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Manhwa Likes Existence

Manhwa Likes Existence
Today Nntheblog will be discussing an adventure manhwa as well as other manhwa. Nntheblog presents a list with the 10 Most Manhwa-Like Existence Characters Each character has a unique style that will make you enjoy their time on screen. Overall, a great manhwa that anyone can enjoy.

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Top 10 Manhwa Like Existence

Once a small group of ants and then a large dinosaur. It is the last incarnation of a being that has lived for tens of thousands of years. He was now a human with all the life forms he had experienced. What’s the secret of his ability? Lee Jain finally found the answer. “I exist to eradicate humanity.”

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10: SMA Refund

High school refund

Are you looking for a way to get a refund for the rest of your life? To reincarnate as your ideal version of yourself, start earning karma at The Refund High School.

9: The Villain’s First Novel

The Villain's First Novel

Mago, a disaster book author, was punished by a god centuries ago. Mago was destined to be reborn until he destroyed all copies of his book under the tutelage of Ha Lib, messenger of the gods. Mago now has five copies left, but Mago’s quest to end the cycle of rebirth is complicated by Do Kyujin who is a charismatic CEO who joins the hunt for his own ends. Mago must find peace with another mysterious figure who prevents them from succeeding at every turn.

8: My Cursed Reincarnation

My Blasted Reincarnation Live

Bermut vows to defeat the last demon lord when warrior Hamel gives his life to save Bermut Lionhart. He was astonished to find that the demon lord was still around 300 years later. Eugene is now a grown man and must learn to be Lionhart in order to eliminate all the remaining demon lords.

7: Approx


Estio is the son of a farmer. But he has an extraordinary ability: he can read the minds and memories of both humans and animals. He is shunned in his village because of this ability and finds happiness only in his animal friends. Estio, after years of silently suffering from the villagers’ animosity, ran the night he turned 19. He will meet unexpected friends and make new acquaintances on his journey. But, could this bond show Estio that there is more to him than meets the eye?

6: Villains Reversed

Reverse villain

Jung-woo, along with Shin-Ryong, are trapped in a reincarnation cycle. He has had a dream since childhood. He wanted to become strong enough to conquer Murim. But things don’t always go the way he expects. Shin-Ryong beats him every time. Ha Jung-woo was defeated again after he was reincarnated five times. He was born in modern times after he was reincarnated the sixth time. Jung-woo is now born into a different world, in the absence of Murim.

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5: Descendant of the Demon Master

The descendant of the Demon Master

Jinho Kang was an ordinary teenager before an accident took away his family and his ability to walk. He was reincarnated in medieval China and became the Crimson Emperor, a demon master. After his tragic death, he awakens again in the same life as before the accident and with his martial arts prowess intact. Jinho just wanted to live a normal life. But he soon discovers that monsters exist in every part of the modern world and only he can stop them.

4: Bodhisattva slings!

Bodhisattva slings!

The Bodhisattva was reincarnated through Jiyoung’s lifetime earlier than he was destined to be… because of this, the Demon known as Yacha is determined to catch him before he can obtain and cultivate his powers. Young Jiyoung was just starting to understand her past self, so how was she going to keep her life going?

3: Princess after the Revolution

Princess after the Revolution

Lee Cheong-Ha is able to get a steady job as it seems she has finally overcome the trauma of her previous life as the young daughter of Eophilt. When she entered her new office, she found her former lover standing beside her former knight. He decides to put his past behind him and work side by side with the ghosts of his own past. He quickly realized that he wasn’t the only one who could remember who they were. As office crushes go public, new members of The Kingdom of Eophilt begin to appear in Seoul. This causes suspicion at work. Will Cheong-ha finally be freed from the mystery of his past and live his best life now?

2: Cassire – Faithful Sword

Cassmire - Faithful Sword

Cassmire Crisis, Aria’s younger sister, becomes a mercenary to save Aria. He wielded a sword and shed blood to pay for the medicine. Cassmire’s past as Aria’s evil stepsister comes back when she falls. Cassmire decided not to play the Villain, but she swore to stand up for Aria. Cassmire must once again raise her sword to protect Aria, who is now doomed to face only hardships because of her story.

1: For Your Eternity

For your Eternity

A lone ball is dropped from the hand of an unknown creature and starts a journey to find its true identity. It could imitate both animate and inanimate objects and animals. The immortal beings gain consciousness and emotions and are eventually called Fushi. This ability allows him to see the beauty and suffering in the world. Fushi is the only one who can defeat the powerful Nokkers that threaten humanity. He must protect the world he has worked so hard to build from enemies, which Fushi is still fighting for.



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