5: Rio: What happened?

Rio: What happened?

Seyeon Han was devastated when she found out that her boyfriend of three decades had been cheating on her with her. She decides not to stay and gets over her broken heart. He booked a flight to Rio de Janeiro to get over his ex. He met Jihyuk Joo while on vacation and they decided to have a one-night stand. Seyeon was sure she would never be able to see Jihyuk again. So imagine her surprise when her one-night stand turns out to be her… new boss.

4: Unquenchable thirst

Unquenchable thirst

Yeonji, who has rid herself of her problems at a bar for the past six years, accepts a one night date from a handsome stranger who seems just as troubled. Yeonji, six years later still struggles to make ends meet as an office worker and deals with workplace bullying. Joonwon, the vice president of the company, is the man Yeonji slept with six years ago. Joonwon seems determined to get revenge for the way he left him that night. He even moved it into his own secretary’s office. The evil man seems to have more planned than petty revenge. Yeonji finds out the truth about their relationship because Yeonji and Joonwon have a lot more in common than just an affair.

3: What’s with Secretary Kim?

What's wrong with Secretary Kim?

Youngjoon, a handsome, arrogant, and burdensome man, is the VP of a large company. Miso is his perfect secretary and a legend during his 9 years of surviving against his boss. Is there anything, or anyone that can stop him from going after he stops?

2: Daytime Star

Afternoon Star

Yura Hwang is an actress who has been struggling without a name for seven years. He only managed to get a small role in a film that was sure to be a huge success. Seunghyeon Kang is a celebrity celebrity. He kept running to Yura and seemed to shed tears every time he saw her. Will Yura finally take the chance to make a name for himself when they reunite in “Time”, the new film? Will Seunghyeon be able to figure out why he can’t get Yura out of his head? Only time will tell.

1: My Witch, My Destiny

My Witch, My Destiny

Nabi Liye was thrown into a magical world and woke up as a woman who was resurrected by a shaman healer when she was little. Tanaril, a wizard who was cursed by a witch not to have children with any woman, meets Liye at a bar in a hotel. They spend the night together after they have cocktails with a bartender at the bar. Tanaril mistakenly believes that Liye approached Tanaril on purpose and accuses Liye of approaching him to take advantage of his high status. She fell in love with him even though he was humiliated. The two announced their pregnancy with a magic letter. They then married under contract. Tanaril was from another world so he knew it wasn’t a good idea to fall in love with him. Tanaril is cold and deep so it will be easy. However, her hopes were dashed when she found out that Tanaril was caring and warm.



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