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Manhwa Like Forbidden Love

Manhwa is like forbidden love also known as forbidden love This webtoon is created in 2022. It is the first part of this series. Forbidden Love Webtoon discusses Fantasy, Adult Romance, Drama.

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Top 10 Manhwa Like Illegal Love

Shihoo has a very happy life. He starts a new job in a decent company. He had been happily married for six years to Shia, and he was quite handsome. One day, he begins to suspect his wife Shia is having an affair. Mina’s co-worker, a beautiful woman, might be able to help her. He could have an affair. Shihoo felt that this was not the right decision, but it was hard to say no when his wife was suspicious and there were so many beautiful women in his office. Maybe a little extramarital affairs is okay… right?

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10: My Friend Girl

My Friend Girl

Yoon-hee is my friend’s girlfriend. We live together. This is our story.

9: The Depths of Hell

Hell's Depths

It happened so fast. Finally I can fulfill the dream that I share with my wife’s best friend. It does not matter. Only hunger and pleasure matter.

8: Fate


Two brothers, a man and a woman, start their own adventure. But when their partners met, it created a difficult situation.

7: Love Me More (Geulggol)

Love Me More (Geulggol)

I am an in-house attorney and have the responsibility of taking care of the chairman’s four daughters. But wait. But wait. !

6: My wife’s partner

My wife's partner

My wife met a naked 20 year old courier. I can’t just divorce her. I have to find a partner for myself!

5: Dongsu Nara

Dongsu Nara

The boyfriend of a close friend who keeps his crush a secret without anyone knowing. My time is drawing near and her heart is only open to me. Is it friendship? Is it love that lasts?

4: Married woman

Married woman

Joo-wan, a university student, lives with Hyun-joo, who is five years younger than him. Sun-ae, a close friend of Joo-wan’s boyfriend, visits their house and has a drink with them one day. From that day on, Joo-wan begins to fall in love with Sun-ae. He becomes less interested in Hyun-joo and starts lusting after Sun-ae.

3: I Sleep, I Sleep

I Sleep, I Sleep

My girlfriends are getting more and more secretive, one by one, and there is an unknown distance and doubt. Chatting with a guy in secret, hidden in his girlfriend’s phone… Has she ever slept with him?

2: Desire


You might want to try it…” Her desire to have sex with her husband, which she had kept from him so as not to disappoint him, became unbearable. He tried to resist this urge, but his primitive instincts overtook his rationality. This type of sexual desire was directed at Tae Yeol, his secretary, and not his husband.

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1: Madonna (Ji Hoon Lee)

Madonna (Ji Hoon Lee)

Sehwa awakens one morning to find that he is trapped in another woman’s body. Not just any woman. It was Sooyeon, the young and seductive nurse who conned her husband. Is this his escape from his miserable marriage? Or will he take back what is his?



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